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Senior Housing Directory 2019dementia risk by 30-35%, not including spe- cial diets, which when added could increase the positive impact even more.• Early Life: Staying in school until at leastgroups might also be very valuable for the caregiver. The Alzheimer’s Association, community organizations, adult care facili- ties, and more, lead regular support groups across the area. A list of support groups can be found in Senior Times of South Central Michigan every month. Visit www.scenepub. com/seniortimes to  nd the most current list.the stories they are living in. It is the way that we spend time that matters.the age of 15 years. (Better yet, continueIf adding professional care becomes necessary look for a facility with staff that have received specialized training regarding stages of dementia and developing care plans with assessment tools and  exibility. The focus should be on the best ability to func- tion for the person living with dementia and recognizing that all behavior is an attempt to through the lifespan.)• Mid Life (~45-66): Vigorous treatment ofhypertension, and maintaining overall good health through diet and exercise. Prevent obesity. Stop smoking. Guard against hear- ing loss. Keep socially active. Keep your brain active.The bottom line with caring for the person with dementia is a positive perspective and person-centered care. If you are caring for your loved one at home there are opportu- nities for you to seek assistance from local programs from area agencies and profes- sionals. While the task is heartfelt it is also challenging. It is important to recognize that in order to continue providing the best care possible, respite is valuable whether from friends and family members or professionals. As a family caregiver, you too, can bene t from learning more about the type of demen- tia that your loved one is living with as well as to learn more about caregiving solutions.It’s never too late to make new choices according to the Lancet Commission rec- ommendations. Lifestyle choices can have an impact, even after a diagnosis. Consider ways to live healthier and more engaged, and to reduce or eliminate foods and activities that are not bene cial for overall health.• Later Life: Manage depression. Guard against diabetes. Continue with the recom- mendations for mid life.Knowing more about dementia, medical and emotional care needs, risk factors, and prevention can help the care- giver to make more informed decisions for the care receiver.Local training programs for the profes- sional and the family caregivers are available through your Area Agency on Aging, Miles for Memories, community colleges, and more. Training programs range from one hour to eight hours throughout the area. On- line programs are available as well. SupportWhile it is part of our nature to correct individuals when they have misspoken, or can’t quite  nd the words they are looking for, with a person living with dementia we need to change our focus, unless of course they ask. Love them where they are. EnjoyGet active and stay active. Clean thosepipes so there is adequate blood  ow and oxygen distribution. Keep the brain active and support mental health. Prevent head injury and practice fall prevention. Feed the body and brain. Stay socially engaged. Area facilities that feature dementia care will keep these strategies in mind; the family caregiver should too. Furthermore, the caregiver that is able to implement these strategies for them- selves will bene t in the long term as well.a new approach to MEMORY CARE & ASSISTED LIVING• Individualized Care Plan • Stimulating Activities• Chef Prepared Meals• Expert Management Team • Dementia Trained Staff• Three Comfortable Lodges(269) 372-6100 • www.newfriendsmemorycare.comBattle Creek AreaNEED TO DOWNSIZE?We can help you downsize for your move into your assisted living home. Bring in all of your unwanted items or give us a call to schedule a pick-up.545 North Ave., Battle Creek, MI (269) 441-1038STORE HOURSTuesday-Friday, 9:00 to 6:00(Donations till 5:00)Saturday 10:00 to 2:00 (Donations till 1:30) During periods of high volume, it may takeup to a week before we can schedule the pick-up.Visit for information.SENIOR HOUSING DIRECTORY | 2019 27

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