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NUTRITION IMPACTS BRAIN HEALTHin the evenings; as well as limited grains, dairy, sweets, cheeses, and fried food. My favorite snacks are chocolate, almonds, and apples with almond butter (and cookies). And for those of you that know me, coffee is a staple, along with water, and Zevia Cola. Is it perfect for everyone? Not at all, but it works well for me. And I enjoy all the foods on it, which really makes a difference for me.You may be surprised to read that 20-30 percent of your caloric intake supports brain function. It only makes sense then that what we eat could be very important in how our brain functions. Repeated research supports this concept.Wills | Trusts | Real Estate Property Law | Elder Law Medicaid Planning | Powers of Attorney Guardianships | Conservatorships Estate Administration Veterans A airs and ClaimsNutrition impacts just about every- thing we do from the way we digest food to companionship. It can have an impact on chronic conditions as well as helping to reduce risk for others. Not surprising, it also means that our food choices may vary significantly based on intent. The bottom line is that the food we consume can be beneficial to our system or can create challenges.Kelly O’ConnorTimothy BennettAre you choosing food because you:• “Feel” like eating that food.• Want to feel emotionally better.• You’re bored.• Eating is what you do when watching1106 S. Kalamazoo Avenue | Marshall, Michigan 49068 269.781.8460TV, playing cards, visiting, etc.• You’re hungry and you want what’sAs part of my brain health quest, regular exercise is important to me, not just because it’s good for me but because I enjoy it.easy to make.• Food is your emotional savior.• Someone made it for you.• Want to have better gut health.• Want to feel physically better.• Want to reduce risk for chronicWe learned last year at the Miles for Memories research update that exercise is beneficial but weight-bear- ing exercise is the most beneficial for the person seeking to decrease their risk for dementia. Learn more about weight-bearing on page 3. The 2019 research update will focus on what’s new regarding risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment of dementia and will be held on Tuesday, April 16 at the Kool Family Center starting at 5pm. Please RSVP at (269) 441-0948. See page 10 for more details about the update.conditions.• Want to increase immune systemfunction.• Want to impact brain health.• Want to increase healing.• Want to loose weight.• And for some, weight gain.NeurologicalCardiacOrthopedicCancerPulmonaryComplex Medical©2019 HCR Healthcare, LLCIf you need help with any of these conditions, you may benefit from an inpatient skilled nursing rehabiliatation stay.Heartland Health Care Center – Battle matter the reason, most of us need to stand up and take responsibility for our food choices. You choose to have good days, cheat days, or even party days. If you need help with your choices ask a friend, head straight to the nutritionist, or read the article on page 8 to learn how to deal with cravings in a different way.Just a few of the Miles for Memories events to add to your calendar include:Even if you’re visiting with others, there is a way to eat the foods neces- sary based on your personal needs. It could be as simple as telling others,or maybe you have to bring your own when visiting. Oftentimes it seems that friends and family are more receptive to your changing food choices when you can blame it a health condition. Maybe your health condition is simply to be more healthy.• March 30: Adult Brain Games Murder Mystery at NorthPointe Woods• April 4: Walk through the Great inflatable brain at the Senior Fair at Marshall Middle School.• April 10: Vineryard Painting at Maplewood of Marshall• April 19: Research Update at Kool Family Center• April 24-25: Community Yard Sale at Ganton Senior Communities• May 5: Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Festival Market Square• May 17: Rock-A-Thon at Calhoun County Medical Care Facility• June 21: Golf outing at Cedar Creek Golf Course• Sept 14: Community Stroll Celebration in downtown Battle CreekOne of the most important reasons for me to choose my foods is how it impacts me tomorrow, next month, and next year. Don’t get me wrong, I also choose cookies, pie with ice cream, chips, or donuts from time to time too. Not to mention my love of chocolate. But for the most part my food choices are designed for optimal mental health and focus. Which by the way, also benefits my cardiovascular system,and keeps all my health indicators at healthy levels. It really surprised me that once my primary diet changed, I actually began to crave a salad, or fruit, or water. Wow. But I do have to work more diligently at keeping on task when traveling.Let us help you piece together Let us help you piece togetherthe puzzle after sudden illnessSo what might be on my brain- healthy list? Green leafy salads with lots of additional veggies and protein, as well as some fruit; meats are mostly chicken, beef, white fish, and limited salmon; lots of berries and other fruitsFrom TheSenior Times - April 2019Page 5PUBLISHERSherii Sherban, Special to Senior TimesFor more details on Miles for Memories visit them on Facebook, or call (269) 979-1412 ext. 305. They are working hard to create solutions for those impacted by dementia.For referrals call us at 269.342.1992 879 E Michigan Ave, Marshall, MI 49068 www.MedilodgeofMarshall.comor injury.Your lifestyle choices can have an impact, reducing your risk for demen- tia by nearly one third. Consider ways to live healthier and more engaged,as wekk as find options to reduce or eliminate foods and activities that you know are not beneficial for your overall health. If necessary, be sure to consult with your physician before any signif- icant change in exercise or diet. If you need help getting started... reach out.Recover. Rejuvenate . Revitalize . Return Home .MAY 4, 2019 3-10:30PMFestival Market Square in Downtown Battle CreekEnjoy a piece of the Hispanic heritage from food to activities and music at the Cinco de Mayo Festival, brought to you by Miles for Memories. Food and beverage vendors on site as well as craft vendors.Bring your own chairs!Award-Winning | 5-Star Rated50 Sanderson Lane Coldwater, MI 49036517.279.9587

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