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 Local community centers and pri- vate gyms often offer structured activ- ity sessions with trained instructors to help you stay active. Whether you’re walking, dancing, practicing yoga, or working up a sweat, finding time to get a little exercise is important. Not only can it help you stay fit while staying warm in the winter, these structured activities are a great chance to meet new people and make new friends.
As I’ve said before, a healthier, happier you makes Michigan a healthi- er, happier place for all of us.
Curb to Curb Transportation  Half Fare for Handicapped & Senior Citizens Over 60  Weekly Subscriptions Available  Equipped for the Handicapped  Open Seven Days a Week
In fact, social wellness is just as important as physical wellness when it comes to your long-term health.
Visiting, talking, laughing, or playing games with friends and family are great ways to boost your spirits,
Mr. Don's Restaurant, 9-11am 341 N. 20th St., Battle Creek
Stirling Books & Brew, 1-3pm 119 N. Superior St., Albion
Please email me at JimHaadsma@, or phone me at (517) 373-0555, with any questions you may have.
306 S. Clay Street, Coldwater, MI 
Stacey Lott
Attorney at Law
Rev. Dr. James Gysel, Special to Senior Times
not to be present, but it doesn’t remove the reality that God IS always with us. Thousands of years ago the Psalmist writes:
“O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures for- ever.” ~ Psalm 136:1
There is hope! Because God’s love never ends.
There is hope! Because God’s love is the power of the resurrection to over- come death itself.
There is hope! Because God’s love is the source of everything.
There is hope! Because there is no end to the love of the Lord. Forever is a long time!
130 East Columbia Avenue Battle Creek, MI 49015
 Over 200 booths
 Dealers from 6 states
 Limited dealer space available  Grill and restaurant on grounds  Home of primitive connections  Home of country junction
 Bus tours welcome
 Campgrounds close by
Open 7 days, 10am - 5pm PH (517) 869-2788
I remember a story about a woman whose only son was serving his tour
of duty in Vietnam during the Vietnam War in the 1960’s. The tragedy of the story is that her one and only child was killed senselessly in the field of battle by “friendly fire.” He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was mis- taken by U.S. artillery as the enemy and lost his life in the heat of battle.
The mother of the soldier was so angry and hurt by everything that took the life of her son, that at the planning of his memorial service back here in Michigan, she attacked her pastor who was trying to help her through this ordeal. She yelled at her pastor, “Where was God when my son was senseless- ly killed in this #!&# war?” The wise pastor simply said, “God was in the same place that he was as he watched his only Son be horrifically tortured and murdered on a cross two thousand years ago.”
There is always hope, and the best of who we are as people created in the image of the Creator is to claim, live, and embody that hope with all that we are.
There are times that God appears
Faithfully yours, ~ Jim Gysel
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Wishing you a Joyous Holiday Season!
Can Get You There!
Branch Area Transit Authority
State Rep. Jim Haadsma, District 62
As we take our first steps into the new decade, I hope it is filled with health and happiness for you and your loved ones. And there’s no better way to support your health and well-being than eating right and staying active with friends and family.
improve your memory, and keep your mind sharp. Finding an opportunity to volunteer in our community is another good way to stay well while reaching out a helping hand to our neighbors. A win-win!
Roundabouts Making
You Uncomfortable?
By: Sherii Sherban, Publisher
They do me. And I know that I
am not alone. For me, they make me question the best lane to enter the roundabout from. I question exiting the roundabout from the lane closest to the center even though the sign says I should. How do I know that the other person in the outside lane is going
to follow directions and exit as well, especially if they are not sure where they are going?
taxpayer, as there is no cost for elec- tricity to run the lights at the previous- ly lighted intersection. Roundabouts decrease traffic jams compared to red lights. One Michigan study claimed that every single-lane roundabout on average added about $500,000 to the economy in increased productivity. And there is definitely no confusion when the power goes out.
I-94 Marshall
Old US 12 Indiana
9011 W. Chicago (US 12) • Allen, Michigan 49227
I’m told they are designed to reduce speeds and serious crashes, which can be documented. But because of the increased confusion there is a docu- mented increase in fender benders, which can lead to significant repair costs, especially in newer vehicles.
The rules of the roundabout include: • Slow down.
• Pick a lane and stay in it.
• Follow the road sign markings.
• Yield to drivers in the roundabout.
• Don’t stop in a roundabout, even for
Positives include savings to the
emergency vehicles. • Don’t pass trucks.
If you have thoughts on how Michigan can better support our seniors’ health and fitness, or provide more opportunities for interactive social activities, I hope that you will reach out to me. Please plan to see me at my monthly coffee hours on the first Saturday of each month and tell me what's on your mind.
CALL (517) 278-5889
May you enjoy the journey of hope in this new year of 2020!
Estate Planning & Elder Law
Coldwater Exit 13

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