Page 28 - Senior Times 26-01 January 2019
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Page 28Senior Times - January 2019The Help Home programis a voluntary programwhereby a person withdementia or their loved one,can register emergency information with theCalhoun County Dispatch Authority in order to be returned home quickly and safely if lost.You’ve read about it, seen it on TV, heard about it from friends...Your loved one has wandered off and you’re scared for them.When you register a person with the Help Home program they can be identified visually, by phone number, by address, or even by name. With theemergency contact information provided, authorities can bring them back home without an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. Take the time toregister your loved one today and feel the relief of knowing that you are giving emergency services one more tool to return them to you.The Help Home program is maintained by the Calhoun County Dispatch Authority. The information is immediately accessible when you call 9-1-1.Call Miles for Memories at (269) 979-1412, Ext. 305 for more details today.105 Capital Ave, NE • 269-962-5527 • BATTLE CREEK | AUGUSTA | RICHLAND

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