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... continued• Is there an activity schedule?• Is there an exercise program?• Are there specific visiting hours for guests?• Is there a private room available forentertaining guests?• Are beverages available to offer guests?• What is the food like? (Ask if you can havelunch or dinner there.)• How are meals planned?• Are special diets accommodated?• Are residents involved in menu planning?• Are snacks available during the day?• Are bed linens and towels provided?• Is transportation provided? Is there access topublic transportation?• How are personal likes and dislikes, habits,routines, and activities accommodated?• Are religious services held at the home?Family Involvement• How are families involved?• Are family members allowed to make treat-ment decisions? Under what circumstances?• Does the facility involve family in creating acomprehensive, individualized care plan?• Is there an active family council?Services and Fees• Ask for a copy of all forms requiring signa- tures so you can review them.• Is there a Security deposit, or an application fee? Is the fee refundable?• What is included in the basic fee? Review services provided and fees for each service.• How often are rates increased?• How much notice is given to the residentregarding eviction or termination of services? • Under what circumstances can the residentterminate the lease or contract?• What will happen if medical needs increaseso that the level of care is beyond what thehome provides?• What will happen when funds run out?• Is financial assistance available?• What about short-term stays? Is there a dailyrate for respite? What is the daily rate for short-term stays or rehab? Are there extra charges beyond the daily rate?Skilled Care• Are residents well groomed?• How does the facility use physical and chemi-cal (psychotropic drugs) restraints?• Who will be the resident's attending physi-cian? Is he or she readily available?• Are mental health services available anddelivered as needed?• What is the facility's toileting program?• Will the facility meet all of the person's careneeds for therapy and other specializedservices?• Are staff trained in preventive and oral hy-giene care? Is care provided daily?• Are residents and family members encour- aged to participate in forming care plans?• Do residents receive assistance with meals?• Are residents given sufficient fluids?Moving In• What is the process for moving in?• Is there a needs assessment or initial eval- uation done to assure the resident receivesappropriate care and services?• What happens to the resident's room during atemporary hospital admission?• Ask for Resident Rights information.Moving Out• Does the home assist with locating another appropriate care setting?• What is the home's policy and procedure for evictions?If the transition to a skilled nursing facility is more eminent, options might be more limited, but they still remain. Even with a transfer directly from the hospital, whether for a short term rehab or for a long term stay, you do not have to choose the first option presented. You can request another if they are available.If you run into challenges the Ombudsman may be able to help you. For more information please call the Michigan Ombudsman toll-free number at 1-866-485-9393.Have you been told that your loved one needs nursing home care ?Explore An Alternative; ; ;Smaller, homelike setting Minimum of 1 staff to 7 residents State licensedRecognized, reputable community ; partner in Battle Creek for 33 years; ;Respite care optionsEnd of life careAll inclusive rates: meals, medication; management, transportation, laundry, activities and moreContact Renee Kelly (269) 964-8292 www.CretsingerCareHomes.comStone Ridge Adult Foster Care is a senior living community in Bellevue, MI that offers assisted living, alzheimer’s care, continuing care, respite care, dementia care and hospice care.Caring For Your Family Like OursPrivate Rooms24-Hour Staffing & SecurityHealth Care Monitoring & Personal Care AssistanceThree (3) Nutritious Meals Per Day (made from scratch)Weekly Housekeeping & LaundryFlat Linen Service(bed linens for a single bed, along with bath towels)All Utilities (except telephone)4825 Fruin Road | Bellevue, MI 49021 (269) 758-33882018 | SENIOR HOUSING DIRECTORY 21

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