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public hearings or events. The Calhoun County Juvenile Home is a crucial part of county operations, although the work is done without fanfare.
University, and managed the program, which ultimately collected 75 books.
“Reading is an important part of our educational and behavior management programming at the Juvenile Home,” said Tori Benden, Director of the Juve- nile Home. “All residents have a book with them at all times and are expected to read quietly when they are not en- gaged in a structured activity.”
In January, the Mitten Word Bookshop in Marshall donated over a dozen books to the Calhoun County Juvenile Home’s library. These books were donated as
part of a holiday-season book drive at the store and books donated were divided between the libraries at the Juvenile Home as well as Harrington, Gordon, and Walters Elementary Schools. One of the store’s employees, Shannyn Stevens, is an English major at Western Michigan
The books donated to the Juvenile Home add to an essential aspect of the Juvenile Home’s operations. Book- shelves line every wall of the Juvenile Home’s basement level, in the common area outside of the classrooms. Many books are worn from years of use. The Juvenile Home staff and teachers take great care to repair bindings or even order duplicate copies of books that are most beloved by the kids.
The Calhoun County Juvenile Home provides a short-term, safe, and humane environment for detained youth pending further court action. Also, a special-
There are aspects of county government that we don’t often talk about simply because they don’t require the same sort of promotion or discussion as
Photo provided
by The Mitten Word Bookshop in Marshall, Michigan
The Calhoun County Juvenile Home
ty program called Empowered Youth Experience Success (EYES) provides at least 12 weeks of progressive behavioral treatment for delinquent kids. Youth are active in school while at the Juvenile Home, which is provided by the Calhoun County Intermediate School District.
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Serving the following school districts: Athens, Battle Creek, Bellevue, Harper Creek, Homer, Lakeview, Marshall, Olivet, Pennfield, Tekonsha, Union City, including private and charter schools within the Calhoun Intermediate School District.
The emphasis on reading is inten- tional and part of the Juvenile Home’s cognitive behavior approach to helping young people. In addition to school and reading, participants receive individ-
ual and group therapy with a licensed therapist, and a token-economy system is used to teach and encourage appropriate behaviors.
Career Pathways
Arts & Communications
• Graphic Communications Technology
Business, Management, Marketing, & Technology • Computer Networking
• Computer Programming
• Culinary Arts/Hospitality
475 East Roosevelt Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49017
Health Sciences
• Health Careers Prep
• Health Occupations
• 21st Century Health Careers
• Emergency Medical Technician
(EMT) – Basic
Human Services
• Education Academy
• Early Childhood Education • Law Enforcement
• Criminal Justice
Natural Resources and Agriscience
• Agriscience
Engineering/Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
• Automotive Service Technology • Aviation Exploration
• Collision Repair Technology
• Construction Technology
• Power Equipment Technology
• Intro to Robotics & Engineering • Welding Technology
The books donated to the Juvenile Home from the Mitten Word Bookshop holiday book drive are integral to the success of the Juvenile Home’s program and the experience that the youth have while they’re there. No phones, no com- puters – the kids have access to books. More now, thanks to the generosity
of the Mitten Word Bookshop’s book drive.
269-968-2271 • fax 269-968-4344 •
“The thoughtfulness of the Mitten Word Bookshop to organize this project is greatly appreciated,” Benden said. “The Marshall community continues to impress me with its generosity, care, and concern shown to our youth detained at the Calhoun County Juvenile Home.”

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