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Local InterestBY DALE GEMINDER, Executive DirectorArts & CultureYohei Okuma – “Japanese Culture Show”AccessVision 2018 Volunteer Recognition AwardsAccessVision. This past year Johnny has covered many Veterans’ events, along with Battle Creek Alternative High School graduation and a presentation by Al Bobrofsky regarding his collection of Lincoln memorabilia.Johnny said, “The most enjoyable experience of my videos for me will always be the satisfaction that people were enlightened and if I don’t make them, who will?”InformationalSherii Sherban – “Be Scene On Air”Sherii began producing and hosting “Be Scene On Air” in August of 2010. Since then she has completed over 330 programs, including 42 this past year alone. Her informational talk show has informed the community on everything from health and wellness for senior citizens to county roads while delighting the viewers with her fun, easy going personality. “Be Scene On Air” is “live” on Mondays at noon and airs again Tuesday evenings at 8pm.Sherii Sherban says, “It is a pleasure to bring local information to the community every week. Because of “Be Scene On Air,” the community has another resource to learn about area programs, places to volunteer, projects to donate to, and fun new ways to get involved.”EntertainmentMax Cruise – “Max’s Movie Reviews”Max graduated from Lakeview High School in 2017, where he had taken video production classes since his junior year. As part of the school video team, Max created a movie review for the Lakeview Channel 101. By his senior year he began to develop a style for his segments. With a blend of chromakey,Yohei began working with his 4th grade class at Westlake in the fall of 2016 to create a weekly news program. After the school year he took additional classes at AccessVision to become more proficient in video production.During the summer, Yohei had the idea to create a show that celebrates the culture and lifestyle of Japan from a kid’s perspective.“When I came to America three years ago, I was like Columbus that found a new world. Even though I was excited to arrive in the new place I could call ‘home,’ I wasn’t able to speak English at all. Over time I learned to speak basic English, but hadn’t forgot the feeling I had years ago. So I wanted to make a show about life in Japan. This show is not just for entertainment. It’s for people who might go to Japan. I don’t want them to be like me. I didn’t know anything about American Culture before coming to America and got frustrated,” said Yohei.Community EventsJohnny Cashmovie clips and humor his segment became a hit with his fellow students.After graduation, Max wanted to continue what he had started two years earlier, so he came down to AccessVision and took video classes. He has been on a roll ever since. Each show gets bigger and more creative, with Max playing multiple characters to compliment the episode’s narrative.Max says, “I do my show because it’s really fun. I’m very glad to be making something so creative and fun.”Political AwarenessTanas Geleff & Hal Longman – “Calhoun County Tea Party Patriots”Hal and Tanas turned in their first “Calhoun County Tea Party Patriots” program in April of this year. They have worked diligently recording and editing every monthly Calhoun County Tea Party meeting since then.Hal said, “The country my grandparents left to my generation was so much greater than the country my generation is leaving to our grandchildren that I am fighting as hard as I can to inform them that a free society offers individual liberty; a government run society offers indentured servitude.”Johnny cares deeply about the City of Battle Creek and its residents. When asked, he has stepped up to the plate and recorded community events to air on28 SCENE 4302 I HEALTH & FITNESS

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