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FOR YOUIt’s important to understand that long-term care does not necessarily mean that a mature adult must move to a facility.situation can become a thoughtful decision instead.IN-HOME SERVICESHelp is available for you to stay in your own home. Help can come from family members, friends, churches, volunteers, and public and private agencies. You may need different help each day, week, or month.Paying for in-home services can become complicated and expensive. No private insurance or government agency pays for around-the-clock, in-home care. Most gov- ernment programs and insurance policies pay for short, daily or weekly visits or services. Even hospice care is intermittent.The good news is that some servicesare available at little or no cost for those who qualify through an Area Agency on Aging, P.A.C.E., the Veterans Administra- tion, Medicare, Medicaid, the Michigan Department of Human Services, and other sources. Medicaid pays for some health care costs for low-income individuals of any age. Medicare pays health care ex- penses for individuals at least 65 years old, and for individuals who have permanent disabilities, regardless of income or assets.Home health care agencies can help with nursing care and/or an attendant in your home. They may also provide other services, like physical therapy, occupation- al therapy, help bathing, and more. Medi- care only covers short-term home health care if you meet certain limited conditions.For more information on Medicare’s cover- age visit, most seniors would like to continue living at home, if at all possi-ble. One must consider, however, if these services will provide all the necessary care that is required to insure the safety and well-being of an individual. If a signi cant amount of care is required, this choice could become cost prohibitive and perhaps unsafe. Another consideration is the lack of social interaction that the home service provides. Even with a daily visitor from Meals on Wheels a senior may soon feel isolated. Isolation leads to depression and this can greatly affect ones health. The listing on page 17 is a place to start to ask more questions. (...continued)Lakeview ASSISTED LIVINGRe ections MEMORY CARE14661 Helmer Road South • Battle Creek, MI 49015 14316 Helmer Road South • Battle Creek, MI 49015 14420 Helmer Road South • Battle Creek, MI 49015Heritage ASSISTED LIVINGThrive, Flourish and Rediscover Life’s JoysFamily Owned and OperatedAWARD WINNING ASSISTED LIVING • CALL US TODAY! 269-870-5537gantonseniorcommunities.comSENIOR HOUSING DIRECTORY | 2019 7

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