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MEETING CARE NEEDS AT HOMEYou or your aging loved one wants to remain living at home, but they need help with daily living activities. Bringing ser- vices into the home might be a solution that allows them to remain living right where they want to be.In-home services may be the least costly way to get started with additional care needs when it becomes necessary. Carefully watching the changes in level of need, and realizing that additional services may be required at some point is a practical way of being in control of making future choices.Choosing an established agency to provide care in the home may be the best way to get started and to ensure the best match between the caregiver and the care receiver. It can start simply with some- one to manage medication or possibly household care, ultimately leading to personal care as needed.In-home agencies can offer many levels of care and customize a care plan to meet specific needs. Many times this service can offer respite to a caregiver to regenerate or to avoid burnout.Balancing the need for in-home care and financial eligibility for services can be a challenge, however. While most pay for in-home care out-of-pocket there are options for assistance based on service or need.The Veterans Administration provides pension benefits to Veterans, their spous- es, and widows or widowers with limited incomes. The VA Aid and Attendance Pension benefit pays for home care, where traditionally, people would haveto go into a nursing home to have the government (Medicaid) help pay for their care. This benefit is a great alternativeto Medicaid or even long term care insur- ance (for those who are not insurable). Information can be obtained by callingthe Veterans Administration at -800- 827-1000. See more on page 22.One program run by Michigan Med- icaid is the MI Choice Waiver Program. The MI Choice Waiver will also pay for in-home services, or services in a community setting, when otherwise the person would qualify for nursing home care. The program also has a financial need qualification.While the program does not provide 24-hour care, the services offered are often enough to help the family keep their loved one at home for a long period of time.Through this program, eligible adults who meet income and asset criteria can receive Medicaid-covered services. The process for Waiver assistance begins with a phone call. The Michigan Depart-ment of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has specifically formulated a telephonic evaluation for MI Choice ap- plicants to determine potential program eligibility and waiting list placement.The waiver is available in all Michigan counties.Whenever you need care, or wherever you live, finding the appropriate match for in-home services is out there for you. The best way for you to start is to assess your needs before it becomes urgent and you will find a fit that promotes safety, welfare and happiness.Flexible & affordable personal health care services in your home Staff trained & certified in Dementia care Aide & companion service Medication set-upsupervision Housekeeping Transportation Nursing services All employees screened & bondedCo-Owners:Thomas J. Unger, ACSWPatricia D. Slayton, RN, MSN5350 Beckley Rd, Suite DSide door of Southern Michigan Bank & Trust269-883-6002www.homecaretransitions.net60+ Years of Qualified Experience2018 | SENIOR HOUSING DIRECTORY 17

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