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shoulder. The procedure is done to help you live more comfortably. A new joint can relieve pain and help you move and feel better. Thesurgery is performed by a doctor called an orthopedic surgeon. Sometimes, the surgeon will not remove the whole joint, but will only replace or fix the damaged parts. Knees and hips are the joints replaced most often. Our practice also specializes in shoulder joint replacement surgery.A: Your doctor can tell you if you need a joint replaced. He or she will look at your joint using an X-ray or other imaging test. After lookingat your joint, the doctor may suggest that you exercise, usewalking aids, such as braces or canes, get physical therapy, or take medicine, injections and vitamin supplements. Joint replacement is often the answer if you have constant pain and can’t move the joint well – for example, if you have trouble with things such as walking, climbing stairs and/or taking a bath.arrive for your surgery and what recovery will be like afterwards. Torri, our orthopedic nurse navigator, teaches this class, helps serves as yourDaniel Garcia, MDQWhat does Bronson Battle Creek offer that’s different than other hospitals in my community?A: Bronson Battle Creek is the most preferred hospital for orthopedic carein Calhoun County (2017 Consumer Research Study, Professional Research Consultants, Inc.). It is also designated as a Blue Distinction Center® by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for knee and hip replacement. Bronson Battle Creek hasa dedicated Orthopedic Unit, offering private rooms to lower infection rates and a specially-trained nursing staff. It is the only hospital in the area to offer robotic- assisted technology for total and partial knee joint replacement surgery.A: Bronson Battle Creek offers a joint replacement class to help you prepare for surgery, know what to expect when youAfter knee or hip joint replacement surgery, you will often stand or begin walking the day of surgery. At first, you will walk with a walker. Physical therapy often begins just hours after surgery to help strengthen the muscles and help you regain motion in your new joint. Your physical therapist will also create a pain management plan for you. Most total knee joint replacement patients are able to be discharged the day after surgery.A: For more information about our practice and the joint replacement program at Bronson Battle Creek, visit or call (877) 704-3133.Torri Rhoades, BSN, RN Orthopedic Nurse Navigatorcoordinate your care andprimary contact throughout your joint replacement journey.Robotic-assisted TechnologyQHow do I know when I need to have my joint replaced?Barry Collins, DOQHow can I learn more about joint replacement surgery or see one of your physicians to find out if I am a candidate for joint replacement?QWhat actually happens before and after surgery? Will I experience a lotof pain?BRONSONOrthopedic SpecialistsThe physicians at Bronson Orthopedic Specialists perform joint replacement surgery using some of the most innovative techniques and technology, including minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery atPictured from left to right:Joseph Burkhardt, DO, Mark Russell, DO, Barry Collins, DO, and Daniel Garcia, MD.The physicians are accepting patients at all three locations: • 710 North Avenue,Bronson Battle Creek. They specialize in knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgery, as well as sports medicine and general orthopedic care.Battle Creek• 2 Heritage Oak Lane,Battle Creek• 212 Winston Drive,MarshallCall (877) 704-3133 to make an appointment.HEALTH & FITNESS I SCENE 4302 7

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