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him success and confidence as an athlete. His healthy disposition came because of running. Running even helped to shape his career in the area of exercise physiology. He had dealt with minor issues through the years but had never gone for more than a month with- out running. Kevin's resolve and iden- tity as a runner would be shaken late in 2016 due to back pain.
Kevin has learned to adjust his approach to running after going through back surgery and recovery. "I must admit that before my surgery I was fearless as a runner but now I am more sensible about my approach to many things. Now I am thinking more about longevity as a runner and being active."
Kevin's back pain would take on a new level later that autumn when he fell breaking a rib. It was the last straw for his back and it ultimately led to an evening when the pain was so intense that he could not walk. An MRI was scheduled immediately. It showed
that Kevin's L5 had collapsed onto his sacrum. The disk between the L5 and sacrum had been destroyed. "I was told that I needed spinal fusion. Immediately I thought my running days were gone."
Initially Kevin just enjoyed running for what it was, but as his body adjust- ed to the pounding again he began to think about new goals. He recently achieved one of those goals, running the 2018 Battle Creek Half Marathon with a finishing time of 1:42, crossing the finish line as the thirteenth over- all runner. He accomplished this on
a record hot day with the heat index approaching one hundred degrees by the end of the race. Not bad for a sixty one year old coming off a back fusion surgery.
The success that Kevin had gained as a runner over the years had always made him feel as though he could handle anything that was thrown his way. This feeling of invincibility would quickly change to vulnerability. "I remember praying, Jesus give me three miles a day three days a week so I don't go insane."
Kevin's story is one of celebration and gratitude after being stuck in a period of uncertainty. Kevin, I'm sure, feels grateful that through patience and persistence on his part along with the grace of God and the healing hands of a gifted surgeon, is able to enjoy his passion of running again. The local running community is lucky as well
to once again be blessed with Kevin's expertise and infectious positive spirit.
Although the door to running was not shut tight, it was not wide open either. "This was a scary proposition. Over three quarters of my life had been as a runner. I realized that this might end but could accept it if I had to."
house with little choppy old man strides probably going slower than I could speed walk but it felt great. My mus- cles were obviously sore because I had not run in over six months. After a few weeks of running I was finally able to open my stride a little bit. I have grad- ually built up and have continued to increase distance and pace."
Kevin's story can show us that in a sense we are all vulnerable but at the same time we should not give up on what we are passionate about without a fight.
When faced with a looming injury that looks as if it might end your run- ning career, educate yourself, work with a surgeon who has the same goals for you that you have for yourself, and most importantly, never give up on run- ning until you explore every possible option to keep you in the game.
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Surgery had gone well and Kevin realized that the waiting game had now begun. He had to remain patient. At three months post surgery his recovery was ahead of schedule. Kevin had been keeping in shape while following doc- tor's orders and for now this worked for him. "In talking to my physician before surgery I realized I needed to follow his orders during recovery in order to get back to the sport I loved. My sports medicine background helped me with this."
At his six month appointment he was cleared to head out and start run- ning again. It was as if Kevin had been reunited with a long lost friend. "I came home and was as nervous as I had been for any race. I started running from my
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