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Senior Times - May 2019
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It’s Older Americans Month – Let’s Celebrate!
By: Liz Lawson Young, Marketing Specialist, CareWell Services SW
May is Older Americans Month! This year’s theme is Connect, Create, Contribute. During this month, we want to encourage older adults to connect with friends, family, and the community; create by participating in activities that encourage
learning, health, and enrichment;
and contribute to their community
Kinship Korner
Family Enrichment Center
415 S. 28th Street Battle Creek, MI 49015
Sharon Dewey, Kinship Coordinator Email:
Ph: (269) 660-0448
Fx: (269) 963-0160
The main reason so many grandparents are raising their grandchildren today seems to
be the addiction issues of their children. When children engage
in self-destructive behaviors so severe, they are unable to raise their own children, grandparents often step in to fill that gap. This puts a strain on financial and emo- tional resources of these families. One of the emotional strains is the feelings of failure the grandparents often feel about their parenting of the addicted child. These feelings can be reinforced by the courts and social services as the grandparents try to prove to social services their capability to raise the grandchild. These feelings of failure are univer- sal even though these grandparents have often raised other siblings who are doing well with life choic- es. Support groups are extremely beneficial in helping to process these feelings. By Interacting
with others, who are dealing with the same issues, those feelings of aloneness begin to dissipate. Please consider joining a support in your area and share your journey and skills with other grandparents who are struggling.
The Family Enrichment Center offers the following opportuni-
ties to interact with others. All events take place at Westlake Presbyterian Church, 415 S. 28th St. Battle Creek:
May 7 – Kinship support Group,
May 9 – PARC – Brown Bag Luncheon - Adoption Support Group, Noon.
May 16 – Kinship Support Group,
6:30-7:30pm. Child care available. RSVP (269) 274-4077.
May 19 – Saturday Parenting Series, 9am-Noon. Black Hair 101 – Brandy Woods – PARC. Child care available. RSVP (269) 788-0923.
May 19 – Aunt Beezers Art Club,
9am-Noon. 6-12 year olds. RSVP (269) 788-0923.
May 19 – Respite, 12-4pm. RSVP (269) 788-0923.
by sharing time, wisdom, and life experience.
event calendars from Forks Senior Center or Heritage Commons Enrichment Senior Center to find out what weekly classes are offered
If you are looking for some ideas on how to connect, create, and contribute this month, here are a few to get you started:
• Attend one of CareWell’s Be Well Workshops to enrich your health. Call (269) 441-0930 or visit for information about upcoming workshops!
• Plan a game or craft night and invite friends, family, or neighbors over for some fun.
• Have a virtual date night with family and friends living out of town! Call or video call your family or friends to connect.
This month, let’s focus on celebrating older Americans, and working to connect, create, and contribute in our community!
• Attend an exercise or craft class at a senior center – take a look at
Forks Celebrates a Valuable Volunteer–Micki Ogilbee
By: Luann Sommers, Executive Director, Forks Senior Center
Micki Ogilbee is a trained Medicare and Medicaid Assistance Counselor through CareWell Services.
During Open Enrollment in the fall of each year Micki volunteers five full days a week. She also assists with forms from the Social Security Administration and other federal and state agencies, and works to connect with local and regional resources to help older adults in improving and maintaining their health.
especially during open enrollment in the fall when Vicki comes to the Senior Center in the mornings to help Micki meet with older adults.
She works out of the Forks Senior Center and many people assume she is a paid staff person of the Center, but she is not. Micki volunteers three mornings a week to meet with local older adults and help them find affordable prescription drug plans, enroll in medical and dental insurance plans, and apply for subsidized care through Medicaid and the Affordable Healthcare Act.
In Albion, Micki works with Vicki Easterwood from the Albion Health Care Alliance, who is also a certified Medicare and Medicaid counselor. We affectionately call them the Micki and Vicki team!
It can get a bit confusing at times,
We are grateful for all that
Micki does for older adults in our community! More seniors need help each year. CareWell Services is always looking for volunteers for the Medicare and Medicaid counseling program. If you are interested in being trained to become a volunteer for this much needed program, please contact CareWell Services at 800-626-6719 or the Forks Senior Center at (517) 629-3842.
Master Aging with Us!
By: Paulette Porter, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, CareWell Services SW
Sadly, many people stride into their retirement adventure with
little instruction or preparation. Navigating unknowns such as Medicare, changing health, and finances can be difficult as most older adults live several decades past the traditional retirement age of 65. This gift of longevity presents enormous opportunities, but also presents several critical challenges. Longevity alone does not guarantee aging well, and circumstances can change from year to year. Without intentional planning for how they will live their lives as they age, people often find themselves searching for a new purpose and passion while grappling with changing health, financial, or
social circumstances. Fortunately, a road map for
physical activity, sleep, healthy eating and hydration, financial fitness, medication management, advanced planning, healthy relationships, preventing falls, community engagement, and more. For each of these classes, participants received educational materials developed
mastering the elements of aging well is available. The Aging Mastery Program (AMP), created by the National Council on Aging, is a nationally recognized, evidence-based curriculum for aging well. The course has a special emphasis on the new realities of aging, making the most of the gift of longevity, and taking small steps to improve health, financial well-being, social connectedness, and overall quality of life.
from highly trusted sources, plus a checklist of potential next steps.
The goal of this program is to empower older adults to make and maintain small but impactful changes. The classes explore how best to navigate longer lives, by improving
Join us for the next AMP workshop series, beginning Tuesday, May 14. The class will occur weekly on Tuesdays from 5:30-7pm for seven weeks. The workshop will take place at Heritage Commons. The cost is $30 per participant. Scholarships are available. Call (269) 558-6150 to register by May 7.

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