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As Scene ByBY FREDERICK (RICK) DERUITER, PUBLISHERthought she would give me a heads up just in case it made my morning commute a little easier. Well, I’m getting aheadof myself already... so we’ll get back to Cyd’s message in a moment.Swell. It may be catching on!Today will be a very busy day, and I’m up a little earlier than usual. Of courseI wanted to be sure to wish my wife a Happy Birthday before she went to work. I also wanted to get some stain on a rock- ing chair I’m refinishing. I also wantedto get to the florist to buy flowers for my wife’s birthday. I also wanted to deliver the flowers to her at work. AND I wanted to get myself to work on time. Oh boy.“Hi. How are you this morning? CanI help you?” This was the greeting from the pleasant face behind the desk. After buzzing me into the office, I could tell the pleasant face was bracing herself for what was probably going to be a problem she had to solve. “Oh, I’m swell. Thanks.” She smiled, and relaxed while I explained that I’d like to deliver flowers to my wife for her birthday.“The bridge is open!” I was wait-ing at a traffic light when the message chimed in. So, I glanced over at my phone perched in the middle console of my truck. I bet plenty of you were charting new routes to your destinations this sum- mer. It seemed that there was construction of some kind or another on every major thoroughfare in our fine city.“Hi. How are you this morning?” This was the greeting from the friendly face at the florist. “Swell,” I said.Swell. It opens doors!The bridge crossing over I-94 at the intersection of Beckley Road and Capital Avenue was my favorite. I had been really enjoying the smaller volume of traffic on my way to and from work. After reading the message, I could feel my face squint with disappointment, and thought... “Well, that’s just swell.”Swell. It’s my favorite response to a greeting.I had an unusual exchange at the credit union the other day. The teller was taking a moment to gather her surroundings after wishing her last customer (or “member” as they refer to it) a good day.Swell. It can even be sarcastic. You still smiled though!It’s not used much these days, and probably the reason I enjoy saying it.She looked my way, and waived me toward her. “Sorry for your wait. How4 SCENE 4411 I CHARITABLE ISSUEMy phone rings its familiar chime for a text message... I’d spell out the sound... but that’s impossible.When I say it – which is almost always – the recipient always smiles. Not the “polite smile” you might get from someone who’s heard “Fine, thank you,” for the 100th time – it’s a real smile. I like it. Sometimes when I’m extra chipper, I’ll say “Dandy.”I get the real smile for that, too.are you today?” “Oh, I’m swell. Thanks.” I got the smile I expected, but I also gota bit of a pause and a twisted look. I just had to ask about the reason for her pause. She motioned towards another teller a couple windows over, “He says swell all the time, and I’m always trying to think of what to say back to him.” I had an answer for her... “Tell him you’re dandy.” And“The bridge is open!” My co-worker, Cyd,I’ve admitted before that I enjoy tradition, and appreciate polite, clever, well-mannered conversation during a brief encounter. Dare I say it – I always feel swell afterwards. So here’s a tip of my hat to Beaver Cleaver.I got another smile, with a nod of agreement.“Swell, thanks.”DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!Be a super sleuth... join the ongoing hunt for Rick DeRuiterPour through the pages of Scene this month and find theelusive DeRuiter. Warn your friends. Warn your neighbors. He’s in there somewhere, waiting for the one lucky detective to find him!LAST MONTH... Page... 5 LAST MONTH’S WINNER... MARILYN MOONLOOK! - Now you can e-mail your detective work too! Include your name, daytime phone and what page you found him.OR on-line at... www.scenepub.comWHERECOULD HE BE?Have you found him in this issue?If yes, call Scene at 979-1410 ext. 307 or email to have your name entered in the drawing to receive A GIFT CERTIFICATE TO A LOCAL EATERY. You must make your discovery by December 5, 2019 and the winner will be announced in the next issue of Scene!WIN A VALUABLE PRIZE!

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