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COVERING COSTS FOR LONG-TERM HOUSINGThe cost of residing at an adult care facility will vary depending on the services received. If you are considering moving into an adult foster care (AFC) home, a home for the aged (HFA), or an unlicensed assisted living, one of the questions you should be asking yourself is, “How long can I afford to live in this facility?" You need to think about how changing care needs will impact costs as well as future facility increases.MEDICARE AND MEDICAIDobtained from the Social Security Adminis- tration at 1-800-772-1213. If you qualify for SSI, you automatically qualify for Medicaid. Some AFC and HFA homes accept SSI payment levels as payment in full. If the AFC or HFA accepts SSI, it cannot charge you more than this amount for its services. However, an AFC or HFA is not required to accept a resident receiving SSI.Some government assistance is available for residents of an AFC or HFA that meet strict eligibility standards. Additional assistance may be available for individuals who have a developmental disability or who have a mental illness.Some local businesses include a long-term care program bene t or have supports services that will provide assistance such as with the Kellogg 25 Year Trust. Ask your employer.Resources may come from your own savings, IRA, a reverse mortgage, or by cashing in savings bonds or whole-life policies. Sometimes a life insurance policy can be traded in for long-term care insurance. Faith communities sometimes have foundations to help. Finally, thereis family.Assisted living is generally private pay. Some will have resources from income and savings; others may have purchased long-term care insurance that pays all or part of the cost. Unlike skilled nursing facilities (SNF), gov- ernment  nancial assistance for assisted living is very limited. And if private funds run out, it may be necessary to move to another setting.Medicare does not pay for room and board in an AFC home, an HFA, or an unlicensed assisted living. However, it will continue to pay for covered medical expenses, such as hospital care, prescribed home health services, and doctor visits. It will cover ex- penses at a SNF in special circumstances but only short-term.GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCEVETERANS ADMINISTRATIONThe Veterans Administration provides pension bene ts to Veterans, their spous-es, and widows or widowers with limited incomes. The VA Aid and Attendance (A&A) Pension bene t pays for home care, assisted living, and adult foster care expenses, where traditionally, people would have to go into a nursing home to have the government (Medicaid) help pay for their care. This ben- e t is a great alternative to Medicaid or even long-term-care insurance.SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME (SSI)OTHER OPTIONSMedicaid may be available to some residents outside of skilled nursing. It will not pay the fees for room and board, but it may pay medical expenses including prescription medicines. Medicaid, however, will cover most of the costs at a SNF, if assets are low enough to qualify.LOCAL BENEFIT PROGRAMSThe Social Security Administration runs an income supplement program for low-income blind, aged, and disabled people. If you qualify for SSI, you are paid a monthly check to bring your total income up to the SSI limit.You apply for SSI at your local Social Security of ce. Additional information can beCALHOUN COUNTYOCTOBER 23, 2019 • 9AM - 2PM First Congregational Church145 NE Capital Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49017The day is free to Caregivers. Registration is required. Brunch and lunch will be provided. Ask about respite availability.CAREGIVERAny upaid individual who regularly assists a loved one with personal care, household chores or health issues.EVENTS OF THE DAYFeatured speakers | Massages Manicures | Retail therapy | Vendor fairCONTACTSally Goss (269) 979-1479 ext 30630 SENIOR HOUSING DIRECTORY | 2019There are four criteria to be met in order to apply for A&A; military service, medical need, assets, and income.Battle Creek AreaA Hand Up, Not A Hand OutWheelchair Ramp ProgramTo Find Out More About This Program Call269-966-2502Help us live out our Mission by donating your unwanted furniture, appliances and home furnishings at our ReStore,545 North Ave, Battle Creek, MI.Pick-Up For Larger Items Available By Calling269-441-1038

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