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Family Involvement
❏ How are families involved?
❏ Does the facility involve the family in
creating a comprehensive, individual-
ized care plan if necessary?
❏ Are family members allowed to make
treatment decisions? Under what
❏ Is there an active family council?
Services and Fees
❏ Ask for a copy of all forms requiring signatures so you can review them.
❏ Is there a security deposit?
❏ Is there an application fee? Is the fee
❏ What is included in the basic fee?
❏ How often are rates increased?
Ask for a five-year history.
❏ Review services provided and fees
for each individual service.
❏ What will happen if medical needs increase so that the level of care is beyond what the facility provides?
❏ What will happen when the resident’s funds run out?
❏ Is financial assistance (Medicare, Medicaid) available?
❏ How are residents involved in planning for their discharge?
❏ How much notice is given to the resi- dent regarding eviction or termination of services?
❏ Under what circumstances can the resi- dent terminate the lease or contract?
❏ What about short-term stays?
• Is there a daily rate for respite?
• What is the daily rate for short-term
stays or rehab?
• Are there extra charges beyond the
daily rate?
Skilled Care
❏ How does the facility use physical and chemical (psychotropic drugs) restraints?
❏ Who will be the resident’s attending physician? Is he or she readily available?
❏ Can residents continue to see their doctor’s in the community?
❏ Is transportation provided to and from medical appointments? And is there a fee?
❏ Are mental health services available and delivered as needed?
❏ Are there any special or care services that are not provided?
❏ Are residents well groomed? ❏ What is the facility’s toileting
❏ Will the facility meet all of the person’s
care needs for therapy and other
specialized services?
❏ Is staff trained in preventive and oral
hygiene care? Is care provided daily? ❏ Are residents and their family
members encouraged to participate in
forming the plan of care?
❏ Do residents receive assistance with
meals as needed?
❏ Are residents given sufficient fluids?
Resident or Family Group Meeting
While visiting a facility, we recommend that you ask if you can attend a resident or family group meeting. These groups are usually organized and managed by the residents or the residents’ families to address concerns and improve the quality of care and life for the resident. If you’re able to go to a meeting, ask a group member these questions:
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