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Senior Times - May 2019
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Trust Allen Harmon Insurance,
a leading independent agency for all your insurance needs. A family owned business for over 100 years.
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Medicare supplemental insurance, annuities, health and life insurance
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We think about this when it comes to wellness screenings for cardiovascular, dental, respiratory, optical, and other bodily systems that impact our day-to- day lives. In most cases, we regularly see general practitioners and specialists without really thinking too much about it, but hearing screenings are different. Some people avoid preventative screen- ings when they don’t feel they can afford them, regardless of how import- ant such treatments might be.
Guardian Finance and Advocacy Services (Guardian) has been a trusted service provider in Southwest Michigan since 1966. As a 501( c )3 nonpro t corporation, our professional and compassionate staff provides a complete network of public  duciary services to improve the lives of more than 1,200 clients each year.
Our core business has historically been in the court-appointed services of guardian- ship and conservatorship, though we also serve as representative payee, by appoint- ment of the Social Security Administration, andVA  duciary, by appointment of the Veterans Administration.
Money Management Trust Management VA Fiduciary
We are seeking to grow our services for the general public.These include trust management,  nancial power of attorney agreements, and money management programs, preventive offerings that can help people remain independent, avoid  nancial crisis, and prevent the need for court intervention.
We are a social enterprise driven by our nonpro t mission, and simultaneously working to maintain our successful business. Our services are supported
by client fees that are necessary to cover service costs, and our fee schedule is adjusted to accommodate each client’s ability to pay.
• Financial Power of Attorney • Special Needs Trust
• Representative Payee
Enjoy the advantages of Assited Living
Guardianship • Conservatorship
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truly is like receiving a wellness exam. Just as many systems of the body must work together to allow you to breathe, think, speak, and move, your financial income and expenditures must also work in balance. One body system working harder than others can create injuries or other ailments that must be addressed. Proactive medical screenings help you understand these disturbances and how to correct them before they create too much long-term damage.
Your finances also need proactive care to avoid upsetting their balance. Regularly reviewing your income
and expenses can ensure you’re not spending more than you have, keep- ing you from unhealthy problems like rising debts or unnecessary costs and helping you get the most out of your income, retirement savings, and benefits.
It’s safe to say that your health and wealth both evolve as you age, and
that physical, emotional, and mental wellness components all fare best when treated proactively. That includes reg- ular screenings and sitting down with qualified professionals to discuss any positive or negative changes.
Some don’t like to have their hearing checked on the chance that it might be failing them, but, as with other systems, catching prob- lems early can save time, money, and personal safety or security in the long run. The good news is that the Calhoun County Public Health Department (CCPHD) offers Senior Hearing and Vision Services pro- grams that are free to individuals over 60 years old who meet certain income guidelines.
This is not something you must undertake alone, however. You wouldn’t do your own medical screen- ings, perform your own exams, and trust yourself to accurately read the results and handle diagnosis, after all. You would likely visit your trusted phy- sician and have him or her do all of that for you. In the same vein, you don’t have to manage your own financial health analysis, either.
These programs include first-come first-served hearing and vision screen- ings, hearing aids, and glasses, and all to support the Senior Millage’s mission of promoting safety, dignity, and inde- pendence for Calhoun County senior citizens.
Guardian Finance and Advocacy Services, a local non-profit organiza- tion, is proud to offer money manage- ment programs that will help you exam- ine your finances the way you would any bodily system. A qualified, trusted professional will sit down with you, examine your current assets and income levels, work with you to understand your expenses, and help you come up with a plan to ensure you’ll remain financially healthy for the rest of your life. Our financial professionals truly care about helping you achieve your financial goals – just like doctors are focused on helping you remain healthy – meaning they are happy to answer any questions you might have, and do so regardless of your current income levels.
Senior Hearing and Vision Services’ goal is to improve seniors’ hearing – enabling them to better communicate with family, friends, community mem- bers, healthcare providers, and other professionals, or even strangers in case of emergencies – and vision to keep them independent for as long as pos- sible. The latter allows them to drive cars more safely or commute to various locations, enjoy television and books, and go about their daily lives.
It’s time to be proactive about both our health and our wealth. Here’s to a long and balanced future.
Evaluating your financial health
Robert Copeland, CEO, Special to Senior Times
Ganton Senior Communities are committed to providing an atmosphere that gives people the opportunity to thrive. For admission and tour information call (269) 870-5537.

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