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Two of the biggest obstacles when it comes to communicating aging plans and/or concerns is how to start the conversation and how to avoid family conflicts, especially among sibling family caregivers. Knowing how to start the discussion about sensitive subjects can be challenging. Consider the following ideas for both the aging adult and the adult child.
If you have not considered what your future choices might be then this guide will give you some places to begin. Read about the options for long-term care, covering costs for care, dementia care, and legal issues.
Get Started. At, or around about age 70, it's time to start observing and gathering information carefully and thoughtfully. Don't reach a conclusion from a single episode, observation, or experience. Rather, gather information with an open mind and talk with your spouse and adult children.
Talk it out. Approach family with a conversation in mind. Discuss what you're thinking and ask if they have observed any situations that they have questions or concerns about. If so, be willing to listen to concrete examples and ask what they think would be good solutions. You should be actively engaged in the solution process and what works for you.
Sooner is best. Talk sooner rather than
later when a crisis has occurred. As an example, if you know you have poor eyesight or trouble driving at night, address those issues before a problem arises. The sooner you begin, the greater your options and control in the decision making process.
Maximize independence. Help your loved ones to know that you are intentionally seeking to find solutions that provide the maximum amount of independence for both you and them.
Look for answers that optimize strengths and can compensate for challenges and concerns. Only add in support services that are needed to continue to live as independently as possible.
If you, or your loved one, need help at home, identify what assistance is actually needed. Look for tools that can help where needed while allowing you to maintain use of current strengths. As an example, maybe meal preparation is still enjoyable but assistance is needed with light housework.
Professional caregiving services provide assistance in a number of areas including meal preparation, light housekeeping, or medication
reminders. Resources such as Area Agencies on Aging, senior millage programs, local senior centers, and church families can help provide solutions.
Be aware of the whole situation. If your spouse passes and soon afterward the house seems to be in disarray, it's probably not be- cause of a sudden illness. It's much more likely to stem from the loss of a life-long relationship. Make sure that friends can provide social support when you are ready. Family may be a great solution to help with managing the home. At some point building new relationships will be beneficial. You may want to find new ways to take on a larger role in the lives of your adult children or grand children.
Address sibling issues to reduce impact on parents. Sadly resentment can creep in when siblings disagree about care. It does not matter if the frustrations result from disagree- ments about care, unbalanced care responsibil- ities, conflicts with personal needs, or feeling left out of care decisions because a family member lives so far away, sibling rivalry erupts and can get emotionally-charged. Old family issues are brought back to life and the redirection can blur the focus of care... the aging adult. Sometimes siblings must address their interpersonal relationships and tensions before they can focus
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