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HELP!Anne Clark, Special to Senior Times types of conditions.Wills | Trusts | Real Estate Property Law | Elder Law Medicaid Planning | Powers of Attorney Guardianships | Conservatorships Estate Administration Veterans Affairs and Claims1106 S. Kalamazoo Avenue | Marshall, Michigan 49068 269.781.8460www.feneleybennett.comBE A MEALS ON WHEELS VOLUNTEER! Help Us, Help Those In NeedTrusted. Dependable. Caring. Since 1963.CALL 866-200-8877Senior Services of Southwest Michigan is Calhoun County’s MOW ProviderMeet volunteers, help your neighbor, make a difference!There is so much in our communi- ty around dementia from activities to resources, from assistance to support groups, to assist those on this jour- ney. We are very fortunate that we have resources, where we’re not so fortunate is getting family caregivers or those who have been diagnosed to reach out for those resources – until there is a crisis.Honestly, the sooner you discov- er what’s available the better for everyone. It is much easier to look for resources when you don’t need them and the reason is, the emotions aren’t as high. If you think there is some type of memory issue going on, getting the diagnosis earlier will also help you in plan-ning for the future. When talkingto families about a dementia diagnosisI always like to talkabout the positiveside of the diseasebecause it’s not justdoom and gloom(but that’s not thehistory of publicawareness). Yousee, the more active any person stays, the more educated we all are and the better we are at solving the problems we may face. It makes for a very dif- ferent perspective. We typically wait though until things are at a critical point to start reaching out for resourc- es and learning what’s available.One great way you can educate yourself to see what’s available is by participating in the Miles for Memories community stroll on September 15, 2018 in downtown Battle Creek. Miles for Memories is a grassroots community project that was started to help our community (Calhoun County) find resources, education, programs, activities, and better ways possible to help with the journey of a dementia diagnosis. Through a team of volunteers, this community project has been builtto help maintain funds in Calhoun County (through the Battle Creek Community Foundation) to get the resources needed and wanted for those of us who are living with the condition every day. By participating you can meet those in the communi- ty who have the resources available whether it’s through a non-profit agency or a community business, we can help with different areas of theseAnother way is by keeping your- self and your person active no matter what stage of the condition they are at. One program that’s very beneficial is the Senior Fit and Fun class pro- vided through Senior Health Partners, funded by the Calhoun County Senior Millage provided at 13 different sites throughout the county. This program was developed for those with limit- ed mobility but has grown to be an easy exercise program anybody can do because you, “do what you can do, no matter what anybody else is doing” while having access to others in our community who may be going through the same situation you are. Please keep in mind, socialization isa much better benefit than isolationbecause that helps in many different aspects of our being.Just think about staying active and the benefits of com- municating with others – even if it’s a simple laugh that you have together can help you phys- ically and mentally– research has proven this. I ask you to think about this scenario – you’re on your own without much contact from others, you have your TV, radio, yard work, but conversation with others is pretty obsolete (even if you have a pet, they don’t talk you’re not having that back and forth dialog that we as humans need) vs. going to a class (even if it’s once a week) where you exercise, laugh, and have fun. Which situation do you think provides better outcomes for you as a “whole person?” And this is what we all need no matter what con- dition we face – staying active helps us all in many different ways.Please reach out, see what resourc- es are available in the community to help with whatever journey you are on. And one good way could be just participating in a community stroll such as Miles for Memories or taking advantage of a free exercise class such as Senior Fit & Fun.If you are in need of servicesor you are just trying to plan forthe future, feel free to contact me. My goal, as well as Senior Health Partners goal, is to help you find the best resources to best fit your needs! I can be reached at (269) 441-0920 or’sSenior Times - September 2018Page 19CORNER23,000 SQUARE FEET OF QUALITY ANTIQUES, GIFTS & HOME DECOR! 100+ SHOPPES UNDER ONE ROOF!Open 7 Days A Week, 10am - 5pmGift Certificates & Layaway Available Call For Dealer Space Availability RV & Bus Parking Antiques & collectibles  Homemade jams, honey& maple syrup Silk & dried floral arrangements Jewelry Primitive giftware  Amish log furniture  Braided rugs Yarn shoppe Baby giftware Hand built furniture  18” Doll clothes Country decor10750 W. CHICAGO ROAD (US 12)  ALLEN, MICHIGAN 517-869-2250  www.hogcreekmall.comDiversified Financial Advisors Offers Strategies To Help Your Investments Keep Growing.Danford M. ByrensFinancial Representative | 269-441-1444 | dmbyrens@hirep.netBefore investing, you should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. 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