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Senior Times - February 2020 Caregiver’s
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Exercise is a word when said most of us cringe at, but the reality is – if
we do it, we typically feel better and not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Our whole being feels better which means we are able to provide much better care because we are taking better care of ourselves.
Vacuuming: dance when you are moving from spot to spot (do not just walk), take big steps which can work like a lunge, walk on your toes to build stronger calves.
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We have made it through one month, thankfully. Now that the holidays are over and you have had a chance to breathe, it is time to think about getting moving.
One of the best ways to provide stress relief to a family caregiver is by them getting some exercise.
Dishwashing: march while you
are washing the dishes; stretch your arms as far as you can by moving the strainer farther away from you and do not move your feet (gives you a good stretch in the arms and torso); make big movements with your arms when moving the dishes from one sink to the other. (Always remember safety first; do not drop anything on your head. So be careful that your item is not slippery or heavy.)
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One might say that they just do not have the time or energy to do any form of exercise. Did you know that if you start out even with just five or 10 min- utes at a time with any exercise, it can make a difference? Did you know you could walk instead of run and get just as much benefit? Did you know that you do not have to walk miles to make a difference? Did you know dancing is a fantastic form of exercise?
Dusting: find different ways to move your body when dusting. Sit beside instead of in front of the item you are dusting to get a different move- ment for your body – arms and torso. When you go anywhere (if you are able), park your car farther out in the parking area to get more steps in. If you are brave, you can take real big steps
to move those big muscles in a bigger way even though you may make people wonder what you are doing.
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Just by being more creative with every day tasks can lead to a more pos- itive attitude to get ourselves moving more. When you use everyday tasks to work more like an exercise program you can work muscles in a different way to make a difference. Please remember this difference is not just physical, but also mental as well.
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Here are a few ways to be creative while doing simple household chores:
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the best results.
• Technique is key. When brushing your
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a soft-bristled brush that fits into the
• Don’t forget to floss. At least once a day.
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A recent study links these two with positive results. The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology reports that tooth brushing three or more times per day was linked to a 10% lower risk of Afib and a 12% lower risk of heart fail- ure. The theory is that increased brush- ing would lead to decreased bacteria in the space between the teeth and gums, so there is less of it to pass into the bloodstream and cause inflammation.
bristles fray.
• Use a quality toothpaste. ADA-
I ask these questions, which seem very simple, because when most of us think of starting an exercise program we think of the hours on end we have to do it to make a difference and that is just not accurate. Our mind convinces us that we that there are not hours in the day and I totally understand that.
These are just a couple quick thoughts to just a few tasks that we tackle during a day.
Anne Clark, Special to Senior Times
Oral Health Linked
to Heart Health
The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing twice per day as well as:
• The type of toothbrush matters. Find
teeth, place the brush at a 45-degree angle to your gums. To hit the most surface area with each sweep, move the brush (gently) back and forth across your teeth, rather than up and down. Make sure you brush all the surfaces of your tooth – outer, inner, and chewing surfaces for two minutes.
mouth with ease.
• Replace your toothbrush regularly.
Finally, regularly visiting your den- tist could be the best way to keep on top of oral health and possible even heart health.
Every three or four months or until
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