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COVERING COSTS FOR LONG TERM HOUSINGCovering Costs at an AFC, HFA or Unlicensed Assisted LivingThe cost of residing at an adult foster care home, a home for the aged or in unli- censed assisted living varies from facility to facility. Costs will also vary within a facility depending on the services received.Some people can afford to pay fees from their own income and savings. Others may have purchased long term care insurance that pays all or part of the cost of assisted living. Unlike skilled nursing facilities, government financial assistance for as- sisted living is very limited. Many find it difficult to find affordable assisted living. And if private funds run out, it may be necessary to move to another facilityIf you are considering moving into an ACH, HFA or unlicensed assisted living, one of the questions you should be asking yourself is, “How long can I afford to live in this facility?" You should consider not only current costs and fees, but future increases. You also need to think about how your care needs may change and how that will impact costs. See pages 20-21 for a more detailed list of questions to ask before moving in.Government AssistanceSome government assistance is available for residents of adult foster care homes and homes for the aged that meet strict eligibility standards. Additional assistance may be available for individuals who have a developmental disability or who have a mental illness.Veterans AdministrationAid and Attendance (A&A) is a spe- cial pension offered by the VA, which provides benefits for Veterans and their spouses who require the regular at- tendance of another person to assist in their activities of daily living. There are four criteria to be met in order to apply for A&A; military service, medical need, assets, and income.The Veterans Administration provides pension benefits to veterans, their spous- es, and widows or widowers with limited incomes. Probably the most underutilized Veteran’s benefit available is the VA Aid and Attendance Pension. This benefit pays for home care, assisted living and adult foster care expenses, where traditionally,people would have to go into a nursing home to have the government (Medicaid) help pay for their care. This benefit is a great alternative to Medicaid or even long term care insurance (for those who are not insurable). Information can be obtained by calling the Veterans Administration at 1-800- 827-1000.Medicare and MedicaidMedicare does not pay for room and board. However, it will continue to pay for covered medical expenses, such as hospital care, prescribed home health services, and doctor visits.Medicaid may be available to some res- idents. It will not pay the fees for room and board, but it may pay medical expenses including prescription medicines.If you have questions about Medicare and Medicaid benefits, the Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program at 1-800- 803-7174 can explain what programs are available and how to qualify.Supplemental Security IncomeThe Social Security Administration runs an income supplement program for low-income blind, aged, and disabled peo- ple. This program is called SupplementalLet us help you to piece together the puzzle after sudden illness or injuryMEDILODGE OF MARSHALL879 E. Michigan Avenue, Marshall, MI 49068269-781-4251www.medilodgeofmarshall.comYour Care. Your Community. Your Choice.Thornapple Manor has served the Barry County area for 60 years promoting independence and quality of life in a caring and loving environment.We specialize in providing expertise and experience in skilled 24-hour long-term care, short-term inpatient rehab and memory care.2700 Nashville Road, Hastings, MI 49058 (269) 945-2407 • www.thornapplemanor.com22 SENIOR HOUSING DIRECTORY | 2018Call

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