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learns to look for solutions rather than problems. The hopeful outlook that they function with is demonstrated in confidence in positive results or at the very least, learning from them.Be Persistent. Any person seeking to make changes will experience resistance. Know that challenges will come; steady yourself againstthe naysayer. When you’re knocked down, get back up. Realize that you’ve just discovered one more way that doesn’t work and that a different direction could be the solution. With tenacity, you will overcome the skeptic’s efforts, learn along the way, and realize that the most amazing discoveries happen right after you steeled yourself against giving up. Find something to be your stabilizing counter-point to your tipping point.Be Consistent in Word and Deed. Your voice is the quintessence of your leadership. Know what your truth is. Be willing to share it with others. Your decisions may not be popular with everyone but as you maintain consistency with your voice and actions you will also gain respect for your position. Be careful not to confuse respect with agreement however. Sharing your story will allow you to connect with others and ultimately gain energy when synergy is created with others.Be Ardent and Passionate. Embrace your passion and let it be known. It’s been said that passion is more valuable than talent. Passion builds fervor, excitement, enthusiasm, optimism,and advocates. Just as important, passion will help you to remain dedicated, persistent, and optimistic in the face of those that might question your actions. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way and allow the passion to shine.Be Confident. A strong sense of self helps you to exhibit confidence in what you do. When you believe and trust that you will have success or do something well, pathways to achieve your goals can become more evident. This becomes import- ant as we are bombarded with external messages unendingly. Not to mention that little voice of doubt that likes to taunt us regularly, or when stress mounts. Confidence in your convictions can create a much-needed fearlessness and empower others to seek to make a difference.Be Open to Change. Be willing to embrace change, not just for the sake of change but rather because it will lead to new advancements or a bet- ter and/or more reliable way of doing something.A true leader also learns from others and when necessary will change direction based on new information. Be willing to work with others in the face of change and seek to stabilize a new, pas- sionate trajectory. In other words, don’t just hang onto your position because it’s what you believed at one time, but rather, when you know better, be better.Be Authentic. Drop the expectations of others and create your own definition of you. Be theSUSAN B. ANTHONYperson that you want to be and not what others want you to be. This differs from being flexibleor being open to change. Rather, it’s because of knowing your authentic self that you can have a positive and lasting impact while still being able to work with others to create systemic change. It takes time to become the woman that you desire to be. In fact, even as your goals change, knowing your personal definition allows you to change gears with greater surety.Be Able to Seek Guidance and Receive Support. Women do not like feeling vulnerable.I doubt anyone does. Being willing to receive support from others makes us stronger. Their encouragement and help can keep us focused and/or to achieve our goals more quickly. People really do like helping others; it creates connections and bonds. Imagine how you feel when you help another. Why deny others the joy of helping you? Learn from others; find a like-minded mentor. When it becomes your turn, share your knowledge and support with others.No matter where your desires for leadership may take you, give it all you can, stay positive, and set up a true support system. Keeping these qualities in mind can help as you seek to become a woman of impact. Accepting the mantle of lead- ership is a choice; one that you are likely already interested in. The reality is that, together, we can make a difference.WOMEN IN BUSINESS I SCENE 4304 7

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