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Page 10Senior Times - January 2019Serving Our VETERANSAaron D. Edlefson, Special to Senior TimesTHERAPEUTIC RECREATIONIn a 1972 LIFE magazine article, Edwin Land, co-founder of the Polaroid Corporation, said, “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” Regardless of the endeavors you ven- ture into, failure is a terrifying possibil- ity. However, every inventor or scientist who has made astounding technological advancements has first been met with numerous failures. Artists, authors,and musicians, who have inspired countless people have been rejected by galleries, publishers and record labels. Great leaders have lost battles. Brilliant doctors have lost patients. Amazingand beautiful things, spurred on by creativity, do not occur without failure. In this new year, cast off reservations you’ve had about using your creativity. Pick up a paintbrush or a pen and pour out whatever creative ideas you might have. Sign up for piano lessons. Get involved in local issues. Learn to cook. Embrace your creative side, no matter how you choose to express it.Veterans who are enrolled in VA healthcare have incredible oppor- tunities to explore their creativeside through the VA’s Therapeutic Recreation program. For more details call (269) 966-5600 ext. 33941.The program hosts numerous events and activities throughout the year that are designed to help Veterans improve independence and their quality of life. Activities include creative arts, fitness and hobby education, leisure skill development, and music therapy among other activities. Specific programsBy: Stacy L. Wines, CareWell Services SouthwestIt is illegal for Part D or Medicare Advantage Plan insurance sellers to sell door-to-door. They have to have a prior specific invitation from you to come to your home. Medigap sellers ARE permitted to sell door to door.The Village ofIn incredibly exciting news, as a part of Therapeutic Recreation, the Battle Creek VA will be hosting the 2019 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival at the downtown Kalamazoo Radisson from October 28 through November3. The festival includes competitionsin art, creative writing, dance, drama, and music that include Veterans from across the nation. Everyone is welcome to the event and I would encourage both Veterans and non-veterans to come check out the events. I’ve seen the work that our Veterans do and it is spectacu- lar. It promises to be an event that you will not forget and you will leave feel- ing both moved and motivated.Mill Creek A SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY A Mission of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS• Veterans Preference for quali ed applicants.Call today for details.• Services and programs tailored to provide the best in affordable senior living.• Finely-crafted, new, three-story building with an equally impressive interior.If you have any questions about the Therapeutic Recreation program at the Battle Creek VA Medical Center or the 2019 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival hosted by the Battle Creek VA, please call (269) 966-5600 ext. 33941.THE JOURNEY OF LIFELife Coaching with Jane Johnson, RNCredentialed Life Coach, Speaker and AuthorMedical, Personal, Spiritual and Communication exploration and support.ADULT PROGRAMS: Determining life’s journey and developing intentional steps to get there.CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS: 6-16 individually or small groups of like agesNEW COACHING LOCATION | ROCK SOLID WELLNESS STUDIO | 1332 E. Columbia Ave., Battle CreekFor more information or to set up an appointment...Jane can be reached at (269) 209-9562, or email at• Wall to wall carpeting, individually controlled heating and cooling systems, and fully equipped kitchens.• Personal 24-hour emergency call system.• Community, laundry, & wellness room. • Library/computer room.• Planned monthly resident activities.• Pet friendly.• Security cameras throughout property. • On-site maintenance.• Barrier-free apartments available.include golf (there’s a golf course on the VA grounds!); fly tying with Project Healing Waters, geocaching, and sports activities including shuffleboard, a baseball diamond, basketball court, ten- nis court, horseshoe pit, and volleyball. It’s amazing to hear and see all of the exciting things that Veterans can partic- ipate in at the VA.Embrace The Possibilities300 Carl Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49037PH: 269-962-0605 • FX: 269-965-2285 • TTY: 800-649-3777 • www.pvm.orgEARN EXTRA MONEY AS A DEALER ATTHE ALLEN ANTIQUE BARNIt’s both fun and rewarding when you become a dealerat the Allen Antique Barn. Now all the garage sale hunting, collecting over the years and results of the antique auctions you’ve attended can turn into extra cash for you.Join our family of dealers occupying over 300 booths with 25,000 square feet of antiques, furniture and collectibles. It’s fun and rewarding!BENEFITS TO CONSIDER:• Booth space as low as $26 • No commissions taken• No work days• Special promotions• Elevator & stairs to upper floor• Open 7 days a week, 10am - 5pmJOIN US NOW! BOOTH SPACE FILLS QUICKLYCall 517-869-2888 or stop in and see for yourself / Take the Coldwater exit off I-69, then 10 miles east on US 12 to the Big Red Barn. Follow us on Facebook and TwitterIf you have any questions regarding benefits for Veterans or their families, please don’t hesitate to call our office or stop by and visit us. Calhoun County Veterans Affairs can be reached at (269) 969-6735. We are located in the third floor of the Toeller Building at 190Medicare Scam/IllegalMarketing AlertA client came into the MMAP office to share his experience:Please be alert for these predators. Save any business cards they give you, snap a cell phone picture of them or their vehicles if you can do so safe-ly, and report the scam to MMAP or 1-800-Medicare, or call the local police.A well-dressed man knocked at the client’s door in Post Edition, pushing a plan, “...better than your current Medicare plan.”He proceeded to state that the cli- ent’s doctors, “Didn’t even work with the plan the client had just enrolled in for next year.”Legitimate sellers will know the marketing regulations, and will be willing to show their business card AND their legal ID/Drivers License to prove they are who they say they are. If they won’t let you see their ID, don’t show them yours!Stay alert, stay safe, and don’t share your personal information with random uninvited strangers, no matter how well-groomed and well-dressed they might be!We know this was untrue, as MMAP had phoned ALL the clients providers to verify participation prior to enrol- ment.The man stated that the client’s spouse might be able to get paid for caregiving for her ill husband. This is also NOT a Medicare benefit.The client’s wife became suspicious when the man asked for the clientsE. Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, MI, 49014. If you would prefer to reach us by e-mail, you can do so at va@cal- card, “to check on bene- fits” and then he refused to accept the new style Medicare card; he wanted the OLD one, which had the Social Security Number on it!She told him to leave, and he did. However, the man was observed con- tinuing to door-knock in Post Edition.

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