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Page 28 Senior Times - April 201923,000 SQUARE FEET OF QUALITY ANTIQUES, GIFTS & HOME DECOR! 100+ SHOPPES UNDER ONE ROOF!Open 7 Days A Week, 10am - 5pm  Braided rugsGift Certificates & Layaway Available Call For Dealer Space Availability RV & Bus Parking Yarn shoppe Baby giftware Hand built furniture  18” Doll clothes Country decor10750 W. CHICAGO ROAD (US 12)  ALLEN, MICHIGAN 517-869-2250  Spring Clean Up Trimming / Pruning  Bulk Mulch / Bulk Top SoilOne of the biggest focuses should be on breaking down the stigma of addiction. Addiction is not a moral failing; it is a disease. Communities in other states are learning that getting people on medication-assisted treat- ment and treating this like any other chronic disease has made it more acceptable to people. And it is also keeping people alive. Plant Installation311 W. Spruce Street, Marshall, MI 49068 ■ www.sprucestreetlandscaping.comMichigan was recently chosen to join the Bloomberg Philanthropies $50 million initiative to help address the country’s opioid crisis. The ini- tiative also includes Vital Strategies, the Pew Charitable Trusts, Johns Hopkins University, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the CDC Foundation as partners. The reason Michigan was chosen is that it is a large state inthe Midwest with a large population and a noteworthy urban and Native American Population. Antiques & collectibles  Homemade jams, honey& maple syrup Silk & dried floral arrangements Jewelry Primitive giftware  Amish log furnitureTHE FIGHT ONBy: Kristi Angelo, Community Service Trooper, MSP Planting Bed Maintenance  A Division ofErie County, New York is tryinga different approach, which appears to be working. Experts in that area believe that a joint effort between law enforcement, public health officials, emergency departments, and peer counselor has something to do with it. They have learned that being open to all treatments including medical assisted treatment, “MAT” need to be options. This is started by following up with the person and family mem- bers as soon as possible after nalox- one (Narcan) is used.PARAGONHome Health Care Helping Peopleers to save a life? At the very least we need to connect a person with immediate resources, so they know their options.Stay at Home and Healthier LongerWe must except the fact that this epidemic was not just caused by illicit drugs but in part was fueledby prescription medications. Studies show that approximately 80 percent of people who use heroin started with a prescription pain medication. We may like to put our head in the sand and pretend this doesn’t happen in our family or that this is only a youngBranch Area Transit AuthorityMany of the services offered in a hospital or nursing home are available in the familiar, less costly comfort of your own home. Our medical team can make multiple visits, spread over weeks or months, to ensure your recovery proceeds according to plan.WE CAN HELP WITH:Governor Gretchen Whitmer who just took office in November of 2018 stated this about the Bloomberg initia- tive, “The opioid epidemic is one of the greatest health crises of our life- time, and we need to marshal all• Skilled Nursing• PsychiatricNursing• Wound Care• Speech Therapy• Physical Therapy• OccupationalTherapy• Chronic DiseaseManagement (Diabetes, CHF, COPD, Hypertension)• Cardiac / Pulmonary Care• Medication Management• Pain Management• Ostomy Care• Catheter Care • Fall Prevention • Social Work• Many otherhome-based servicesCurb to Curb Transportation  Half Fare for Handicapped & Senior Citizens Over 60  Weekly Subscriptions Available  Equipped for the Handicapped  Open Seven Days a WeekOur service area encompasses a wide range in Southwest Michigan; we are always nearby.Call us today: 877-727-1578 601 E. Centre Avenue, Portage, MI 49002CALL (517) 278-5889269-781-4040In the United States, life expectan- cy is dropping due to the opioid crisis that is saturating nearly every corner of the country. In 2017, it is estimat- ed that more than 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses, including prescription opioids, and illicit drugs. As overdoses and deaths continue to climb, some communities are trying to break the cycle of addiction.person’s disease. Truth be known the disease of addiction does not discrimi- nate. It effects all walks of life, young, old, rich, poor, male, female, and all demographics.Naloxone (Narcan) is only one piece of this puzzle. We need to have options to get people into treatment as soon as possible. What better time than a follow up after Narcan is used by first respond-Michigan, a.k.a., the Mitten State, has been in the grips of the nation’s opioid crisis that has been claiming an average of 130 Americans everyday to fatal overdoses. Michigan has the eighth highest number of overdose deaths in the country, with 2,694 drug overdose deaths in 2017. Opioids accounted for three-quarters of those deaths. There was a 14% rise in drug overdose deaths from 2016 to 2017.306 S. Clay Street, Coldwater, MI 

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