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 How seniors protect their money and ensure they are accessing the benefits to which they are entitled after years of work are questions they or their loved ones should be asking.
• Aid in dealing with collection agencies as well as negotiating payment plans.
The FDIC has some quick tips to help seniors protects their finances, including:
• Preparing for the possibility that they
• Make referrals to other help programs, such as food assistance or home repairs.
may not always be able to handle their
• Alleviate stress for family and friends, as they now know their loved ones have helped in taking care of their finances.
finances on their own.
• Limiting communications – including
Best of all, the Money Management Program is affordable and if you are as
a senior aged 60 years or older, earning an annual income below the 200 per-
cent poverty line ($24,980), and living
in Calhoun County; these services are covered by the Calhoun County Senior Millage. Call Guardian Finance and Advocacy Services at (269) 788-1678 and ask for Leonard for more information.
postal mail, phone calls, emails – with
• Reviewing credit reports annually,
regardless of whether they plan to
apply for new loans.
• Using credit cards cautiously and
Headache, Neck, Low Back Pain,
Hip & Leg Pain, Disc Problems, Scoliosis, Sports Injuries, Auto Injuries, Nutritional Therapy, and Corrective Exercises.
Most Insurance Accepted / New Patients Welcome
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Dr. D.W. Wooten
checking balances often.
• Thinking twice before accepting offers
to “advance” portions of their future Social Security, pension or other retirement income.
Plenty of other resources may be beneficial as seniors navigate and eval- uate their financial wellness. National resources include:
• The U.S. Department of Health and
• Remembering that reverse mortgages must eventually be paid back.
• Understanding the potential pros, cons, and costs when considering annuities.
• Knowing if they have agreed to allow
Human Services offers retirement planning and security information – ment-planning-security
their banks to cover certain overdrafts. • Looking into discounts and other
• The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provides information to help them protect their money and avoid financial exploitation – http://www.
• Being on guard against phone calls
from con artists who target seniors.
• Understanding the potential pitfalls of
co-signing loans for relatives or add- ing family members or friends to their checking or savings accounts.
• Free information service of the National Council on Aging offers information about benefit programs that pay for medications, healthcare, food, and more can be found on the BenefitsCheckUp website – https://
Financial wellness can seem over- whelming, but a trusted partner to help wade through the details can go a long way toward protecting seniors’ finances and independence. Guardian Finance and Advocacy Services, a nonprof-
Calhoun County resources for seniors include:
• CareWell Services SW (Region 3B Area Agency on Aging) –
• Calhoun County Senior Services – government/senior_services
it corporation that has been serving Southwest Michigan for 54 years, offers a Money Management program to do just that.
Guardian Money Management specialists visit individuals in the comfort of their homes to provide one-on-one assistance with maintain- ing their financial independence.
Working with a Money Management specialist can:
• Help seniors balance their checkbooks,
Financial wellness does not have to be overwhelming. Reaching out to – and utilizing – available resources will help seniors everywhere make certain they are protected now and for years to come.
Guardian Finance and Advocacy Services (Guardian) has been a trusted service provider in Southwest Michigan since 1966.As a 501( c )3 nonprofit corporation, our professional and compassionate staff provides a complete network of public fiduciary services to improve the lives of more than 1,200 clients each year.
Our core business has historically been in the court-appointed services of guardian- ship and conservatorship, though we also serve as representative payee, by appoint- ment of the Social Security Administration, andVA fiduciary, by appointment of the Veterans Administration.
Money Management Trust Management VA Fiduciary Guardianship
We are seeking to grow our services for the general public.These include trust management, financial power of attorney agreements, and money management programs, preventive offerings that can help people remain independent, avoid financial crisis, and prevent the need for court intervention.
We are a social enterprise driven by our nonprofit mission, and simultaneously working to maintain our successful business. Our services are supported
by client fees that are necessary to cover service costs, and our fee schedule is adjusted to accommodate each client’s ability to pay.
• Financial Power of Attorney • Special Needs Trust
• Representative Payee
• Conservatorship
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It is common to make resolutions
to lose weight, exercise more, and eat healthier at the beginning of the year. Making financial health-focused resolu- tions is often overlooked, but is equally important – especially during one’s senior years.
• Identify, mitigate, and prevent finan- cial exploitation.
Senior Citizens
prioritize bills and payments, and untangle financial messes, thus avoid- ing late fees and shutoff notices.
• Spare seniors the embarrassment of money missteps.
• Help seniors avoid foreclosure and consider affordable alternatives.
• Help review the insurance coverage and identify benefits to which seniors may be entitled.
Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy financial new year!
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