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Senior Times - November 2018Page 5REDUCE THE FINANCIAL BURDEN OF CAREGIVINGBy: Sherii Sherban, PublisherThere is no doubt that family caregivers give more than their time but also of their resources. That ranges from actual dollars spent on meeting the needs of a loved one to what they give up in wages when they transition from full-time workto part-time employment or possibly leave the workforce altogether. In fact, when saying yes to the privilege of becoming a family caregiver it is important to know that there will be added expens- es of nearly $7,000 annually.In order to meet the growing financial needsof caregiving family members have dipped into their personal savings or have chosen to save less for their retirement. They may have cut back on personal spending or even taken out loans to make ends meet. But for many, the joy of caregiving is more than worth it.There are 40 million unpaid family care- givers spending an average of $6,954 a year– nearly 20 percent of their income – on out-of-pocket (OOP) costs related to caregiv- ing, according to the AARP study, "Family Caregiving and Out-of-Pocket Costs: 2016 Report." Those numbers are likely even high- er today.Here are some striking findings from the AARP report, which determined the amount of money that family caregivers spent over the last year:• Family caregivers of all ages spend $6,954 inOOP costs related to caregiving on average.• Family caregivers earning less than $32,500 areunder significant financial strain, spending an average of 44 percent of their annual income on caregiving.• Family caregivers for adults with dementia reported nearly twice the OOP costs ($10,697) than those caring for adults without dementia ($5,758).• Hispanic/Latino family caregivers spend anaverage of $9,022, which represents 44 percent of their total income per year. By comparison, African American family caregivers spend $6,616, or 34 percent; white family caregiv- ers spend $6,964, or 14 percent; and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders spend $2,935, or nine percent.• Long-distance family caregivers had the highest OOP costs at $11,923 compared with family caregivers living with or nearby their care recipients.Read the full report at costs.In addition to financial stress, or possibly because of it, caregivers can experience negative effects physically and mentally. Symptoms linked to long-term stress include social isolation, depres- sion, tension headaches, panic attacks, increased risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and more.Knowing the challenges before you start can help you to better prepare. Common sources of financial stress for caregivers often result from: • Mounting medical bills for doctor’s visits,hospital visits, medical tests, etc.• Cost of caregiving supplies (like durable medicalequipment, incontinence supplies, food, etc.) • Lost wages and missed career advancementeither from leaving a job to care for their older adult or simply having to manage both work and caregiving careers.• Aging adults getting scammed out of their savings.• Mistakes on bills/invoices from healthcare providers that require a lot of time and effort to correct.You can reduce stress related to the financial burdens of caregiving with these money-saving tips. Consider talking with your tax preparer to evaluate ways to maximize deductions over the year by taking advantage of helpful tax tips forcaregivers from the IRS. Talking to your attorney regarding legal issues may be important as well.1. Save on prescription medications by finding the right prescription drug plan, switching to lower cost generics, or getting help from state programs. If you need help finding the right plan you can reach out to a MMAP Counselor to schedule an appointment at 1-800-803-7174. Open enrollment runs until December 7. See page 14 for more details.2. Encourage family members to gift useful items for your older adult’s birthday, holidays, etc. For example, you could say, “Instead of candles and socks this year, Mom could really use an over- bed table for her room. It would make her