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FINDING THE RIGHT LTC SOLUTION ... continued• Are small day or activity rooms available and in use?• How does the home accommodate family and friends who visit?• Are residents involved in program design, evaluation, management, and policy development?• Is the assistance of a physical or occupational therapist available? Does the residence have a dentist or dental hygienist on call?ACTIVITIES AND DAILY LIVING• How are medications distributed and who supervises?• Does the pharmacy provide delivery services, consultations, and medication review?• Is there an activity schedule?• Are there a variety of activities and timeswhen they are offered?• Is there an exercise program?• Are there speci c hours when guestsmay visit?• Is there a private room available forentertaining guests?• Are coffee, tea, and other beveragesavailable to offer guests?• What is the food like? (Ask if you can have lunch or dinner there.)• How are meals planned?• Are special diets accommodated?• Are residents involved in menu planning? • Are snacks available during the day?• Are bed linens and towels provided?• Is transportation provided? Is thereaccess to public transportation?• How are personal likes and dislikes,habits, routines, and activitiesaccommodated?• Are religious services held at the home?FAMILY INVOLVEMENT• How are families involved?• Does the facility involve the family increating a comprehensive, individualizedcare plan if necessary?• Are family members allowed to maketreatment decisions? Under whatcircumstances?• Is there an active family council?SERVICES AND FEES• Ask for a copy of all forms requiring signatures so you can review them.• Is there a Security deposit?• Is there an application fee? Is the fee refundable?• What is included in the basic fee?• How often are rates increased? Ask for a ve-year history.• Review services provided and fees foreach individual service.• What will happen if medical needsincrease so that the level of care isbeyond what the home provides?• What will happen when the resident'sfunds run out?• Is  nancial assistance (Medicare,Medicaid) available?• How are residents involved in planningfor their discharge?• How much notice is given to the residentregarding eviction or termination ofservices?• Under what circumstances can theresident terminate the lease or contract? • What about short-term stays:♦ Is there a daily rate for respite?♦ What is the daily rate for short-termstays or rehab?♦ Are there extra charges beyond thedaily rate?AT CALHOUN COUNTY MEDICAL CARE FACILITYOUR GOAL is to provide purposeful living solutions to persons who need assistance. The need may be long-term or short-term, medical care or day care.Whatever the need, we can help.• Long-term Skilled Nursing Home.• 24-hour professional service toour residents.• Short-term stays with rehab to home.• Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Services.• Full Service Beauty Shop, Podiatry, and Dental services.• Resident driven services.• Activities, Music and Outings.• Eden Alternative® Registered Community.1150 E. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49014 (269) 962-1750 www.ccmcf.com24 SENIOR HOUSING DIRECTORY | 2019BARRY COUNTYCOMMISSION ON AGINGThe following services are available through the Barry County Commission on Aging for persons 60 years and older.• Sr Center Activities • Homecare Services• SMC Restaurant Dining • Volunteer Opportunities• Four Congregate Dining Site Locations• Home Delivered Meals• Home Repair Service• Adult Day Services• Medicare / Medicaid InfoBarry County Commission on Aging320 West Woodlawn Avenue Hastings, MI 49058Phone: (269) 948-4856 Fax: (269) 948-3336 E-Mail:

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