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Page 6 Senior Times - April 2019 Caregiver'sCORNERAnne Clark, Special to Senior TimesRESOURCES FORFamily CaregiversFamily Caregiver CoachingPractical help to manage the challenges of caring for an older adult with a chronic illness and the issues of aging. Our family caregiver coach will work with you to identify practical solutions for managing your care- giver responsibilities without losing yourself. Free. Funded by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.Caregiver Support GroupsA safe place to share your journey of caregiving. Led by trained facilitators.Monthly meetings held at the Battle Creek Family YMCA.As an agency we look to organiza- tions that are accredited by a govern- ment agency for tips; we do not look at every fad that hits media as the know- all because we want something that has research behind it. Believe me you do not want to fall into the trap without knowing what you have opted to do when it comes to legitimate nutrition.Always be sure to read your labels as well; many times items we think are very nutritious and healthy for us can sometimes be the wrong choice. Watch your sodium, sugars, carbs – they are everywhere!ADD MORE COLORTry using vegetables that are bright in color: red, orange, and bright greens, which will give you more vitamins and minerals. Adding fruits can also create more color and more variety and adds a little sweet- ness to whatever you are eating.It is that time of year; the sun is starting to shine, the warmer weather is upon us and gardens need preparation and tending! This lends us the opportu- nity to look at our meals and ways that we can make them healthier. Not sure about you, but one area I struggle with is finding a few quick ways to make more rewarding meals.When you think about how you are preparing foods, do you look for new ways? I know the rage right now is the Instapots and Air Fryers and there is nothing wrong with those appliances (I do love my Air Fryer) but do not forget you can roast vegetables in your oven and use that grill for more than meat!As family caregivers, we oftenhear mealtime can be difficult and for someone with a cognitive condition it can be even more difficult. So how can you look at your nutrition to help make healthy meals and help to make meal time a better experience?Remember your nutrition is just as important as the person you are caring for so if you have different diet restric- tions make sure you take care of you too. It is so important to get good nutri- tion to be able to keep up your energy, and to keep your health at its best to provide the best care possible.How can you build healthier meals even when you are short on time? First, plan the meals ahead. Think about what you have and what you need. Then make a list so you buy what you need versus what catches your eye when you walk in the store. Be sure to have a snack before going to the store because if you go hungry we get off track real quick – everything looks good when you are hungry.One note - for someone who is ina state of confusion, such as demen- tia-like conditions, you want to be sure that there are not too many colors on their plate as this adds to the confusion. Simple is better for these conditions, right down to the color of plates you use. Much of what we have discussed may not be for your person but experi- ment to see what will work and will not work.One good way to start the healthier meals is try to be creative when making your meals, even with sandwiches you can get more creative. What are the colors of the food? How it is prepared? Is there variety? How much will you be consuming?Enjoy this beautiful spring season and get more color on your plate!WORKSHOPS AND CLASSES ▼Check out our website, our facebook page or call for latest schedule.Your ConnectionTo A Caring VoiceBy: Pat FosdickThe Telephone Reassurance Program is for people who havea need for frequent contact or a desire for regular social, often report back that someone on their calling list, thanked them over and over for the call and for listening.All Caregivers Dementia Focus2nd Tuesday 4th Thursday10:00a.m. 2:00p.m.The opportunity for becoming a volunteer caller is also a part of the Telephone Reassurance Program.The commitment can be as little as a couple of hours a month. There is a telephone center where calls are made and support staff for a caller who is faced with an unusual and concerning situation. Most generally though, it is a matter of being that cheerful voice and an active listener.Creating Connections Through ArtA free program for persons with memory loss to explore their creativity. Caregiver may participate in a sup- portive role or attend the Dementia Focused Caregiver Support Group. Registration required. Free.To receive information as a recip- ient of the Telephone Reassurance or to become a volunteer caller make contact by calling (269) 963-0746 and leave your call back information. The program is limited to residents of Calhoun County.Battle Creek Family YMCA Marshall Senior Center4th Thursday 1st Wednesday2:00p.m. 4:00p.m.The mission of the Telephone Reassurance is to assist the home- bound adult, whose desire is to remain in an independent setting or to give support to a caregiver.INFORMATION AND REFERRAL ▼Call our Eldercare Specialist at (269) 441-0920 to learn about community resources and find answers to your caregiving questions.FOR MORE INFORMATION (269) 441-0948That need may be short-term or ongoing. The phone call they receive may be a friendly conversation or a connection to assistance, depending on the need.TelephoneReassurance ServiceYOUR CONNECTION TO A CARING VOICEA PROGRAM FOR PEOPLE WHO AREHomebound•Desire to Remain Independent•CaregiversFor more information, to become a Volunteer, or to request a program presentation on Telephone Reassurance, call: (269) 963-0746 for the Battle Creek area (leave a message) or (517) 629-3842 for the Albion-Marshall area.There are occasions where some- one returns home from hospitalization and a daily contact to assure that they are continuing to progress is all that is necessary.For those who are homebound, a friendly voice at the end of the phone gives them comfort. A chance to chit- chat and reminisce can make life a lot more worthwhile. The volunteers whoA community partnership of Bronson Battle Creek, Calhoun County Senior Senior Services, Battle Creek Family YMCA, Senior Care Partners PACE and Summit Pointe

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