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By: Glin Winsor, Practice Manger, DayOne Family Health
• Durable medical equipment (DME) • Mental health services
• Second opinions
• Some drugs not covered by Part D
  Medicare is considered one of the most import- ant government sponsored benefits in the U.S.
first eligible (usually when you turn 65) you will likely pay a late-enrollment penalty.
There are currently more than 57 million people covered by Medicare; 70% of them are enrolled in Part D plans. Medicare is different than Medicaid.
Medicare Part C is an alternative to “Original Medicare.” It is a Medicare Advantage Plan offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. It is sometimes called “Part C” or an “MA Plan.” Most MA Plans include extra ben- efits such as vision, dental, etc. Most include pre- scription drug coverage. With an MA Plan, you’ll get your Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance), from the Medicare Advantage Plan and not the traditional “Original Medicare.”
The Medicare Part D annual election period is October 15 through December 7 each year. Late enrollment will result in a penalty and higher pre- miums. Medicare Advantage disenrollment period (Jan 1 – Feb 14) is for the people who want to return to an Original Medicare Plan, they can also enroll in a Medicare Part D plan. For information on special enrollment periods, visit
First it is important to know that Medicare has four primary parts:
• Medicare Part A – Hospital coverage
• Medicare Part B – Medical (Physician
• Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans
• Medicare Part D – Prescription drug coverage
Select a Part D plan available in your area that covers the medications you are taking and has a payment structure that best fits your needs. There are many plan comparison tools available on the internet. The government offers a free comparison tool at
Medicare is for:
• People age 65 and over.
• People with certain disabilities under age 65.
• People with end-stage renal disease – permanent
Medicare Part D is for prescription drugs, not over the counter (OTC) drugs. Each Medicare Prescription Drug Plan has its own list of covered drugs (called a formulary). To find out if your prescriptions are covered ask your pharmacist or check online at questions/home.aspx. Medicare Part D is an insur- ance plan provided by private companies that con- tract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. You have a choice of Part D plans in your area. Part D plans have different premiums and covered drugs. You can choose a Part D
Be aware of your Part D coverage gap. Also known as the donut hole, it is a temporary limit on what a drug plan will cover for drugs. The
gap begins after you and your drug plan spend
a certain amount for covered drugs. In 2019 the gap begins when you reach $3,820 in prescription drug costs and ends once you’re out of pocket costs reach $ 4,950. While in the gap, you will receive a discount on the cost of your drugs; 75% discount on the total cost of brand-name drugs and 49 % discount on generic drugs. Not all plans have a coverage gap and the amounts can vary. Those who receive Extra Help with paying Part D costs won’t enter the coverage gap.
kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant.
Medicare is for US citizens and legal residents who have paid Medicare payroll taxes for at least 10 years or who have met other specific guide- lines. Enrollment is open three months before, during and three months after your 65 birthday month. Note if you do not sign up during this time, you may experience a penalty and/or high- er premium costs. For more information contact Medicare at 800-MEDICARE or www.medicare. gov.
plan that includes just drug coverage or choose a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes Medicare Parts A, B, and D.
Medicare Part A, also known as hospital insur- ance, covers:
• Inpatient care
• Hospital care
• Skilled nursing facility care
• Nursing home care (non-custodial)
• Home health services
Be sure to ask about Medicare Part D cover- age costs including: premiums, yearly deduct- ible, copayments or coinsurance, costs in the coverage gap, availability of extra help, and costs if you pay a late enrollment penalty.
Medicare Part D helps you afford the medica- tion you need to stay well. Even if you don’t take many prescriptions today, the coverage will be there when you need it. If you don’t enroll when
Retiree and Medicate Supplement Insurance policies pay what Medicare doesn’t cover. Medicare typically pays first. See your employer for additional information on retiree policies. Medicare supplement insurance is also known
as MedGap. You must have both Medicare Part A and B to qualify for a supplemental policy. Insurance companies offer Medicare Supplement Policies. See for information on supplemental insurance.
  Medicare Part B covers things like: • Physician fees
• Outpatient hospital services
• Ambulance services
     Did you know that 89% of people 50 and older have told AARP that they want to remain in their homes for as long as possible? Join us for HomeFit, a program that provides home-related information and tips to help keep homes in top form for comfort, safety and livability.
At this session, a HomeFit facilitator will provide infor- mation on navigating living spaces and evaluating your home for livability should you or a family member become unable to use stairs or need to rely on assistive devices. You will hear about how homes can be designed or modified to help you or a family member get around independently in your home as safely as possible.
Wednesday, October 9
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Trinity Community Center 10 W. Bidwell
Battle Creek, MI 49014
Register today by Calling: 269-441-0903
Co-sponsored by:
Heart of the Village Calhoun County
                                                                  CALHOUN COUNTY
OCTOBER 23, 2019 • 9AM - 2PM First Congregational Church
145 NE Capital Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49017
The day is free to caregivers. Registration is required. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Ask about respite availability.
An unpaid individual who regularly assists a loved one with personal care, household chores or health issues.
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