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BY DR. JOSEPH BURKHARDT, Bronson Orthopedic SpecialistsPatient’s Story...Bronson Orthopedic Specialists PhysiciansHealth SceneRobotic-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgerysisted total knee joint replacement using the NAVIO Surgical System. Considered a pioneer in the use of robotic-assisted technology in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Burkhardt trains surgeons worldwide to use the innovative tool.Unlike other robotic-assisted plat- forms, the technology used by myself and fellow surgeons at Bronson Ortho- pedic Specialists in Battle Creek and Marshall does not require a CT-scan prior to surgery. Instead, using a system called NAVIO, we are able to collect pa- tient-specific data during the procedure to build a 3D model of the patient’s knee. We use this data to position the handheld robotic tool to make precise incisions. This extra layer of accuracy is designed to allow for optimal implant placement, help improve the longevity of the im- plant, and make the feel and function of the knee more natural.You can feel confident that you will receive exceptional care at Bronson Bat- tle Creek. It is the most preferred hos- pital for orthopedics in Calhoun County, and was awarded an ‘A’ Hospital Safety GradeTM (Fall 2018) from The Leapfrog Group, making it one of the safest hospi- tals in the country.Each day, I meet new patients who are not able to enjoy even simple daily activities because of knee pain. They’ve tried non-surgical treatments, but with little relief. Often, knee replacement sur- gery is the answer to providing the relief patients need to get back to enjoying an active life.I have been using the robotic-assist- ed technology for more than five years. Just over two years ago, I performed the first robotic-assisted total knee replace- ment in Michigan. I knew the technol- ogy had great promise for our patients, and that promise has proven true. What makes robotic-assisted knee surgery such a great tool is that it enhances theI’ve performed more than 1,000 knee replacements using the robotic-assisted technology. One of the most rewarding moments for me is during a patient’s follow-up visit. To see someone smil- ing because they are back out playing golf, shopping or simply going out to dinner without pain is confirmation that this technology is helping us to improve lives.Bronson Battle Creek Hospital has also earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Core Hip and Knee Replacement which demon- strates the organization’s commitment to a higher standard of clinical service.What are the Benefits of Robotic-assistance?Make an Appointment TodayJoseph Burkhardt, DO, is a physician at Bronson Ortho- pedic Specialists. Dr. Burkhardt was one of the first or- thopedic surgeons in the world to per- form a robotic-as-consistency of what the human hand can do alone. It helps to customize surgery for each patient to achieve the best pos- sible outcome.replacement surgery. We have a great team that helps patients through their overall experience. For example, if you are a candidate for robotic-assisted par- tial or total knee replacement surgery, our team will create a plan tailored just for you. In addition to your surgeon, our orthopedic nurse navigator will help you through your joint replacement journey. She not only helps you prepare for surgery, but also guides you on mak- ing the transition back home.Knee Replacement Surgery at Bronson Battle Creek HospitalIf you’re ready to live a life without the burden of knee pain, please make an appointment at any of our three office locations, two in Battle Creek and one in Marshall, by calling (877) 704-3133. Same day appointments are available if you have a concern about any bone or joint condition.The surgeons at Bronson Ortho- pedic Specialists are all trained in ro- botic-assisted partial and total kneeKatrina loves to ride horses. When she began experiencing pain in her knee, especially while riding, she scheduled an appointment with Dr. Joseph Burkhardt of Bronson Orthopedic Specialists. After a thorough examination, Dr. Burkhardt recommended Katrina undergo a total knee joint replacement using robotic-as- sisted technology.(Left to Right): Joseph Burkhardt, DO; Mark Russell, DO; Barry Collins, DO; Daniel Garcia, MD; and Phillip Dab- rowski, DO. As part of the region’s leading orthopedic and sports medicine program, this team specializes in knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgery, as well as sports medicine and general orthopedic care.Following a successful surgery, Ka- trina attended physical therapy and ex- ercised daily. She was back on her horse just eight weeks after surgery. “The whole experience at Bronson Battle Creek was wonderful,” she said.26 SCENE 4403 I EDUCATION ISSUE

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