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Local InterestServing Greater Battle Creek Area Since 1923Recently, it became apparent to Battle Creek Memorial Park Association (BCM- PA) that emerging family needs presented another opportunity to serve the commu- nity again.John Rodgers, the general manager of Battle Creek Memorial Park Association told us, “We found that families wereoften in difficult positions for spend downs through the Medicaid process and needed peace of mind that their final arrangement investments were going to be protected by a trusted organization. So, seeing the need, we partnered with one of the largest na- tional pre-need insurance organizations to be able to offer state licensed pre-need in- surance. We wanted to be able to offer our patrons the same peace of mind they have received for almost a hundred years worth of their interactions with our organization. For this reason it was important to us to make sure the organization we chose was AAA rated and had the same long standing history of service and security that we had. NGL has been serving families consistent- ly for 106 years! We have also partnered with a highly regarded funeral home recog- nized for their attentive service to families enabling us the ability to provide complete funeral services and burial for our pre-need insurance that includes guaranteed pricing for the families and individuals of Battle Creek and the greater area.It’s an extensive guide that will assist each family through the process that establishes the wants and desires for final arrange- ments including all the important and personal details.also allows us to continue to implement additional services, features and beatifica- tions that benefit ongoing generations. A great example of that is our recent chapel renovation that was completed in order to accommodate full funeral services.Now, families can avoid the financial worries that come from paying for the funeral. Through our unique partner- ship with trusted leaders in the business our new pre-payment insurance allows families to lock in the current prices so that they can avoid price increases in the future. This method of funeral planning means that your family can keep more of the estate after the funeral is done.Families only have one chance to cre- ate a memorable day for funeral attendees. This event is designed to show your love and support of the deceased. Family and friends will gather to share their memories and find closure in their grief. So, it is essential that you have the trusted services that are available from an experienced leader in the memorial industry for years.I think another really important fact to note is that in many of our conversations with folks from the area we were astound- ed to find that many were not aware that we are the only non-profit organization that offers complete final arrangements including a full line of monuments and markers. Every penny that individuals and families spend with us is infused back into our operations and is used to continue to maintain this sacred final resting place. ItOur company has been providing fam- ilies with final resting plans and support services for nearly 100 years. Now, we can also offer traditional funerals and support the family’s goals for cremation or any other type of memorial.Whether families need assistance with pre-planning or immediate funeral, crema- tion or burial services, BCMPA is here to assist, providing the caring services that families need every step of the way.There are a lot of factors that impact a family’s decisions when choosing an organization for their funeral and burial services. We feel it is important to lean on the experience of a trusted team so families can turn their focus to the needs of their family while our counselors and staff handle all of the details.How do you want to be remembered?Pre-planning your final arrangements now ensures your wishes are carried out and protects your family from financial burden and stress during a difficult time.Ask one of our licensed family service counselors how you can obtain your free personalized planning guide to assist you with these important final arrangements.There’s no better time than today!We understand how challenging it can be to plan a funeral and final resting place for someone that you love. So, our family service counselors and staff at BCMPA are here to offer the respect and care that families need during this experience.We have established a strong team to make sure each individual and family has the opportunity to experience a person- alized, caring support team. We have no interest in offering cookie-cutter funeral services for every family. Instead, our goal is to listen to the needs of those we serve and cater the funeral plan to match their goals. We care about each family and want to give them a beautiful, memorable experience when they are saying goodbye to someone that they love. That’s one of the reasons we developed our Planning Guide that we offer to families for free.BRITINA EDGELL Family Service Counselor britina@bcmemorialpark.orgSHANNON HOSKINS Family Service Counselor shannon@bcmemorialpark.orgJOHN M. RODGERS General Manager director@bcmemorialpark.org2435 W. Territorial Rd., Battle Creek, MI • 269-963-7577 • fx 269-963-7591 Guidance and Peace of Mind.Providing You and Your Loved OnesANNUAL REPORT I SCENE 4407 25

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