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SIMPLIFY YOUR MOVE TO A NEW HOMEA shift in living arrangements will occur over the next five years as more and more mature adults retire. While some will remain in their own homes, others will eventually make a move to a smaller home, an independent living facility, or ultimately into a skilled facility.Making the decision and commitment to move may come with significant challeng- es but so might preparing for the actual move. Odds are a significant move hasn’t happened in years so this may be a large task physically as well as emotionally. In order to help the move go as smoothly as possible a little preplanning can help.Above all else, remain calm.Communication with the new adult facility will help determine what can be brought along. Independent facilities will require some furniture, but not nearly as much as the your current household. As the level of care increases, it is likely that you will need to plan for less furniture. Evenif the community is furnished, consider packing some special pieces anyway. You will appreciate having a few reminders of home.Next consider key items that may beneeded throughout the year such as:• Blankets, pillows, and other bedding • Clothing, shoes, and slippers for allweather types• Toiletries, towels and moreBe sure to choose favorite personal items. These sentimental objects will help you feel more comfortable and at homein your new space. Board games, photo- graphs, and small knick-knacks are perfect because they are easily portable while still carrying strong memories.Now might be the time to choose to give certain items as gifts to avoid issues later.If the current home will be put up for sale, your realtor will likely encourage that some items are left in the home and may suggest a staging consultant to help with preparing the home for the quickest sale. When sold, consider a household sale or auction with the remaining items.Moving Items To Your New Home:Several weeks in advance start packing. This will help to reduce becoming over- whelmed as moving day draws near.Use packing paper to prevent ink trans- fer from other paper. Choose an additionalThe Help Home programcolored paper for small items to prevent them from getting lost or accidentally thrown out.Label, label, label all boxes. Mark on the tops and sides of the boxes as theyare packed with content and location. Identify boxes with sentimental items and breakables as “fragile” or other word of importance to you. Bubble wrap is a good idea.If possible, pack electronics in original boxes. If not available, use bubble wrap.Use boxes for their intended contents to make it easier. Wardrobe boxes can be very helpful as an example.Secure box tops with packing tape to protect belongings and make it easier to stack boxes.Preparation helps to reduce stress on moving day.Note: If moving into an assisted living community, or other skilled care facility, be aware that they may regulate medications to ensure resident safety. This includes prescriptions, medical creams or wipes, and over-the-counter products. Be sure to know details on their specific medication regulations before moving in.You’ve read about it, seen it on TV, heard about it from friends...Your loved one has wandered off and you’re scared for them.When you register a person with the Help Home program they can be identified visually, by phone number, by address, or even by name. With the emergency contact information provided, authorities can bring them backhome without an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. Take the time to register your loved one today and feel the reliefof knowing that you are giving emergency services one more tool to return them to you.AND ...recovery bracelets are available for registered individuals!The Help Home program is maintained by the Calhoun County Dispatch Authority.The information is immediately accessible to emergency responders when you call 9-1-1.To register contact them at (269) 781-9701 today.24 SENIOR HOUSING DIRECTORY | 2018is a voluntary programwhereby a person with dementia or their loved one,can register emergency information with theCalhoun County Dispatch Authority in order to be returned home quickly and safely if lost.

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