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As Scene ByBY FREDERICK (RICK) DERUITERI was up late by myself one night watching a movie – it was sad. I rested my tear-lined face in my open hands, and she watched me with a curious turn of her head. Thenshe walked over slowly, and laid her head against mine... I miss my dog.It was a secret – a secret present for my wife. Secrets are hard for kids. My son and daughter helped me pick out a very secret present. They promised not to say anything to their mom until her birthday. When my wife, Terri, came home I could here my children’s feet running across the floor to see her. “MOM! We didn’t get you a gift today,” my daughter yelled out. I miss having small children.When the kids were young – their mom worked nights. So the three of us shared a simple dinner, then we found something fun to do outside. Once settled in for the night you could probably find us nested in the family room. My son and I with our legs stretched under the coffee table, and our backs resting against the couch as we enjoyed our latest video game. MyMy Missesdaughter would be on the couch with her legs draped over my shoulders as she tamed my hair with combs and brushes and hairpins. Those days were not without troubles, but the Rockwell-like memory in my mind makes me miss simpler times.It was a whole Saturday. It was glori- ous. Gather twigs, rake leaves, trim the hedges, and mow the lawn. I went slow, and savored the crisp sunny day. My nap after felt like I melted into my bed. When I woke up my body couldn’t move at all. I actually don’t mind getting old... but my muscles miss being young.So, for no particular reason I can sum- mon... A Johnny Carson video turned up on my YouTube feed. So, I watched it. Buddy Hacket, Don Rickles, and Burt Reynolds were the guests. What a delight. It would have been perfect if Rodney Dangerfield was on the show too. Just the same... I miss the “Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.”I love finding change on the ground, and I always celebrate the moment. I actu- ally found a dollar the other day. I waved it at my wife like I’d won the lottery. The two of us exchanged stories about what a dollar could buy when we were young... I miss how far I could stretch a dollar.I read an article not too long ago. Itwas an article about the top five WORST CARS to own... EVER! I was incredibly tickled by the article – mostly because I owned three of those horrible cars during my life... I miss my bright yellow, 1974 Gremlin, and its manual transmission.Horrock’s is a wonderful place. But I still get that familiar lift in my step when I approach the doors of the parking lot entry. The pet supplies to the right, the familiar pathway past the candy counter, the intriguing rows of eyeglasses – then, a right turn towards the shoe department. I al- ways reached for the shoe-sizing machines. Wondered out loud about their weight, their simplicity and how wonderful it would be to own one. And of course, at least one ride on the escalators... I miss the old Sears.I thought of these “misses” during a day of hooky from work. My “errand” list had become too much to solve during the weekend... I needed the extra day. I wish I actually had more space to speak about all my “misses” – but I don’t. I smiled when I thought of this ending... a day away from the office... I didn’t miss it all!By the way, one of my errands was a secret birthday present for my wife. The kids are grown, so I went shopping alone... yeah, I missed them.DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!Be a super sleuth... join the ongoing hunt for Rick DeRuiterPour through the pages of Scene this month and find theelusive DeRuiter. Warn your friends. Warn your neighbors. He’s in there somewhere, waiting for the one lucky detective to find him!LAST MONTH... Page... 36 LAST MONTH’S WINNER... TERESA BYRDLOOK! - Now you can e-mail your detective work too! Include your name, daytime phone and what page you found him.OR on-line at... www.scenepub.comWHERECOULD HE BE?Have you found him in this issue?If yes, call Scene at 979-1410 ext. 307 or email to have your name entered in the drawing to receive A GIFT CERTIFICATE TO A LOCAL EATERY. You must make your discovery by December 5, 2018 and the winner will be announced in the next issue of Scene!WIN A VALUABLE PRIZE!4 SCENE 4311 I CHARITABLE ISSUE

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