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Did You Know?BY KATHY BANFIELD SHAWDid you know there’s life after... well pretty much anything when you decide to make a change and take the leap of faith? Just ask Claudia Murch, former banker inBattle Creek and Marshall and now a business owner in Marshall. She and her husband, Doug, have lived in Marshall for 19 years after moving from Pinkney. Claudia, a banker most of her adult work- ing life, and Doug had been shopping and visiting the store Green Scene in Marshall and liked what they saw... products made from eco-friendly materials. They liked it so much they talked to the owner about purchasing but decided it was more than they were ready to take on; they walked away thinking it just wasn’t for them. Next was their realtor calling with a new offer from the business owner... and one they decided to take. Claudia “retired” from her career in banking to become the new owner of Green Scene and is enjoy- ing the opportunity to be her own boss, meet lots of new people, and be a part of something, downtown Marshall, which is growing and developing with the input of other store owners in Marshall.Claudia MurchClaudia and Doug have two children, Stuart and Emily, who have successfully earned their college degrees and are off taking on the world... literally. Emily has her degree from Michigan State and is working in Pittsburg in the medical field as a nurse. Stuart, after receiving his bachelor’s degree, earned a fellowship and is continuing his studies in Heidel- berg, Germany. Claudia and Doug had just returned from their second trip to Germany visiting Stuart and seeing the sites of Bavaria and Rhineland. “I really enjoyed the castles and walking where you could imagine a Roman soldier had walked those same steps a thousand years ago,” Claudia said. With her son studyingGerman history Claudia and Doug had “free” history lessons along with a great translator on their trip.As mentioned before, Claudia and Doug moved to Marshall 19 years ago and one of the reasons was the sense of com- munity they felt in Marshall. “We really feel part of this community and the peo- ple who live here,” Claudia says. As a part of the retail community now Claudia has hired people to help her with the store. “I have a couple of people who work during the week and a couple high schoolers to help on the weekends and evenings when we are open,” Claudia explains. She uses networking to identify students to hire. “I know many of their parents and simply ask, “Do you think your daughter would like a job? So far it’s worked pretty well,” Claudia says. “I talked to all my staff be- fore leaving for this trip to Germany for two weeks. It’s hard leaving the business that long. You are not sure what might occur when you’re gone,” she says. “But when we returned this time all was fine and we sure appreciate that our staff was responsible for it being fine.”I was curious about what “eco-friend- ly” products meant and Claudia point- ed to pretty much her whole store and said, “Products that are from renewable resources such as the bamboo products. Bamboo is the fastest growing and most prolific plant there is... and they make just about anything from it,” she said. As ex- amples she pointed out the entire rack of products all made from bamboo from cut- ting boards to hot plates to lip balm. “And see those clothes over there? They are all made with rayon from bamboo,” Clau- dia explained. In addition to eco-friendly Claudia and Doug also research how the products are made and how employees are treated before they decide to feature the products in their store.As we talked Claudia greeted cus- tomers, answered questions, asked about their newest adventures, asked why they had come in to the store that day, and generally made new friends and renewed friendships... all part of being a business owner in downtown Marshall. You can find Claudia most days at Green Scene in Marshall... unless she’s visiting Stuart in Germany and enjoying the history and ambience of the castles.CEREAL CITY CONCERT BANDSATURDAY, APRIL 28, 2018 @ 7PMKCC Binda Theatre for the Performing ArtsTickets are $10 Adult | $5 Student & Senior | 50/50 RafflePRESENTS SPRING CONCERT...“Take Flight!”SPONSORED BY...Dr. Stephen White, Conductor8 SCENE 4304 I WOMEN IN BUSINESS

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