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DON’T BELIEVE THESE THREE SUPPLEMENT MYTHScontain no more than 100 percent of each ingredient and be careful of com- bining a multi-vitamin with another vitamin supplement.Hate vegetables? Drink too much caffeine? Like to skip breakfast? Well, be wary of relying solely on supple- ments to make up for your nutritional deficiencies. Your body is better able to absorb nutrients from real food, so sup- plements should only be taken as icing on your healthy cake. Besides, relying on supplements to fill in nutritional gaps can put you at risk for the over- dosing dangers mentioned above.If you could live a longer, healthier life by taking a small pill each day, you’d do it wouldn’t you? You’d be crazy not to! With this thought in mind, the incredible growth of dietary supple- ments makes sense. It’s estimated one out of every three Americans currently takes some sort of nutritional supple- ment each day. According to govern- ment statistics, more than $11 billion is spent each year on vitamins and miner- als in the U.S. alone!Myth #2: “A Supplement Will Make Up for My Unhealthy Diet”This extreme interest in health and nutrition can, unfortunately, be fueled by false advertisement. The internet, television, and product labels make claims not backed by science, fooling millions and reaping a sizable pay- check. And in America, supplements are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration the same way that foods are, not as if they are medications. This means supplement manufacturers aren’t required to back their claims by sci- ence.With a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, you’ve got little room for the need of supplements. Eating a healthy well-rounded diet will also provide millions of phytonutrients unavailable in supplement form. It also helps your supplements be more effective when you eat before take them, as supple- ments are made less effective when taken on an empty stomach.In your quest for fitness, don’t be fooled by these three myths surround- ing the use of nutritional supplements.Myth #3: “I Can Trust the Claims of Supplement Labels”Myth #1: “More Is Better”If vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and herbs are good for you and available over the counter, they must be safe to take in high doses, right? Science has proven otherwise. It may, instead, be dangerous.You feel a cold coming on so you pop the vitamin C pills and lozengesto ward it off, but too much of certain vitamins and minerals can be danger- ous. For example, when you overdose on vitamin C, your body loses its abil- ity to absorb copper; too much phos- phorous and your body can’t absorb enough calcium; vitamins A, D, andK can build up to toxic levels when large doses are taken; too much vitamin A will put you at risk for osteoporo- sis; vitamin E may increase your riskof stroke; and iron your risk of heart disease. And you thought those supple- ments came with no risks.Many supplement containers describe the health benefits their ingre- dients aim to provide. These range from increased vitality to improved disease immunity. Great as these claims may sound, they are not backed up by significant, proper research. They are, however, great marketing tools that will pull you in and trick you right out of your money.Senior Times - April 2019 Movement AbovePage 25Do The Deed With Us!Call HomeStyle Realty Today!We’re your Senior Real Estate Specialist Team!RON MALLERNEEAssociate Broker / G.R.I. SRES269.209.8027Broker/Owners with over 55 years experience.“Changing lives one home at a time.”883 Capital Ave., SW in Battle CreekLAURIE PAULAssociate Broker / G.R.I. SRES269.317.2324THE NORMChristyn McCleary, TrvFit, Special to Senior Times675 Wagner Dr, Battle Creek, MI (269) 969-6244 www.advantageliving.netShort Term Rehab | Spacious Private Rooms Specialized Alzheimer’s | Dementia UnitMost Insurances Accepted Including Medicare & MedicaidExcellent Care For An Independent LifeWhen choosing a multi-vitamin and other supplements, look for ones thatFor more information call (269) 589-5544 or email trufitokemos@ isn’t surprising that the claimsof supplements aren’t proven by any- thing other than anecdotal evidence. Recently, independent research found that 30 percent of products labeledas multi-vitamins do not include the ingredients in the amounts listed on the labels and occasionally contain danger- ous ingredients.VineyardTM MemoriesofApril 10 • 6-8pmDid you know that movement can help reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease... Even painting has proven to have a positive impact.Join us to help raise awareness & funds to support local dementia programming for the individual & the caregiver.You can adopt a resident or paint your own if you would like.$30 Per PersonSnacks and wine will be served.RSVP by April 7, 2019 (269) 781-4997Maplewood of Marshall 200 Westbrook Ct Marshall, MI 49068When choosing a multi-vitamin and other supplements, look for ones that contain no more than 100 percent of each ingredient and be careful of com- bining a multi-vitamin with another vitamin supplement.Celebrate CentenariansThe Calhoun County Office of Senior Services are actively seeking Centenarians to join us in a ‘Celebration of Life’ Luncheon. This Luncheon is to recognize and honor our local Centenarians, but we need your help!If you know of a Centenarian, please contact the Calhoun County Senior Services (269) 781-0846 or e-mail ( Event will be Thursday, May 23, 2019 Noon, Schuler’s Restaurant in Marshall.Do you know someone in or from Calhoun County who will be 99 or older any time this year?

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