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As Scene ByBY FREDERICK (RICK) DERUITERGenerally, heck, pretty darn near all the time... my wife, Terri, and I don’t agree. It does not go unnoticed – we are both com- pletely aware of it. In fact over theyears we’ve kind of made a game of it. Whenever we disagree, one of us will say “Black.” Then the other will chime in... “White!” We get a good laugh out of it. Our kids? Well, theythink we’re crazy.Have you ever heard the phrase,“Great minds think alike?” It’s a really common phrase – in case you haven’t heard it – people say it all the time. Someone said it to me just the other day, after the two of us came up with a similar idea.My father has never thought much of the phrase. Quite some time ago during my teenage years – I said to Dad – “Great minds think alike.” He countered with, “When two minds think alike, then one of them isn’t needed.”WOW, that caught me off guard. But it’s great news for Terri and I!Speaking Of...Speaking of black and white – has anybody else noticed that there are a lot more skunks? I’m telling you that just about everyday in one corner or another of my tiny world – I smell skunk. It’s a smell that no one ever gets used to. So either there is one skunk with a VERY large territory... or those little ground-hugging waddlers have been very busy!Speaking of smell – when I quit smoking several years ago my sniffer kicked up a notch. It was kind of nice smelling the nuances in our garden. So after 35 years of being a pet owner, it’s been about two months of life without a pet. Seems my sniffer has kicked up a notch again. I don’t mind it – but now I can tell if folks have a pet living in their home. I had no idea at all that I was immune to pet smells!Speaking of no idea – I have no idea why gas stations need so much informa- tion before letting me fill up my tank. I’ll slip my credit card in the pump and the interrogation begins... First, lets assume you don’t have to swipe your card TWICE! Okay, now lets begin... “Credit or Debit?” “Would you like a car wash?” “Would you like a receipt?”And my favorite... “Please enter your zip code.” And since the paint has faded from the TINY numbers on the keypad... now I have to remember to bring my reading glasses! Oops, missed a step... “Lift the pump and choose your grade.”Speaking of TINY – I’ve forgotten how little newborn babies are. My first grandchild has arrived, and I was afraid to hold her for two months. My wife was brilliant with her of course – and I kept thinking... “WHY CAN’T SHE HOLD HER HEAD UP?”Speaking of forgotten – when Terri and I moved to our new home late last summer, I was ELATED about never having to maintain a pool again! I think we’ve forgotten our elation. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not... this has been a VERY hot summer. And our promise of weekly trips to the beach has not been realized. And now we have a grandchild. And now we don’t have a dog that runs around the pool barking at swimmers. And now... Terri would like a pool. “Rick, don’t you agree that we should get a pool?”I said yes slowly... because I was thinking... “Black.”DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!Be a super sleuth... join the ongoing hunt for Rick DeRuiterPour through the pages of Scene this month and find theelusive DeRuiter. Warn your friends. Warn your neighbors. He’s in there somewhere, waiting for the one lucky detective to find him!LAST MONTH... Page 24 LAST MONTH’S WINNER... CINDI CULPLOOK! - Now you can e-mail your detective work too! Include your name, daytime phone and what page you found him.OR on-line at... www.scenepub.comWHERECOULD HE BE?Have you found him in this issue?If yes, call Scene at 979-1410 ext. 307 to have your name entered in the drawing to receive A GIFT CERTIFICATE TO A LOCAL EATERY. You must make your discovery by October 5, 2018 and the winner will be announced in the next issue of Scene!WIN A VALUABLE PRIZE!4 SCENE 4309 I HEALTH ISSUE

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