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The Way I’ve Scene ItBY DENISE POYERMy poor dog. He needs a lot of engagement or he is ornery as a poked bear. Our house had a wide open floor plan long be- fore that was the in-thing to do, sowe burn off his steam by throwing tennis balls for him to chase. It is a joy to watch him jump around and slide across the wood-like floor. He retrieves the ball and comes back for more until his tongue is hanging out and he needs a break. I highly suspect that he wants anyone in the world besides me to be his thrower, and I do not blame him, because I, for the life of me, cannot throw a ball. It is so pathetic that it is funny. I really wish you could see it for yourself.I can throw a fit, throw a party, throw on my clothes, and throw a meal togeth- er. I can throw a game if my opponent is under the age of eight, I can throw my back out, I can throw the trash out, and I can throw in the towel, but I cannot throw a ball.I cannot imagine what my awesome skills looked like to the classmates who never picked me for their team in grade school, but it undoubtedly included eye rolling. I was one of those kids who stood in utter humiliation as I was selectedPlay Ball!by no one to play a game I had no inter- est in whatsoever. I wonder if they stood on the chosen sides whispering, “Oh no! Not her! She can’t throw... or run... or catch, please not her!”My level of ineptitude in this arena, however, is off the charts! Oh yeah, baby. I pick up the simple, rag- ged green tennis ball, pull it gently back over my right shoulder, focus on keeping my wrist straight, and throw it forward. Despite my best efforts and concentrated execution, the ball veers to the left and rather than lofting gracefully through the air, and ends up bouncing around be- tween the dining room chairs. I try it again, and oops, it bounces into the glass front of our gas fireplace. An- other try and it bounces soundly onto the countertop where the fish bowl often sits. I like to think that I make itfun. It never ends up in the same place twice, and it rarely goes where the mind’s eye thinks it will.The dog is a real class act. He does not judge. He mostly just wants to play. He knows dad throws better than I do. I know dad throws better than I do, and the kids at Minges Brook Elementary School, and in fact the entire neighbor- hood on Country Club Terrace, know that the dog could throw better than I do, but I don’t care. An athlete I am not. I run and work out because I need to keep moving and want to stay fit. I toss the ball for the dogs because it makes their life more fun, and I am so bad at throwing, that it makes me laugh every day. What is not to love? If I stop doing everything I’m not great at, I will live like a lump, and life is too cool for that! So, it is what it is.I will continue to throw the ball poor- ly with reckless abandon and no hope of ever getting any better at it, and I will enjoy my life. The next time you are out playing catch with your two or four legged buddies, don’t feel too haugh- ty about how good you are or too sor- ry about how bad I am, because the one thing I can throw is a Frisbee. Oh sure, we’re going to need a ladder to get that bugger off the roof, but my form is spec- tacular, and I can almost always get it right up near the peak!Co-Owners:Thomas J. Unger, ACSW Patricia D. Slayton, RN, MSN5350 Beckley Rd, Suite D(Side door of Southern Michigan Bank & Trust)269-883-6002Dementia Capable Care Housekeeping Aide and Companion Service Transportation Medication Set-Up Supervision Nursing Services All Employees Screened Veterans Choice& Bonded ProgramHome Care is what we do best!60+ YEARS OF QUALIFIED EXPERIENCEHEALTH & FITNESS I SCENE 4302 9

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