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Page 8Senior Times - January 2019FaithStacey LottAttorney at LawEstate Planning & Elder Law269.963.8222130 East Columbia Avenue Battle Creek, MI 49015www.staceylottlaw.comMATTERSRev. Dr. James Gysel, Special to Senior TimesSEE JOY IN THE LITTLE THINGSBranch Area Transit AuthorityWhile waiting for the doctor, several musicians appeared at the doorway and asked if they could play a few tunes. The performers were part of a group called Pickleberry Pie that provides free con- certs for seriously ill kids in various hos- pitals and special facilities nationwide.You know, it’s true that every small thing in life is a moment able to nourish your soul IF you let the joy in. And that joy, in the face of whatever life throws at us, is that calm center of love that makes all things possible and empowers each of us to make a difference in the lives of others.In this new year, take time to open your spiritual eyes with a sense of awe and humbleness to the joy that is present by the grace of God, especially when you’re not expecting it.Curb to Curb Transportation  Half Fare for Handicapped & Senior Citizens Over 60  Weekly Subscriptions Available  Equipped for the Handicapped  Open Seven Days a WeekAs they sang, something magical happened. The hospital sights and sound faded into the background, along with all their fears and anxieties. Joyful notes filled the air and the lively tempo trans- ported them into an entirely different mental state; a transcendent quality that calmed and soothed aching spirits.CALL (517) 278-5889306 S. Clay Street, Coldwater, MI  www.branchareatransit.comPARAGONHome Health Care Helping PeopleServices for SeniorsBy: Alisa Parker, Managing AttorneyThe Legal Services of South Central Michigan-Battle Creek office will conduct interviews for legal advice and possible representation, without charge, to interest- ed seniors.Wed, Jan 9, 10am-12:30pm,Burnside Senior Center, 65 Grahl, Coldwater, MI, 49036Wed, Jan 30, 11am-12pm,Springview Tower Senior Center, 231 Springview Drive, Battle Creek, MI 49037Stay at Home and Healthier LongerLegal Services of South Central Michigan-Battle Creek office is a non-profit organization, which provides high quality legal assistance, representation and edu- cation to seniors in St. Joseph, Branch, Calhoun, and Barry Counties. The Agency seeks, through its board, staff, volunteers, and pro bono attorneys, to ensure that its clients are given equal access to the justice system.Many of the services offered in a hospital or nursing home are available in the familiar, less costly comfort of your own home. Our medical team can make multiple visits, spread over weeks or months, to ensure your recovery proceeds according to plan.WE CAN HELP WITH:For additional information contact call (269) 965-3951 or visit the Battle Creek location at 123 West Territorial Road.• Skilled Nursing• PsychiatricNursing• Wound Care• Speech Therapy• Physical Therapy• OccupationalTherapy• Chronic DiseaseManagement (Diabetes, CHF, COPD, Hypertension)• Cardiac / Pulmonary Care• Medication Management• Pain Management• Ostomy Care• Catheter Care • Fall Prevention • Social Work• Many otherhome-based servicesOur service area encompasses a wide range in Southwest Michigan; we are always nearby.Call us today: 877-727-1578 601 E. Centre Avenue, Portage, MI 49002“Be kind and compassionate to one another." ~ Ephesians 4:32Bebop’s happiness was infectious as it slowly crept into the hearts of everyone present. She was the epitome of God’s creation and had captured the hearts of everyone around her, just by a single smile! Her expression spoke volumes as if to say “I love you and I loved being loved by you!”A dear friend of mine, John McGill, shares the following story that’s worth reading in a new year:“Today marks five years since the Hanson family lost their infant daughter, Bianca.They sang the last of several more songs when it occurred to Jenna that she’d not heard Bebop breathe for a few minutes. She leaned back to look at her and saw that their beautiful child was gone. She’d left this world hearing joyful music while sensing her mother’s heart- beat.Bianca, or Bebop, was born with a serious heart condition and had basi- cally become a citizen of the pediatric intensive care unit of the hospital. She’d already had a half dozen open-heart sur- geries in her short 11-month life. Jenna and Marcus snuggled their precious baby as her health began to fail. Marcus pressed the call button and paced the room, then pressed it again. The nurse took one look at little Bianca and paged the doctor. They were not prepared for what came next.It took but a moment, but the memory of Bebop’s smile would comfort them forever. She didn’t suffer, she wasn’tin pain, and she most certainly wasn’t alone. Painful at first, the Hanson’s were eventually able to appreciate loving her through this life and the next as God's gift.”The Hanson’s agreed and soon they were all singing, “Jesus Loves You.”The tiniest hint of a smile slowly spread across Bianca’s face and reached into her doe-eyed innocence. Chubby lit- tle hands went straight into her mouth asFaithfully yours, Jim GyselLegal Advice &she giggled with pleasure at the sight of her parent’s glowing faces.

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