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As Scene ByBY FREDERICK (RICK) DERUITERLes Nessman. Have you heard of him? He was a character on the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati. Before you ask... YES. I’ve seen every episode!Les was known for countless quibbles, awkward moments, and quirks – and I copied him anyway.Like Les, I shared an office with several people, and was desperate to have an office of my own. So, I got myself a roll of two-inch-wide masking tape, and laid it out on the floor (generously) around my chair and desk.“This is my office,” I declared, as I pointed to the rectangle of tape around my desk. “Please pretend to knock before entering.” That was over 35 years ago. Wow, it’s nearly impossible to believe it.Everyone with a “title” around here had an office... their, OWN office. As it happens, I was the “Art Director” (with a meaningless VP title), which put me in charge of the “Art Department.”Do you happen to know any artists – particularly graphic artists? Well, we’reBe Careful What You Wish Fora surly bunch. For some reason creative minds are quick to smile, easy to agitate, and a little bit short of patience when interrupted. Now, put as many as five such souls in a 16x20 room... Yeah, I wanted my own office!Graphics jobs don’t fall off trees – so, we haven’t had so many different artists – that I can’t count them all. But, I am guilty of not remembering all their names.I’d say it was about 25 years ago when we had a trio of personalities that was particularly difficult to keep from grab- bing at each other’s throats. In fact, I fired them all one day out of frustration. Then, my dad hired them all back again. That’s when I put up the divider! ME on one side – and the “irritants” on the other – it helped... some.Time moved along. Faces and person- alities came and went. The “wall” stayed up. It’d be about 15 years ago I’d guess when the “wall” finally came down. A new bunch of faces – younger faces – populated the Art Department. I’m not sure if I was just lucky that this bunch was so likeable, or if I was enjoying be- ing around people with a young person’s perspective. I agreed to rearrange the ArtDepartment. But, the “wish” for an office of my own still lingered.All the desks were – and still are – neatly aligned side by side. I sit at the desk in the farthest corner – the farthest from the fray.With the exception of a temporary personality or two – it has been just Matt (Matt Travis), and I the last few years. Matt has made my mornings more toler- able. Once settled at my desk... “Matt, I saw the greatest movie.” Or, “You’re not gonna believe what happened last night.” We had, just, plain, old, everyday conver- sations.Matt was barely out of college when he started here. He’s 40 now. His last day was January 8th. Our good-bye was short – mostly because I was embarrassed when I teared-up while I giving him a hug. So it’s just me now... four walls to myself... still sitting at the desk in the farthest corner of a great big room. Hm.I’ve been so busy these days that I hadn’t given it much thought at all. That is until I was cleaning out a drawer in a filing cabinet. Tucked way in the back, and under a pile papers... a very old, two-inch-wide, roll of masking tape. Be careful what you wish for.DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!Be a super sleuth... join the ongoing hunt for Rick DeRuiterPour through the pages of Scene this month and find theelusive DeRuiter. Warn your friends. Warn your neighbors. He’s in there somewhere, waiting for the one lucky detective to find him!LAST MONTH... Page 14 LAST MONTH’S WINNER... DONNA HAZELLOOK! - Now you can e-mail your detective work too! Include your name, daytime phone and what page you found him.OR on-line at... www.scenepub.comWHERECOULD HE BE?Have you found him in this issue?If yes, call Scene at 979-1410 ext. 307 to have your name entered in the drawing to receive A GIFT CERTIFICATE TO A LOCAL EATERY. You must make your discovery by May 4, 2018 and the winner will be announced in the next issue of Scene!WIN A VALUABLE PRIZE!4 SCENE 4304 I WOMEN IN BUSINESS

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