Senior Times April 2019 26-04
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April 2019A FREE PUBLICATION Volume 26-04 SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGANA Newspaper For And About Area Senior AdultsNutrition | Alternative Health Care | OpioidsTMWhat's InsideBuild a Strong Structure for Safety - pg 3 Change Your Food Cravings - pg 8 Vitamins, Herbals, and Supplements - pg 10 Thyroid and High Cholesterol - pgs 18-19 Reduce Cancer Risk - pg 23One the of the most significant things each person can do every day to impact their health is to take control of what they eat. This issue of Senior Times will address just a few of them. Couple that with added movement to strengthen bones and increase flexibility and you can take back some control of your future options as well. Learn about how nutrition and movement can impact low bone density or oste- oporosis, brain health, diabetes, heart disease, reducing your risk for cancer, and so much more. Nutrition might even impact companion- ship or be compromised because of a lack of companionship (see page 22). If your health has been challenged by poor choices, the good news is that you can start today with a new plan. Help is out there for you and ideas can be found among the pages of this issue from food choices and supplements to movement options, support groups, and activities. You can even learn about one method to help you change your food cravings and consider a new direction. As you read through these pages you will notice that food choices may vary based on conditions so be sure to always consult with your physician or specialists for the best path for you. Many of you probably already have their suggestions in a drawer or pile somewhere. Go dig out those papers and start down a path for a healthier you today.To find out how advertising in the Senior Times can benefit your business call (269) 979-1479.Senior Dining Centers - pg 3 Senior Support Groups - pg 4 Senior Housing Listing - pgs 12-13 Activities - pgs 20-21Crossword Puzzle - pg 30ANSWERSSAC SAGA ACHE EGO THAW LOAD CALLIOPE KINDOILY DANDY SPREE SAUL PUFF CALLISTO EMU FOLLY MOW CALLOWAY ROLLAULD POOLS ANNUL EASTDOOR CALLAHAN ANTE APSE LYE MEAL REED YEWSENIOR TIMES4642 Capital Ave. SWBattle Creek, MI 49015-9350CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

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