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Governor Gretchen Whitmer Praises Career Academies in Visit to Battle Creek Central High School: Career Academies set to fifill essential gaps in the local workforce and help students graduate with a jump start into college or a career.
Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whit- mer visited Battle Creek recently and stopped by Battle Creek Public Schools (BCPS) to see the new high school Career Academies model in action. Governor Whitmer held a “Don’t Stop” post-secondary roundtable discussion with BCPS students at Battle Creek Central High School (BCCHS), as part of her statewide initiative to encourage Michiganders to pursue higher education and skilled trade certifification. She spoke about the need to reduce unemploym- ent amnednbt uainld buupilodurupstaotuer’stwatoer’ksfworocrekf–orce t—witnwgionaglsoathlsaththatetBheCBCCHCSHCSarCeeareer Academies are designed to serve.
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The Career Academies are a direct answer to the skills gap local business- es have been looking to solve. “We’ve recognized there’s a skills gap, and that’s why we launched the Career Academies model. We’ve been talking with our local businesses and organizations about what’s getting in the way of their work- force development, and what we found is there is a skills gap,” Superintendent Kim Carter said. “Kids will have the opportunity to leave Battle Creek Central with either college credits, a certififica- tion,orapost-secondaryplantogoonto a college or university.”
The academy and pathway options were chosen by a community working group of more than 120 parents, educa- tors, elected offificials,aandlloccaallbussii-- nesses, based on students’ interests and aspirations, as well as the biggest needs in our local economy and workforce.
In her visit to Battle Creek Central, Gov. Whitmer commended the BCPS approach and its promise in paving the way for a brighter future in Battle Creek. “We’ve got to ensure that there’s account- ability and we’re meeting our kids’ needs, but we’ve had this hyper focus on test scores as the end-all, be-all, and we know that doesn’t prove out what a child’s trajectory is when they leave school,” said G G o o v v . W W h h i i t t m m e e r r . . “ “ I I t t ’ ’ s s r r e e a a l l l l y y a a b b o o u u t t g g i i v v i i n n g g them the opportunity to try a lot of differ- ent things, to really see what path is right for them, and then to help them navigate that so they can get the skills they need
Gov. Whitmer joins BCCHS Career Academies students in roundtable discussion about Michigan’s skills gap.
year, BCCHS Career Academies students learned from hundreds of local profession- als who are dedicated to their success. “I’m really grateful that I have the opportunity to do this because I know not a lot of other schools get to do this. It gives me a big helping hand on what I want to do when I get out of high school,” said Battle Creek Central freshman Taylor Solis, age 14.
Battle Creek employers have long lamented the need to hire talent from oth- oerthceirtiecsitiaensdasntdatsetsatdeusedtuoeatolaacklaocfksokfilled swkoilrlkefdorwcoeriknfothrceecionmthmeucnoitmy.mInunait2y0.1In7a 2 s t 0 u 1 d 7 y s b t u y d B y e b . C y . B V . Ci s i . o V n i , s r i o e s n e , a r r e c s h e e a r r s c h f o e u r s n d f a o n u u n n d e a m n p u l o n y e m m e p n l o t y r ma t e e n o t f r 1 a 8 t e p o e f r c 1 e 8 n t pinertchenBt ainttlteheCBreaetktlediCstrreieckt, dmisotreicth, amnore tqhuandrqupalderuthpelestahte sutnateemupnleomympleonytmraetnetof rfaotuer opfefroceunr tp. ercent.
and get a good-paying job.” Nearing the end of only its second
Since 2017, Battle Creek community members, BCPS district leaders,aandtthee business community have been collab- orating to work on solutions to these challenges. Last school year, the BCCHS Career Academies launched, as a boon to both students and local businesses.
Battle Creek students are ready and eager to join the workforce and help transform our community. Are you ready to join? Battle Creek Central enrollment for 2020–21 will be opening soon.
Designed to advance both student op- popoprtourntuitnyitayndanedcoecnonmoimc igcrogwrotwhtihniBnaBttalettle Creek, the Career Academies modell iis a wall-to-wall educational experience.. The BCCHS Career Academies help studentts explore potential careers and receive inter- i e n s t t e- br e a s s t e - db a i ns e s dt r ui nc s t i t or un c t t oi o k n e t e o p k t he e e pm t he ne gm a g e d eingleaagrendinign.lAeatrBnainttgle. ACtreBeakttCleeCntreael,keCverny- tsrtauld,envtedryecsltaurdeesnatpdaetchlwaraeys atpthatehewnadyoaft theiernfrdesohfmthaeniryferaers,hamndanenyteearrs, tahnedireanctaedrs- tehmeyir ancdadpeamthywanydinpagtrhawdeay10in. BgrCaCdeH1S0.
Learn more about the BCCHS Career Academies and how to enroll: careeracademies.
Quotes published above were taken from the following Battle Creek Enquirer articles:
“What Battle Creek schools are doing to prepare the next generation of workers,” By Nick Buckley, Jan 23, 2020
“Gov. Gretchen Whitmer visits Battle Creek Central for roundtable with students on closing Michigan’s skills gap,” By Elena Durnbaugh, Jan 6, 2020
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