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Did You Know?BY KATHY BANFIELD SHAWSteve Casselman, Welding Instructor, RMTCDid you know that Kellogg Com- munity College’s RMTC (Regional Manufacturing Technology Center) was originally created in 1990 asa way to help localmanufacturing sites train their employees and train prospective new employees for certification or promotion? In 1990 Fort Custer Industrial Park did not have as many manufacturing companies as today so creating a training site was also used as a motivation to attract new employers such as Denso Manufacturing (then Nip- pondenso) which would, in turn, assist them in finding trained employees in the local area. I learned that from Steve Cas- selman, a welding instructor at RMTC. Steve’s job as instructor is not only training students but ensuring they are ready to move forward whether it’s trans- ferring to a four-year college or being ready to be employed after receiving their certification. I discovered there are many ways people can learn the different trades at RMTC. If you are already work- ing and are interested in further training, KCC’s RMTC can match you up with the right curriculum, and they are flexible in scheduling so you can continue working while training. If the student is in high school and wants to earn an associate de- gree in the trades, RMTC offers the Early College curriculum that allows students to earn an associate degree and theirhigh school degree at the same time. In addition, KCC and RMTC have a close269-965-2979www.shawcommunication.comT. R. Shaw Jr. Co-Founder / CEO / 269-209-5555 cell / Kathy Shaw Co-Founder / President / 269-209-9719 cell / KSBANFSH@gmail.com6 SCENE 4408 I BACK-TO-SCHOOLworking relationship with the Calhoun Area Career Center and offer second year technology students the opportunity to take classes at the RMTC facility while attending high He did so at Cornerstone Univer- sity. Then the opening came up at KCC’s RMTC in the fall of 2016 for a welding instructor and he jumped for it. “I would like to make an impact in students’ lives the way my instructors did for me when I was attending CACC,” Steve said.If this sounds as if Steve is a busy guy juggling students and an ever-changing technology world, you are right. “I love my job,” he says. “I attended CACCSteve is more than busy these days with his work at RMTC and his very active family. His wife, Christina works in HR and together they have three children; 15-year-old Bryce, 6-year-old Lauren, and 4-year-old Landon. “They all participate in sports, just like my wife and I did as kids,” Steve tells me. “Be- tween soccer, la cross, volley ball, and T-ball we’re out every night this week!” When he’s not ferrying kids he does like to play golf. “I’m an avid golfer.”and found welding. It changed my life.” Steve was an Athens High School junior when he first learned about welding. “Taking two pieces of metal and with electricity you can weld them together and make stuff,” Steve told me with a big smile. He followed in the footsteps of his welding instructor at CACC and attended Ferris State University where he received a bachelor’s degree in welding engineering (really...there is such a thing!) When he completed his degree and worked for a while, mainly in automotive manufacturing, he thought he should get a master’s degree in business so he’d have an idea of the businessSteve is a native Michigander and in- tends to stay that way. “I love the change of seasons,” he says. “I look forward to fall when the trees change and I get out- doors to hunt.” He tells me that his work has taken him to the east side of the state and to the southern states but he likes the community he finds right here at home. “It’s just big enough; it has everything you need.”The RMTC just celebrated 29 yearsin the community located at 405 Hill Brady Road in Fort Custer...right across the street from Denso Manufacturing. If you or someone you know is interestedin training for one of the trades we so urgently need these days call (269) 965- 4137 or drop by the newly remodeled facility. You can learn more about RMTC and the opportunities they offer on KCC’s website as well

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