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Business PerspectivesBY KARA BEER, PRESIDENTTry an act of kindness.Being kind has a significant effect on well-being and happiness. Make your impact. Choose kindness right now.No act of kind- ness, no matter how small is ever wasted. For some, 2018 was filled with strong victories and new opportunities. For oth- er, tough losses, disappointment, and anunknown next.I encourage each and every one of youto share a handwritten letter of appreci- ation and gratitude to those in your net- work. A handwritten note could brighten their day, week or even year with a spe- cial note of kindness. Why should we do it? Because kindness still counts.Kindness, is one of the most underrated traits in the world. We focus so much on material things and attention, but forget that it is kindness that brings us a fulfillment that warms our soul. If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that.How will you impact someone’s life today? Try an act of kindness.Here is some simple list of things you could try:• In an era where everyone has tech- nology, why not text someone to say you’re grateful for them• Compliment someone on social media• Reach out to someone and ask them how they’re doing, be a genuine friend.When choosing kindness, positive side effects may occur liked increased optimism, reduced stress, lowered anxi- ety, tendency to change the world. Being kind has a significant effect on well-be- ing and happiness. In fact, even witness- ing a kind act can improve your day.Kindness transcends difference, is universally recognized, and is available to everyone. Make your impact. Choose kindness right now.ALYSSA DERUITER STYLIST 2545 Capital Ave., SW, Battle Creek, MI 49015 269-565-1134 | fx 269-441-2117Gift Certificates, Gift Packages & AVEDA Products Available• Over 300 Booths on Two Floors• Stairs and Elevator to Second Floor• Limited Dealer Space Available• Brown’s Clock Repair9247 West Chicago Road, Allen, Michigan 517-869-2888 / allenantiquebarn@hotmail.comwww.allenantiquebarn.comHours: 10:00-5:00 – 7 DaysOWNER: BRYCE McCOWANQUALITY SERVICE FOR OVER 60 YEARSFAST EXPERT INSTALLATIONFREE ESTIMATESRESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIALLocated in Urbandaleat 1338 W. Michigan,Battle Creek, MIHours: Tue-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm /Mon 8:30am-7:00pm & Sat 9:00am-1:00pmEQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER269-962-8779 www.battlecreektile.comU.L.A.B.A. MEMBERMICHAEL E. DOWNING REALTOR• ASSOCIATE BROKER • HALL OF FAME AWARD WINNER• 43 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE • OVER 2,900 CLOSED TRANSACTIONS • RECIPIENT OF THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD• MEMBER OF THE RE/MAX 100% CLUB FROM 1983 thru 2008, 2010-2017Main Office: 269-968-6101 269-441-5564 • Fax 269-441-5235 H 269-963-2433 • C e-mail: DowningMik@aol.comRE/MAX Perrett Assoc.Inc.,317 E. Columbia Ave., Battle Creek, MI 490158 TIME PLATINUM AWARD WINNERCHARITABLE ISSUE I SCENE 4311 25

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