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It’s that time of year again; a time the world looks to new beginnings, new habits ... a way of making life better. For some though, life feels like it is hopeless and not worth trying. You’ve been doing this job called Family Caregiving for quite some time (for many it’s been years) and you’re just not sure what you could do different.taking a break from your caregiver responsibilities; not to do more work that needs to be done BUT to recharge your batteries, to really take care of you doing something you enjoy. This is one of the hardest steps I’ve seen when working with family caregivers. The guilt is overwhelming and there seems to be a sense of failure associated with it; however, this is the farthest from the truth.Senior Fit & Fun 13 LocationsCaregiver'sSenior Times - January 2019Page 11Your Best Year Ever!2019CORNERMAKEAnne Clark, Special to Senior TimesIT'S A NEW BEGINNINGI like to believe there’s always a way to make your current situation better and to bring new life to what can be exhausting job. What can you doto bring on the new year with a new perspective and attitude? Sometimes it takes real creativity to see how you can change a situation (especially if you’re on the verge of exhaustion, exhausted, or stressed-out) and other times it can be simple.Please think of a gift you want to give to another person because we typ- ically always put others first. That gift, is it something you would like? When it comes to our aging community it’s often stated that the best gift you can give someone is time. Well this is true for you as well.You will have to look at your WHOLE situation, as it may not just be your caregiving responsibilities that are adding to your world. Maybe it’s that you’re not really feeling well yourself, your physically having issues (back pain, headaches, etc.), you seem to bea little clumsier than usual – this list can go on and on but it’s not this list that’s the most important, but rather assessing what’s going on in your life and how you’re responding. The more important aspects of this include what are you doing about these issues and most importantly are you taking care of yourself?The best gift you can give yourself is time for yourself.We tend to come back to the basic information time and time again. Are you getting enough rest? And if you’re not, are you taking advantage of respite programs? Respite means you areAlways remember the better you take care of yourself, the better caregiv- er you will be – you must come first! You are all of these wonderful words below, if you allow yourself to take a break and take care of you.SweatersCollection SuccessBy: Fred Bachman, Bachman Hebble Funeral ServiceWe joined forces to have one ofthe most abundant sweater drives for the Bachman Hebble Funeral Service and needy individuals; 1,091 sweat-ers were collected for adults, teens, infants, and children. This was the second HIGHEST number of sweaters ever collected during the 23rd yearof the Sweaters for Warmth project.On Tuesday, December 4 sweaterswere distributed through “Santa’s Helpers,” Haven of Rest Ministries, In as Much House, Family & Children Services, Alternatives, Veterans Helping Veterans, and Safe Place.Senior Fit & Fun is supported by the Calhoun County Senior Millage.AND THERE’S MORE▼Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall PreventionDeveloped by the Arthritis FoundationClasses run in 6-week cycles. Join anytime. FREE!Homer Public Library, Mondays at 9amKool Family Community Center, Fridays at 10:30amFunded by the Calhoun County Senior Millage and the Area Agency on AgingWatch for New Classes Coming Soon at the BC Family YMCAWhatever you do to relax yourself; not add more stress; but actually relax – the perfect gift. Is that reading a book, taking a bath, going for a walk, or taking a nap on a day you’re tired? Is it just meeting someone for a coffee to catch up, having your nails done, getting together with the guys for guy talk? These are some very simple steps and activities you can do to start your new year off with a positive step.Kool Family Community Center Urbandale Christ UMCClarence Township HallHomer First Presbyterian Church Tekonsha Township HallCherry Hill ManorHickory Hills VillageBattle Creek Eagles Club #299 NHBP ReservationMarshall Trinity Episcopal Church Athens Township HallAlbion Forks Senior CenterMon. & Wed. Mondays Mondays Tuesdays Tuesdays Tuesdays Tuesdays Tuesdays Wednesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Thursdays10:30am 10:30am 10:30am 9:00am 10:00am 10:15am 10:00am 1:00pm 11:00am 1:30pm 10:00am 11:00amHappy New Year to each and every one of you. May 2019 be filled with self-care for you, you deserve it!hat to say, “Thank you” to all who thought of others this Christmas season. Whether donating, coordinating, sort- ing, and more, your thoughtfulness will help to keep others warm this winter.We want to have a big tip of theSenior Times was proud to be one of the sites collecting sweaters again this year.A community partnership of Bronson Battle Creek, Calhoun County Senior Senior Services, Battle Creek Family YMCA, Senior Care Partners PACE and Summit PointeFOR MORE INFORMATION (269) 441-0948Sweaters for Warmth 2018(Standing left to right): Lexie Stygar, Bachman Hebble; James Bennett, Bachman Hebble; Daniel Jones, Haven Of Rest Ministries; Dale Hein, Family & Children Services; Michelle Parish and Larry Bales, Veterans Helping Veterans; Amanda Hughes, Alter- natives; and Barbara Larkin, Bachman Hebble.(Seated left to Right): Velma Bassler, Santa’s Helper and Brenda Eppinger, Haven of Rest Ministries. Missing from the photo: Josh Fausey and Fred Bachman, both from Bachman Hebble Funeral Service.Please remember us again next year when you sort through your closets or you shop at department stores and see “sales” on sweaters. The children styles and sizes are in great demand, so when your children out-grow their sweaters think of us and save them, please.Includes exercises anyone can do and health screenings by a nurse. FREE!

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