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The Way I’ve Scene ItBY DENISE POYERupper peninsula even make the news, and people scramble to head north fora piece of the action. The bright red, orange and yellow leaves mingledwith rich evergreens against stunning, jeweled blue skies are truly breathtak- ing, and we happily snap hundreds of pictures hoping to do justice to nature’s color palate. As this season of change slowly morphs into fifty shades of blah, even the more muted colors look rich against the otherwise dreary sky of a rainy day. Wouldn’t it be cool if all those leaves would stay on the trees and just turn green again in the spring?Foolishly, he began my lesson about three feet from our shed. Bam! You should see how fast he can move when he is being run down by a zero-turn. After lots of tries, I got out into the open yard, but I could never get the hangOur neighbors are lucky, because un- less we have 30 mph winds, their fall is very different from ours. From the front window of their lovely house perched in the middle of a naked, treeless yard, they can relax and enjoy the splendid color of our three maple trees, a huge, beautiful birch, a flowering cherry tree, and who knows, maybe even the most annoying deciduous monster in all the land – the dreaded sycamore tree!Fortunately, we tend to most of the leaf pick up with our zero-turn lawn mower. John Regier of Moundridge, Kansas, is credited with developing the first true zero-turn mower in 1964, with hydraulically controlled drive wheels designed to spin in either direction. Well, WE don’t use that thing, The Hub does. He can clear the whole back yard in about the same amount of time it takes me to push mow two rows. ThisI cannot tell you how I managed it, but I can tell you that some combina- tion of moves at the right speed will leave some impressive crop circles in the yard. Being the excellent quitterthat I am, I never did figure out how to drive that contraption, but I also did not complain when I push mowed the leafy mine field in my poop shoes for two and a half hours. Isn’t fall grand?That dude is like a crappy party guest. Its hub cap-sized leaves ar-rive late and overstay their welcome. Eventually, they turn a mundane shade of brown and finally scatter themselves all over the yard. From mid-October through November, we continually mow, blow, and rake our seemingly endless accumulation of leaves, briefly revealing a tidy green yard for the nine minutes it takes for the next lush leaf blanket to hurl itself to the ground, and a few days later, we do it again.Fall is a beau- tiful time of year here in the Mitten. When Michigan shows off her colors, she doesso with absolute grandeur. Reports of peak color in theyear, he thought he might just show me real quick how to use it. Now, THAT was a sight for the neighbors.Can I borrow your shoes?they’re out there, you just don’t know where.of it there. You must make constant correction, and evidently, there never is a point where you just push the handles straight ahead to go straight. Whatever. Push, pull, front, back, sideway... just give me a steering wheel.269-965-2979www.shawcommunication.comT. R. Shaw Jr. Co-Founder / CEO / 269-209-5555 cell / Kathy Shaw Co-Founder / President / 269-209-9719 cell / KSBANFSH@gmail.comWhat the neighbors DO NOT see is that which lies beneath... dog poop. We have three small terriers who strate- gically scatter their scat all over the yard. Everyone with dogs knows that fall cleanup is the absolute worst, and we also own something we call Poop Shoes. Autumn dog poops... You knowQUALITY SERVICE FOR OVER 60 YEARSFAST EXPERT INSTALLATION FREE ESTIMATES RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Located in Urbandaleat 1338 W. Michigan, Battle Creek, MI Hours: Tue-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm /Mon 8:30am-7:00pmSat 9:00am-1:00pmEQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER269-962-8779 www.battlecreektile.comCHARITABLE ISSUE I SCENE 4411 7U.L.A.B.A. MEMBER

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