Senior Times July 2018 - 25-07
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July 2018A FREE PUBLICATION Volume 25-07 SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGANA Newspaper For And About Area Senior Adults| National Park & Rec Month | Travel | Cell Phone Courtesy Month |TMWhat's InsideMedicare & Travel - pg 3Traveling With Dementia - pgs 6-7 Camping West Michigan - pgs 10-11 Travel With Pets - pg 28Driving Safety - pg 29Travel is one of those adventures that many hope to enjoy during retirement. No matter your desired mode of transportation it’s always best to have a personal check up before you leave. A safe traveling experience is also related to the personal health and physical condition of the travelers. There is almost always some physical exercise involved from walking to carrying luggage, which requires a certain level of strength, flexibility, and coordination to do safely. A hearing and vision screening is a good idea too. Furthermore, if pets are coming, a visit to the vet is in order. Finally, if you are traveling with a person living with dementia you might want to consider a Miles for Memories Personal I.D. bracelet. The next event is July 23 at Heritage Commons Senior Center in Marshall from 12-2pm. To find out more call (269) 979-1412.Support Groups - pg 4Senior Housing Guide - pgs 12-13 Activities - pgs 20-21 Crossword Puzzle - pg 30Cell Phone Etiquette - pg 31To find out how advertising in the Senior Times can benefit your business call (269) 979-1479.SENIOR TIMES4642 Capital Ave. SWBattle Creek, MI 49015-9350CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

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