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Our HealthBY SHERII SHERBANMiles for Memories offers three differ- ent programs to help the person with de- mentia return home safely with less anxi- ety and worry.The Personal I.D. Bracelet is to be worn by the person with dementia. It pro- vides support for the person beginning with the earlier stages of dementia to con- tinue to be active. If seen walking alone by someone in the community they should call 9-1-1 so that emergency services can respond. Emergency responders can access the information within five seconds.The Senior I.D. Program is a resource for the caregiver that can be edited from a home computer or the app on your phone. It includes similar emergency information but also adds details that can be critical for law enforcement including a video of the loved one talking, fingerprints, as well as a photo.The Help Home Program allows fam- ily members (or other authorized persons) to submit a form containing pertinent in- formation about the person living with de- mentia directly to law enforcement. ThisCreating Peace of Mindinformation is entered into a local database managed by the Calhoun County Consoli- dated Dispatch Authority 911 center. This database is immediately accessible to pa- trol units in the field and allows them to do a simple name inquiry and receive perti- nent medical information, current place of residence, as well as contact information for those who wish to be contacted in the event of an emergency. Interested family members can go directly to the website at formemories/pdf/helphomeform.pdf to download the registration form and submit it directly to Calhoun County Dispatch as well.No matter where someone might enter the program, the other resources will be made available.You can take steps for greater peace of mind by reserving a spot for your loved one on April 5 at the Marshall Health Fair. Call Connie at (269) 979-1412, Ext. 305. The cost for the bracelet is $10. Scholar- ships are available for those in need.It takes just 15 minutes to register yourThe Help Home programloved one in the program when you bring your completed form. Pick one up at Cal- houn County Senior Services or download from the website. Your loved will be fitted for their very own waterproof, bracelet. As part of the Senior I.D. they will also com- plete a video and fingerprints.The caregiver will head home with greater peace of mind knowing that if their loved one is lost, steps have been taken to find and return them as quickly as possible, without an unnecessary trip to the hospital. The caregiver will also receive a flash drive with the information added and/or a new app on their phone. Loved ones can then update or change information from their home computer or their phone.For more information on the bracelet and how to obtain one you can contact Miles for Memories at (269) 979-1412 ext. 305 or email for Memories is an all-volunteer organization operating as a community project fund through the Battle Creek Community Foundation. Follow them on Facebook at Miles for Memories or go to the website at’ve read about it, seen it on TV, heard about it from friends...Your loved one has wandered off and you’re scared for them.When you register a person with the Help Home program they can be identified visually, by phone number, by address, or even by name. With the emergency contact information provided, authorities can bring them backhome without an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. Take the time to register your loved one today and feel the reliefof knowing that you are giving emergency services one more tool to return them to you.AND ...recovery bracelets are available for registered individuals!The Help Home program is maintained by the Calhoun County Dispatch Authority.The information is immediately accessible to emergency responders when you call 9-1-1.To register contact them at (269) 781-9701 a voluntary programwhereby a person with dementia or their loved one,can register emergency information with theCalhoun County Dispatch Authority in order to be returned home quickly and safely if lost.HEALTH & FITNESS I SCENE 4302 25

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