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you least expect it, that higher power will open your eyes. I was writing a different article dealing with educat- ing children about healthy lifestyles while watching the Grammy’s. And then, Demi Lovato came to the stage. Much has been made about her addic- tions. Many criticisms have followed. How could someone who has so much, so many opportunities, so much to live for, do her best to throw it all away, again and again?
who felt resigned to the fact that, “This is just who I am, and nothing can change it.” I listened to it as a grieving father who held his child in his arms while begging God, the Uni- verse, or anyone to please bring him back to me. I listened to it as a man who had lost himself, his confidence, his faith, his will to live, and but for the Grace of God, a man who was one decision away from not being here.
Over 80% of obese adults were obese children. 100% of obese adults have food addiction. Nearly 98% of obese adults will remain obese their entire adult life. These are current statistics, but I believe we can change them. I believe sometimes our Higher Power tries to show us that we can change them, guides us into the direction of the change we want to become. I never imagined that Demi Lovato would be my guide, but she was, and I’d encourage all of you to watch her Grammy video at https:// bxuaw& We can all be that someone.
And then I listened to her song. Again, and again. It’s a song about desperation. It’s a song about defeat. It’s a song about no longer believing in yourself, or hope, or faith. And, it’s a cry for someone, anyone, to help. She sings, “Anyone, please send me anyone. Lord, is there anyone? I need someone.” I listened to it as a child who was too afraid to talk about the bad things that had happened to me.
I listened to it as an addict who too often, and for too long, escaped from my reality through food and alcohol,
But, then I listened to it as, “Any- one.” I listened to it as that, “Some- one.” And I realized the power of just being present. The power of empathy, of understanding, of patience and guidance – the power of quiet love.
I believe we are all guided by a higher power
– whatever you believe in, God, the Universe, Karma. And, sometimes, when
ability to cry for help – in fact many times they won’t know they need
help until they are too deep to swim. Addictions are often started by rituals that are learned in childhood. Coping mechanisms that grow into habits. As parents, we need to be present in our children’s lives to see these rituals, to witness these habits. When you see your child withdraw for communica- tion and escape to food, talk to them. Find out what’s going on. Discuss what is bothering them - without judg- ment, without direction, just be pres- ent. Be their safe place to land. Don’t enable behavioral escape, encourage discussion. Be their someone.
Be their someone.
Our children often don’t have the
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