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Local InterestBY TRACIE TOMAKThe Law Of- fice of Tomak and Podolsky, PLLC, prides itself on be- ing “A different kind of law firm.” We are frequently asked by potential clients what wemean by different. The clients that hire us tell us that we are in fact different.How We Began:The law office literally began in a small basement office of Tracie Tomak’s mother’s home. Tracie passed the Mich- igan Bar Exam and ordered some busi- ness cards. Within two months, she could not keep up with the number of clients being served from a residential location. She next rented space from an attorney in Marshall, and within four months, she could no longer accommo- date her number of clients. Tracie rent- ed space from a Battle Creek attorney and was barely keeping up when she met new attorney, Kellie Podolsky. The two attorneys rented a large six-office suite and later merged to form Tomak and Podolsky, PLLC. They purchased their current office at 601 South Shore Drive in 2014, the same year Attorney Kimberly Wickham joined the firm. The rush to keep up with client demand hasOur Motivation is to Help Younever slowed. They continue to grow to provide excellent legal services in the following areas of law:• Criminal Defense (Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Felony)• Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Child Support)• Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney)• Decedent Estates – Probate litigation • Property (Quit Claim Deeds, LandContracts, Rental Agreements) • Business (LLC formation)• Abuse and Neglect• Driver’s License RestorationThe Law Office of Tomak and Podolsky, PLLC DifferenceWhen you walk in the door for the first time, you will find an entire team who knows your name, understands your case, and who works together to help you with the legal issue you are facing. The team is a collaborative, working tirelessly to creatively find the best outcome for you. We believe in finding the most amiable approach in the most cost-effective manner possi- ble. But we are also ready to fight. Our attorney’s are all litigators. We are in every courtroom of the Calhoun County Justice Center on a daily basis. We will fight for YOU. But first, we will fightto find a resolution that is both right and amiable. We believe that the legal system is stressful for any litigant re- gardless of the type of legal matter you have. Sometimes, tough litigation is the only option. However, many times it is never necessary! Our office will find every reasonable way to resolve your legal issues outside of litigation FIRST, because that is the right thing to do for our clients. We will work tirelessly to resolve matters, as a team, so that our clients are successful without needless- ly adding unnecessary stress to the case. Why would we do this? Don’t lawyers make more money the more that we fight? We sure can. That just isn’t our motivation. Our motivation is to help YOU. And that is the difference.At Tomak and Podolsky, PLLC, our concern is YOU. Our focus is solving your legal problems in the best manner for YOU. If we believe your needs can be better addressed somewhere else we will put you in the right hands. We will always do what is best for YOU.We are the type of attorneys who are breaking the mold. We are your advo- cate, counselor, and friend. Your trust will not be misplaced at Tomak and Podolsky, PLLC; we guard it as our own. Call for a consultation and find out the difference for yourself today. It is about YOU.The Law Office of TOMAK AND PODOLSKY, PLLCIt’s About YouWhen you need legal help, you deserve a Law Firm that will work for you. We are a different kind of law firm. Call us today and find out the difference for yourself.DISTRICT COURT: Criminal Defense; Landlord-Tenant; Civil ClaimsCIRCUIT COURT: Felony Criminal Defense; Family Law (Divorce and Custody); Abuse/NeglectPROBATE COURT: Wills/Trusts/Powers of Attorney; Decedent Estates; Guardianship; and Conservatorship601 S. Shore Dr. #329, Battle Creek 49014 • • (269) 965-3185 • Find us on facebook!26 SCENE 4307 I ANNUAL REPORT CARD

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