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Thank you for choosing Scene Publications. Each publication is brought to you by our skilled staff, contributing writers, and our advertisers. To learn more about an advertiser click on their ad. Be sure to tell them you saw them in one of our publications.

Scene Magazine - The Face of a Great Community!

Click on the cover above to read the latest Scene Magazine featuring health concerns and solutions. Read about moving for better health, programs available for aging adults, solutions for caregiver burnout, and top quality surgical care available locally. Also learn about mental health concerns as well as the challenges of sugar. The medical listing provide a quick glimpse of where to look for services.

Senior Times - Medicare, Planning, Social Security
Click on the cover above to view and read the latest edition of Senior Times of South Central Michigan. This issue of Senior Times encourages you to start looking at long-term planning for your healthcare and your retirement. Social Security offers retirement, disability, and survivors benefits. Medicare provides health insurance. Because these services are often related, you may not know which agency to contact for help. The chart on page 19 can help you quickly figure out who to contact.
Senior Housing Directory 2022 Cover
Click on the cover above to view and read the latest Senior Housing Directory - the tool that can make evaluating your options easier. This issue of the Senior Housing Directory provides how-to guidance to start the process of examing housing changes that may need to be made. This edition presents the differences in care, how to cover the costs for care, as well as helps you design a checklist for your needs. Also read about the health advocate role as well as additional legal documentation to consider.
Scene Publications Logo

Scene Publications seeks to have a positive impact on the community we serve. We seek to offer information to the reader that allows them to make their own choices regarding a variety of issues from health care to daily living. We strive to share activities happening across our service area to help community members find ways to get involved and to enjoy the community they call home. 

Scene Publications offers a positive voice for our community through its signature publication, Scene Magazine. Scene Magazine began as a community cheerleader with the intention of helping to share all that our community has to offer. Scene Magazine seeks to recognize those that are making a difference. The Remember Book is a Scene Magazine extra that highlights the history of the greater Battle Creek, Marshall, and Springfield area. 

Scene Publications later introduced Senior Times of South Central Michigan to help mature adults enjoy their aging years but also to learn about resources available for the changes that are yet to come. Senior Times searches for ways to advocate for the mature adult and to provide valuable information that will help them to plan for future decisions. 

The Senior Housing Directory was later introduced as an extension of Senior Times to focus specifically on housing related issues. This annual publication helps to evaluate housing options, including the choice of remaining in the current home by making necessary changes. Planning documents are addressed as well. 

We always welcome your input. Thank you for your interest in Scene Publications. 

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