Senior Times 26-01 January 2019
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January 2019A FREE PUBLICATION Volume 26-01 SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGANA Newspaper For And About Area Senior AdultsCreativity Month | Retirement | New CareerTMWhat's InsideCreativity Knows No Age - pg 2 Determining Retirement Bene ts - pg 3 Retire or Just Switch Gears? - pg 6 Seniors in the Workplace - pg 7Re re Though Retirement - pg 13Senior Support Groups - pg 5Senior Dining Centers - pg 6Activities - pgs 20-21Birthdays & Senior Housing - pgs 22-23 Crossword Puzzle - pg 24Many of today's retirees are viewing retirement as the beginning of a new and exciting phase of their life, rather than an ending. Some take trips they have been planning for years. Some switch to grand parenting full-time. Some choose to start a second career. More oft- hen than not, working after retirement is fueled more by personal fulfillment than receiving peek dollars again. Your time becomes your own again, and while you will have respponsibilities, you get to choose how many hours you commit to what. While it might not feel like it, now is a time when your options are great. Right now, the number of older workers – those 65 to 75 – are expected to increase steadily through 2024. Employers have started to realize a competive advantage by utilizing the know-how, knowledge, and work ethic that the older worker brings to the job. Right now there are nearly half a million men and women over the age of 50 enrolled at least part-time in a degree program, with even more in community and vocational programs. More yet are volunteering across the communities making a difference for people right where they call home. Refire during retirment and enjoy it.To find out how advertising in the Senior Times can benefit your business call (269) 979-1479.ANSWERSSAC SAGA ACHE EGO THAW LOAD CALLIOPE KINDOILY DANDY SPREE SAUL PUFF CALLISTO EMU FOLLY MOW CALLOWAY ROLLAULD POOLS ANNUL EASTDOOR CALLAHAN ANTE APSE LYE MEAL REED YEWSENIOR TIMES4642 Capital Ave. SWBattle Creek, MI 49015-9350CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

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