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This month I wanted to focus on a very important issue that many people have fallen victim to in recent months and years – scamming.overdue tax bill, asking the taxpay-er to immediately contact a toll-free number to resolve a tax debt or face asset seizure. The piece of correspon- dence appears credible to the taxpayer because it uses specific personal facts about the outstanding tax debt pulled directly from publicly available infor- mation. The scammer’s letter attempts to lure the taxpayer into a situation where they could make a payment to a criminal.We’ve all heard news reports of people being swindled out of money because someone successfully used a confidence game or other fraudulent quick-game to swindle a person out of money.Another growing scam has targeted the Social Security Administration. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Peopleare pretending to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and trying to get your Social Security num- ber or your money. This scam is now growing exponentially. To compare, in 2017, the Federal Trade Commission heard from 3,200 people about SSA imposter scams, and those people reported losing nearly $210,000. So far THIS year: more than 35,000 people have reported the scam, and they’ve reported losing a total of $10 million.I have compiled a few Michigan and federal resources who discuss in detail how to catch the signs of someone attempting to scam you out of money.Phone scammers have been pos- ing as health officials. There is a new phone scam operating in several areas of the state. Apparently, scammers are posing as public health officials in an attempt to obtain personal information that could be used to steal someone’s identity. It’s important to remember that local public health and Medicare officials will not call and request per- sonal and confidential information, such as Social Security numbers, over the phone. People can report these calls by contacting the attorney general’s Consumer Protection division at 877- 765-8388.Please make good, common sense choices when dealing with someone you are unfamiliar with on the tele- phone and internet.New scam circulating through the U.S. Postal Service. According to the Michigan Department of Treasury, taxpayers are sent what appears to be a government-looking letter about anAs always, if you need to reach my office to discuss any state-related mat- ters, please email senjbizon@senate. or call (517) 373-2426.From TheSenior Times - April 2019Page 15Grand Vista is a place seniors can receive the care and support needed to live ful lling lives in a home-like environment.Grand Vista Located in Coldwater & Marshall, Michigan Ph: 517-227-5225 www.grandvistaliving.comFamily Owned & Operated• Medication Management • 24/7 Pharmacy Services • Personalized Care Plans • ADL & IADL Support • Meals Services• Housekeeping& Laundry Services• Daily Activities & Entertainment• All Inclusive PricingSTATE CAPITOLState Rep. John Bizon, M.D., District 62SCAMMERS APPEAR OFFICIALCookingRISOTTOYou may have seen on the Food Network program ‘Chopped’ whena contestant makes risotto, they are usually chopped. And many people I know shy away from it thinking it’s too difficult. Several years ago I decided to tackle it. It turned out to be easy! But, you need to allow time for the rice to cook thoroughly and you need be avail- able for stirring.Mushroom, Asparagus, and Pea RisottoIngredients:• 1⁄2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheeseHeat chicken stock in a medium pan. In heavy bottomed stock pot, heat 1 tablespoon of oil; add onions. Cook onions until lightly golden, then addety to enhance the flavor), sliced• 1⁄2 bundle of asparagus, cut into 1-inch pieces• 1⁄2 cup frozen peas, thawedFOR TWOJoanna Stelloh Phelps, Special to Senior TimesInstructions:Your BEST Choice for Senior Independent LivingCALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR 269-968-9105• Rent $560 per month: Includes ALL utilities (water, sewer, trash, heat, electricity). Satellite TV additional $20 per month. A/C additional $15 per month. Requires a $560 Security Deposit.• FREE hot lunch provided by Senior Services four days a week• PETS WELCOME (restrictions)• Beauty Salon with affordable rates. • WEEKLY BINGO• Income and age restrictions:Individuals or families aged 55 or older.231 Springview Dr., Battle Creek, MI 49037 • (269) 968-9105Near corner of Roosevelt & North Avenue / Professionally Managed by KMG Prestige, Inc.• 3-4 cups chicken stock• 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided• 1⁄2 small onion, finely diced• 1 cup Arborio rice (do not substitute) • Salt and black pepper to taste• 3⁄4 cup white wine (such asthe rice, salt and pepper. Stir the rice constantly until the rice grains beginto turn light gold. Add 1⁄2 cup wine and when the rice has absorbed the wine, add one ladle of warmed stock. Reduce heat to a simmer, stirring occasionally so it doesn’t stick. After stock has been absorbed, continue to add stock one ladle at a time until you have about 1⁄4 cup left, stirring occasionally.Chardonnay), divided• 1 shallot, finely diced• 1 pound fresh mushrooms, (use a vari-While you are making the rice, in a sauté pan, heat the other 1 tablespoon of oil and add the shallot, sweating it for about 2 minutes. Add mushrooms and asparagus and sauté for about 5 minutes. Add the remaining 1⁄4 cup white wine and 1⁄4 cup of chicken stock, reduce heat to simmer, add the peas and simmer for about 5 minutes. Add the mushroom mixture to the rice, slowly stirring and continuing to cook until liquids have been absorbed. Adjustsalt and pepper ad serve topped with Parmesan cheese.

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