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president since its founding in 1956. Dr. Bennings previously was Vice
tegrating early achievable priorities, and generating additional momentum within KCC’s culture of continuous improve- ment.
Dr. Bennings, a former track and field athlete at the collegiate and professional levels, offered a metaphor of the baton on a relay team. As the baton is passed from one person to another while both are in motion, the act is a symbol of mutual trust, respect, and accountability. Some- times the pass is smooth and sometimes it is bumpy, she said, but it is always a sign of teamwork.
President for Finance and Administration at Clovis Community College in Clovis, New Mexico. The KCC Board of Trust- ees named Dr. Bennings as the new KCC president after conducting a national search in 2019. She formally began her responsibilities at KCC on January 6, 2020, succeeding former President Mark O’Connell, who retired effective January 5, 2020.
“We’ve just begun the year 2020. In optical terms, 20/20 also is defined as perfect vision. Let’s make 2020 a year where we learn to see things through a different lens and a different perspective, but still in perfect alignment with the mission and vision of KCC,” Dr. Ben- nings said.
“Whether we are teaching our students to help them achieve their dreams, or working together as KCC employees, or collaborating with our partners through- out the communities we serve, we are a team,” Dr. Bennings said.
Throughout her first weeks, Dr. Ben- nings has started to become acclimated to KCC and its leading role in providing accessible, high-quality education to
“When I wake up, I am dedicated to the mission of KCC because the mission of KCC aligns with the mission of Adrien Bennings,” she said. “Student success
Steve Claywell, Chair of the KCC Board of Trustees, said Dr. Bennings is a dynamic, enthusiastic leader who will boldly move KCC forward on a variety of fronts.
KCC Welcomes Dr. Adrien Bennings as Sixth President
In January, Kellogg Community College (KCC) wel- comed to its campus Dr. Adrien L. Bennings, who now leads the institution of higher learning as the College’s sixth
people throughout Barry, Branch, and Calhoun counties.
and student outcomes are important to me. At KCC, where we believe we can always improve, no matter what we’ve already accomplished, I will be asking what are we doing so every student has opportunities for success, and how does success look different for people on an individual basis, and what are those out- comes that signify success?”
Dr. Bennings has an initial frame- work for advancing success at KCC by ensuring alignment of expectations, in-
“To say Dr. Bennings has hit the ground running is an understatement,” Claywell said. “From the moment she arrived on campus, she has exuded an abundance of energy and focused lead- ership in every setting, from introducing herself to individuals to leading large sessions. The Board is truly honored and excited to have Dr. Bennings at the helm of this great institution.”
Dr. Bennings earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Texas Tech University, a Master of Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University, and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Development from Texas A&M University. Prior to serving as a vice president at Clovis Community College, she served in several capacities in the areas of human resources, administration, finance, instruction, and small business devel- opment. Over the years, she also has served as a mentor and board member with several organizations.
Dr. Bennings currently lives in Battle Creek with her husband, Jonathan. They have two adult children.

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