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HOUSING OPTIONSThe need for long term care is something that most seniors hope to avoid but the likelihood for care increases as longevity increases. The options are great, with a vast array of services available but choosing the right one for you or a loved one is made easier with a little investment of your time.Long term care can meet a wide variety of needs. Services can be provided in your own home or in a residential setting. However, determining which services and living ar- rangements best meet your needs, and what options are available and affordable, canbe complicated and confusing. Before you make any decisions about what kind of long term care you will use, fully investigate all your options.There can be waiting lists for long term care services. You may want to place your name on the waiting lists for those services you will need. Sometimes the need for longterm care arises suddenly or unexpectedly, and decisions must be made quickly. Even under these circumstances, you can be an active participant in planning for long term care. The better you prepare, the more an urgent situation can become a thoughtful decision instead.Investigate the range of living residences and facilities before they are needed.Join clubs at area facilities and get to know staff. Ask to visit for a meal. Consider trying out a program offered at their facility. Determine to ask friends where they have visited and what they liked about area facil- ities. If you have ever wanted to volunteer, why not sign up at an area facility? As you travel to various health fairs and senior fairs stop and chat with the staff and ask them questions. Pick up information so that youcan spend time reading, and possibly share with others, when you return home.IN-HOME SERVICESThe good news is that help is available for you to stay in your own home. Helpcan come from family members, friends, churches, volunteers, and public and private agencies. You may need different kinds of help each day, week, or month.Some services are available at little or no cost for those who qualify through an Area Agency on Aging, the Veterans Adminis- tration, Medicare, Medicaid, the Michigan Department of Human Services, and other sources. Medicaid pays for some health care costs for low-income individuals of any age. Medicare pays health care expensesfor individuals at least 65 years old, and for individuals who have permanent disabilities, regardless of income or assets.Home health care agencies can help withLakeview ASSISTED LIVING Reflections MEMORY CARE Heritage ASSISTED LIVING14661 Helmer Road South • Battle Creek, MI 49015 14316 Helmer Road South • Battle Creek, MI 49015 14420 Helmer Road South • Battle Creek, MI 49015WE WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME YOU TO...the neighborhood!AWARD WINNING ASSISTED LIVING • CALL US TODAY! 269-969-89006 SENIOR HOUSING DIRECTORY | 2018

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