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bility? There are even teachers available who have the passion and commitment to make it happen... how do I know?
I met Carol Poole, a retired certified teacher at BCPS whose experience, love of teaching, and appreciation of education makes her well qualified as an adult education teacher. Teaching at the adult education level, “Is my forever passion,” Carol told me. “It’s a real gift. I’m extremely fortunate that I’m with people who have the same goals and passion. We have different skills but we support each other.”
graduated with a degree in elementary education, and with the help of the State of Michigan, earned a Master’s Degree. “I didn’t tell anybody but my sister that I was going to get my GED. After I
Carol took time off when her hus- band needed care for cancer treatments which he survived, but his immune system was compromised and he died in 2006 when he caught the flu. She returned to teaching and fully retired
in June of 2013. In October of 2013 a call about a second grader that needed help one-on-one changed her mind. “That’s all they had to say,” Carol told me. That turn of events led her back
to Battle Creek Public Schools and to adult education. “My supervisor at the time told me about a job with the GED program and since I understood how the GED changed my life... I found my pas- sion.” Carol told me the story of one of her professors who once told the class, “Find your passion and you’ll never work again.”
Carol attended Battle Creek Cen- tral High School... well, until midway through her freshman year and then she quit school, got married, and with her husband, had four boys. She worked for the State of Michigan in a job where she worked with developmen- tally disabled children. She didn’t like the way those children were treated
at times but because her position was limited by her lack of education she found she was unable to really address the problem. She decided she would get her GED... and from there she went to Kellogg Community College where she graduated with a triple major and went on to Western Michigan University and
got the GED I wanted to go on,” Carol told me. “Everything was so different and exciting than I’d ever experienced before. People were different than I’d ever met before, their interests were dif- ferent. When I was at KCC I met people who wanted to be teachers and I think that’s when the bug bit.”
BCPS partners with Denso Manu- facturing to provide the GED program. GED classes are available to employ- ees of Denso at the job site. Once the employees receive a GED they become permanent employees and they are eligible for benefits such as continued training for any skill needed by Denso. “BCPS was attempting to find ways to partner with manufacturing and work- ing on developing relationships in Fort Custer. They found Denso,” Carol said. “This opens so many opportunities for people. There’s that whole educational excitement that builds and builds. I don’t think there’s been a more excit- ing job than this [seeing the changes in people]. When you learn something new – how much better you feel.”
Did you know that if someone you know wants to work and go to school to finish a GED that Bat-
at the school was sure I lost my mind when I told him I wanted to stay with my 6th grade students as they moved to 7th grade,” she said. “It was so much fun... they’d come in with that big chip on their shoulder and I’d tell them that
I was the boss and this is what we’re going to do. And to see as they grew and progressed, to see the changes not only in their education but how their social skills began to develop... that was a hook.”
tle Creek Public Schools (BCPS) offers that possi-
Carol Poole
Carol started by substitute teach- ing at Roosevelt School, and when
she was downsized they moved her to Southwestern for two years. She finally found her calling at Springfield Middle School assisting emotionally impaired 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys. “What a ball we had!” Carol said. “My principal
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I believe Carol has found her passion in life and Battle Creek Public Schools and our community is fortunate she has found it here.

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