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When looking for a long-term care (LTC) residence, including an adult foster care home, home for the aged, unlicensed assisted living, or even skilled nursing, it is good idea to visit
as many places of interest as possible. Review the list of questions and identify those that are most important to you. Schedule a tour. Ask questions. Drop in. Ask more questions. The listings found on pages 18-22 can help you to prioritize your facility search.
When you have narrowed down your choices, make another visit. Vary the time of the visit, come unannounced. To get a better idea of what life at the facility is like, talk with residents and get their impres- sions.
If the facility is licensed you can ask to see the latest state inspection report. Review the report with the admissions person or administrator. Ask for clarifi- cation of any citation that impacts those things important to you.
This list is just a starting point of ques- tions for you to consider. Be sure to include
other items specific to your situation. This just might be one of the best decisions you make going forward for the health and well being of your loved one or yourself.
Consider the following as you are de- ciding when you start looking. Mark those that are most important to you.
Location • Location • Location
❏ Is the facility in a convenient location? ❏ Is the facility close to family and
❏ Is it close to community services and
resources that you use (e.g., doctor offices, shopping mall, movie theater, church)?
Environment and Safety
❏ Is the entrance to the facility safe?
❏ Are the entry and parking lot well lit? ❏ How is the exterior appearance of the
facility or community?
❏ How is the interior appearance; is it
clean or cluttered?
❏ Do residents have access to private
space or meeting rooms?
❏ Is the facility a comfortable tempera- ture with good air circulation? Is there an odor?
❏ Are there working smoke detectors, emergency fire sprinkler system, and monthly fire drills?
❏ Does the facility have a security system/alarms?
❏ Does staff know what to do in the case of an emergency or fire? (Ask staff.)
❏ Is there an emergency call system?
❏ How are medical emergencies handled? ❏ Does staff appear pleasant, attentive
to residents, and respectful?
❏ Are the staff well groomed?
❏ Which staff people provide direct
care? (Talk to some care staff.)
Staffing and Training
❏ What is the ratio of direct care staff to residents?
❏ Does the facility bring in help from home health care agencies?
❏ What initial and ongoing training is provided for staff?

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