life much easier and be a constant reminder of your support.”3. Use all the good deals for older adults that you can find, including senior discounts on gro- ceries, medical supplies, restaurants, hotels, travel, retail, delivery, fitness, and more. Or buy regularly used supplies from wholesales stores that sell in bulk.4. Reach out to organizations that seek to meet the needs of seniors including your local Area Agency on Aging. Check with local non-profit organizations for help with necessary home repairs and upgrades that improve your older adult’s safe- ty and health. Your loved one might even qualify for special assistance such as with the VA Aid and Attendance program. See page 19 for more details.5. Search for “lending programs” in your area that allow you to borrow durable medical equip- ment for free – bath chairs, wheelchairs, canes, and more.Caregiving can be extremely rewarding and challenging at the same time. Finding clever ways to save money, avoiding common scams, and ask- ing for financial support and advice from family members, financial planners, or even social work- ers can go a long way to reducing the caregiver financial burden that you may experience.CITYHastings WoodlandAlbion Battle Creek Battle Creek Homer MarshallJackson Jackson Napoleon Spring ArborLOCATIONCOA Building Eagles ClubFACILITATORMary Cook Kristy EstepPHONE DAYS(269) 948-4856 M-F(269) 367-4041 M,W,FTIME10am-2pm10:30am-1pmSENIOR DINING CENTERSBARRY COUNTYDeltonFaith United MethodistAngela Soya(269) 579-3918M,W,T11am-1pmNashvilleMain St. BanqetsJenny Burlison(517) 213-9212M-F10:30am-1pmMeals provided by Barry County Commission on Aging. A program sponsored by Barry County United Way.BRANCH COUNTYColdwaterColdwater Church of ChristAlisha Carr(517) 279-8249M,T,Th,F9am-1pmLunch Served at 12pmMeals provided by Community Action Food and Nutritional Services. Funding sources AAA 3C, Branch County United Way, USDA and private donations.CALHOUN COUNTYAlbionAlbion Forks Senior Dining CenterCynthia Rose(866) 200-8877M,T,W,F10:30am-1pmLunch served at 12pmClarence Township Dining Center Cherryhill Manor Senior Center Springview Towers Dining Center Homer Presbyterian Church Marshall House Dining CenterCrouch Senior CenterKing Rec Center, Food with Friends Napoleon Township HallSpring Arbor Senior CenterMark RiceConstance Siegel Eileen Worthington Senior Health Partners Deb TrescottLaurie Mead Laurie Mead Gail JamiesonShimone Glaspie(866) 200-8877 (866) 200-8877 (866) 200-8877 (866) 200-8877 (866) 200-8877(517) 788-4364 (517) 788-4364 (517) 788-4364(517) 750-1010M,T,W M,T,W,Th,F M,T,W,FTM,W,FM,T,W,Th,F M,T,W,Th,F T, Th M,T,W,Th,F10:30am-1pm 10:30am-1pm 10:30am-1pm 10:30am 10:30am-1pm8am-4pm 10:30am-1:30pm 10:30am-1:30pm9:45am-1:45pmLunch served at 11:45am Lunch served at 11:30am Lunch served at 11:30am Whole Person Wellness too Lunch served at 12pmLunch served at 12pm Lunch served at 12pm Lunch served at 12pmLunch served at 12pmBattle CreekBedford Manor Dining CenterBilly Castle(866) 200-8877M,T,W,Th,F10:30am-1pmLunch served at 11:30amBattle CreekLakeview 890 Territorial Dining CenterKarl Hoard(866) 200-8877M,W,F10:30am-1pmLunch served at 11:30amBattle CreekWestbrook Place Dining CenterMichelle Dove(866) 200-8877M,T,W,Th,F10:30am-1pmLunch served at 11:30amMarshallHeritage CommonsKitty Knoll(269) 558-6150T, Th12-1pmTekonshaTekonsha Community HallSenior Health Partners(866) 200-8877T10amWhole Person Wellness tooAll sites have hot and cold meals. Meals provided by Senior Services. Funding by Calhoun County Senior Services, AAA 3B, USDA and private donations.JACKSON COUNTYGrass LakeGrass Lake Food With FriendsAnnie Lavergne(517) 788-4364T, Th10am-3:30pmLunch served at 12pmJacksonPark ForestLaurie Mead(517) 788-4364M,T,W,Th,F10:30am-1:30pmLunch served at 12pmMichigan CenterSt. Aidan’s Episcopal ChurchLaurie Mead(517) 788-4364M,W,F10am-2pmLunch served at 12pmNorvellNorvell/Township HallGail Jamieson(517) 788-4364M,W,F10:30am-1:30pmLunch served at 12pmTo have your senior dining center added or changes to your listing, Call Sherii at (269) 979-1412 ext. 302 or Email:

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