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CalCo Admin UpdateBY KELLI SCOTT, Co. Admn./ControllerOne of the only county Veteran Af- fairs office to do so, Calhoun Coun- ty’s Veteran Affairs office offers two scholarships to County Veterans: One at Western Mich-igan University and one at Kellogg Community College. These scholarships provide Veterans who wish to complete a degree some relief from the obstacles that make higher education challenging. The scholarships, however, contribute to the overall mission of the office.Through the Calhoun County Veter- ans Affairs office, Veterans receive as- sistance in the application process for benefits, including disability compen- sation, Veteran and survivor pensions, burial and memorial benefits, and more. The office understands how complicated some of these processes can be, and itUpdate for Octoberhas helped Veterans in recovering mili- tary records, referring individuals to lo- cal social service organizations or gov- ernment agencies, and providing relief through the Calhoun County Veterans Relief program.Visit the website to learn more about the two scholarships for Veterans and about all of the services this office provides at government/veterans_affairs.In other County news, the HealthDepartment budget was approved at the September 20 Board of Commissioners meeting. The Health Department oper- ates on the state’s fiscal year due to its use of state funding, while the remainder of the County uses a calendar fiscal year. The approval of the Health Department budget is one step in the completion of the County’s overall 2019 budget pro- cess. Department budget proposals were submitted in September, and budget hearings will take place this month.Also from the Health Department, we learned that PFAS levels throughout the County were mostly undetected. In three instances where PFAS was detected, it was far below the EPA health advisory levels. At the September Board of Health meeting, we were also glad to hear that the Nurse-Family Partnership program has a 100 percent caseload, which meets and exceeds the state goal.Unfortunately, due to labor disputes between heavy equipment operators and the MITA, multiple Calhoun County road projects were delayed through the end of September. Bridge projects pro- gressed due to a change in contractors, but other projects were on hold until that conflict was resolved. We are now happy to report that construction projects re- sumed at the beginning of October with extreme focus on completion before the weather prohibits continuation. The Road Department also continues its own road projects and ongoing road mainte- nance. At the September County depart- ment head meeting, Director of Opera- tions Kori Albrecht reported that chip and fog seal operations and gravel road maintenance were completed for the year. Before the season wraps up, Kori anticipates residents will notice ongoing mowing, crack sealing, tree projects, and snow-plow preparations. It’s that time of year!Before the snow flies, though, we are in friendly competition with the City of Battle Creek for who will have the highest percentage of employee partici- pation in United Way pledges or dona- tions. Board of Commissioners Chair Derek King and Sheriff Matt Saxton are helping us increase excitement through Cookouts and great prizes. I think we have a good chance.thank you703 Capital Ave., SW, Battle Creek • 269-962-5191JOSEPH U. STASA • THOMAS C. COLEMAN • PAULA S. COLEMAN • DENNY P. SEIVERTveterans36 SCENE 4310 I VETERANS ISSUE

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