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DEMENTIA CARE AND DIAGNOSIS QUESTIONSA continually growing, long-term care need impacts the person living with demen- tia. We have many facilities that provide specialized care for the person with a range of cognitive challenges. Family members sometimes struggle with understanding dementia, diagnosis, and what care is best.seems challenged, an evaluation is the best  rst option. The sooner you can identify the cause of the symptoms, the sooner action can take place to care for an existing condition or possibly, identify ways to slow down the progression if there is a dementia diagnosis.SPECT), or a PET scan. Moreover, scans to look for speci c Alzheimer’s changes, such as amyloid plaque, are becoming available. Scans may allow the doctor to evaluate important areas and identify any abnormalities that may be present in the brain. Scans may be repeated at a later time for comparison purposes.Dementia is not a speci c disease but rather it describes a group of symptoms that may accompany certain diseases or conditions.Dementia is a general term that indicates a loss of memory and other mental abilities severe enough to interfere with activities of daily living. It is caused by physical changes in the brain that may result from a varietyof different causes. You may be surprised to read that more than 100 different types of dementia have been identi ed.If a referral is made to a neurologist they will probably perform an extensive inter- view. The neurologist may also question family or friends about any recent changes in memory, behavior, and personality. Questions may also be asked about medical history, medications, and any history of stroke, head trauma, depression, alcohol abuse, or other possible neurological disor- ders. These can all affect memory and may cause symptoms similar to mild cognitive impairment (MCI).• Neuropsychological testing – An examination may be conducted in orderto identify patterns of cognitive function. The tests will evaluate memory, language, attention, and problem-solving abilities. The results will be compared to those from people of similar age and education levels.Dementia is not a normal part of ag- ing. Sometimes dementia symptoms are reversible, especially when they are caused by conditions resulting from depression, vitamin de ciencies, thyroid problems, medications, infection, loss of oxygen to the brain, traumatic brain injury, and more. If you recognize moments where memorydoctor may conduct other interviews and tests to assess level of cognitive function. The tests may evaluate learning, attention, language, memory recall, and ability to reason.It is extremely important to diagnose dementia at the beginning stages because the treatments currently available work best when an early diagnosis is made.The neurologist may also perform one or more of the following medical tests:• Mini mental status examination – A• Additional tests – may be performed to rule out other causes for conditions experienced and to help obtain a better overall assessment.• Neuroimaging – These may include a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI), a computerized tomography scan (CAT orThe good news is that we are able to have an impact on reducing our risk for cognitive decline. An international panel of 24 experts reviewed the vast dementia-related literature and found nine modi able risk factors across the lifespan that could collectively reduceLet us help you to piece together the puzzle after sudden illness or injuryMEDILODGE OF MARSHALL879 E. Michigan Avenue, Marshall, MI 49068269-781-4251www.medilodgeofmarshall.comYour Care. Your Community. Your Choice.Thornapple Manor has served the Barry County area for over 60 years promoting independence and quality of life in a caring and loving environment.We specialize in providing expertise and experiencein skilled 24-hour long-term care, short-term inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab and memory care.26 SENIOR HOUSING DIRECTORY | 20192700 Nashville Road, Hastings, MI 49058 (269) 945-2407 • www.thornapplemanor.comCall

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