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FromEveryAnglepatients and their caregivers must travel out of town for their treatments. The closest Hope Lodge is in Grand Rapids, but Calhoun County residents sometimes are traveling as far as Texas for treat- ments. ACS helped to provide more than 340,000 rides (427 in Calhoun County) and nearly 500,000 nights of free lodging (130 for Calhoun County patients), saving patients and caregivers approximately $50 million in 2017.Finding cancer’s causes and cures. The American Cancer Societyis still the number one private funderof cancer research. Since 1946, ACShas invested more than $4.6 billion.Our research confirmed the connection between smoking and lung cancer, and has shed light on the cancer risk of other factors such as obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol, and red and processed meats. The work of the researchers has also helped lead to the use of life-saving thera- pies like Herceptin and Tamoxifen. ACS is currently investing in research to uncover strategies for more effective diagnosis, new treatments, new options for patients who do not respond to or become resis- tant to existing strategies, and more. It has a successful track record of identify- ing the brightest early-career investigators with the most promising ideas, acrossa wide range of disciplines – funding 47 researchers who went on to receive the Nobel Prize. In fact, the work of theseresearchers and ACS have contributed to a 26% drop in the overall cancer death rate in the United States, that’s nearly 2.4 million deaths averted. Currently in Mich- igan, ACS awarded 22 grants totaling almost $12 million in funding.Fighting cancer through public policy. Advocating for cancer patients and their caregivers with our legisla- tures is an essential piece of endingthe cancer burden. As ACS’s nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization,the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) educates the public, elected officials, and candidates about cancer’s toll on public health and encourages them to make cancer a national priority. They mobilize a large, powerful grassroots network of can-cer advocacy volunteers to make sure lawmakers are aware of cancer issues that matter to their constituents. With the help of these volunteers, ACS CAN campaigns have led to 25 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands with laws that require 100 percent smoke-free workplaces, in- cluding bars and restaurants, increased federal cancer research funding for the National Institutes of Health, as well as many other significant accomplishments. During the past two years, ACS CAN helped maintain or increase funding for breast and cervical cancer screening programs in 41 states.In Michigan, ACS CAN volunteers are working to get Oral Chemotherapy Fair- ness legislation passed. Currently whether a patient is taking chemo through an IV or in pill form determines how much of the bill is covered. Chemo taken in pill form is a lot less disruptive to a patient’s life, and often more effective. Volunteers are also working to include an additional $100,000 for the Michigan Tobacco Quit Line, which is only currently funded for 10 months.There is more day to day examplesof how dollars raised are helping those effected by cancer, they happen every day. That is why it is important that we are united in the mission to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. On October 20, at Mill Race Park in Downtown Battle Creek, hundreds of volunteers will gather forthe 9th Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Calhoun County. This non-competitive, fundraising walk helps support these programs and services for those effected by breast cancer. The vol- unteers organizing the walk hope to raise $50,000 this year. Please join us by going to tyMI and signing up a team (can be as big as one person to 101) and asking your group of family and friends to support you. It is impressive what communities like Calhoun County can accomplish working together. Cancer is hard, finding support shouldn’t be. ◆HEALTH ISSUE I SCENE 4309 7On October 20, at Mill Race Park in Downtown Battle Creek, hundreds of volunteers will gather for the 9th Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Calhoun County.

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