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Nutrition SceneBY BRIANNESSELIn my email I noted how I was evaluat- ing my records, and how I was finding a direct correlation between women who had three specific abnormalities – 1) Gut disorders, 2) Difficulty losing weight, and 3) a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or EndometriosisLet me put the above into layman’s terms. As a kid you swallowed medi- cine. That medicine messed up your gut bacteria, and let some nasty bacteria take over. That bad bacteria went into your small intestine and escaped into your gut. Once there, the bacteria looked for• Get on a GOOD probiotic that contains a minimum of 50 BILLION units.– and I wondered if he had any infor- mation on any connection these three issues may have, as well as the causation of these issues. With his help, we began a two-year study in my office, reaching over 1,800 women. And our hypothesis and research may be very helpful to you, and your children.• Avoid Dairy – it causes mucus produc- tion, which negatively affects nutrient absorption, and causes the villa in our small intestine to stretch out, possibly being the escape route for the bad bacteria into our gut.Through interviewing and treatingthe subjects of our study, we found thata vast majority of these women had repeated illnesses as children - ear in- fections, bronchitis, tonsillitis, etc., that necessitated the use of antibiotics, often multiple times. From there, before pu- berty, gut issues began after most meals – bloating, upset stomach, diarrhea, con- stipation. When puberty began, menstru- al cycles were unpredictable, cramping and bleeding seemed excessive, and emotional/hormonal fluctuations seemed intense. After puberty, in nearly 90% of our patients, intense weight gain began, along with changes in hunger and crav- ings. 73% of our patients were diagnosed• Cook fibrous food to DEATH before eating for at least a couple months. Steam your broccoli until it’s nearly mush. Fiber can irritate our digestive lining, causing inflammation, and fiber often feeds bad bacteria.In 2017 I reached out to Professor Garth Cooper of the Uni- versity of Aukland in New Zealand, who is acclaimed for his research into metabolic diseases.with insulin resistance, along with a list of other metabolic issues. Our theory, which is also becoming the theory of many experts in the field, is that all of these things are the result of dysbiosis of gut microbiota, or Leaky Gut Syndrome.Solving Leaky Gut Syndrome in WomenOver the past two years we’ve devel- oped a protocol that greatly improves weight loss, minimizes menstrual issues, diminishes many (if not most) symptoms of PCOS, as well as decreases (or elim- inates) stomach and gut issues. The key elements are the following:a host, so it found your ovaries or your uterine walls, and all hell broke loose, causing PCOS or endometriosis. Once your ovaries were attacked, they tried to protect themselves by building a wall – but ovaries aren’t good at that, so they end up creating cysts, or thicker ovarian walls, which make estrogen production a lot more tricky. When your estrogen fluctuates, your periods fluctuate, and so does your mood, your cramps, and your blood loss. Also, when your estrogen goes low, your body tries to compensate by making more estrogen, and outside of your ovaries, your fat cells can make estrogen. Problem is, you need more fat to make more estrogen, which is where your insulin comes into play. When your body becomes insulin resistant, that insulin can be utilized by your body as• Avoid sugar like it’s the plague. Sugar feeds bad bacteria, increases inflam- mation, and calls for all that insulin to cause you problems.a fat producing hormone. Remember, more fat, more estrogen. Insulin resis- tance also causes a person to crave more carbohydrates – and the more carbs you eat, the more insulin you call for... and you create the vicious cycle resulting in weight gain and the seeming inability to lose weight.If you are looking for more infor- mation on this subject, here are a great group of links that may help:• https://www.amymyersmd. com/2017/11/antibiotics-wreak-hav- oc-gut/• ness-association/2017/6/27/vc3645h- fhn1gpjns5kbgrix0zon58k• https://pdfs.semanticscholar. org/742c/50580be75b0126ecb3066f- 799568ba3de0b3.pdf• articles/PMC5725362/And, at my office, we offer com- pletely free consultations to all women with PCOS or Endometriosis, with absolutely no obligation. Call us at (269) 282-0491.• EXERCISE! If we are going to fight insulin resistance, there’s no better way than by good, hard exercise at least four times a week, for at least 30 jam-packed minutes.QUALITY SERVICE FOR OVER 60 YEARSFAST EXPERT INSTALLATIONFREE ESTIMATESRESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIALLocated in Urbandaleat 1338 W. Michigan,Battle Creek, MIHours: Tue-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm /Mon 8:30am-7:00pm & Sat 9:00am-1:00pmEQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER28 SCENE 4409 I HEALTH ISSUE269-962-8779 www.battlecreektile.comU.L.A.B.A. MEMBER

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