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Local InterestLegislation requires municipalities to release to the public a variety of infor- mation about Michigan tax increment finance authorities.Battle Creek has four of these – the Battle Creek Tax Increment Financing Authority, the Downtown Development Authority, the Lakeview Downtown Development Authority, and the Local Development Financing Authority.Tax increment financing is a tool local governments use to promote eco- nomic development and redevelopment. The TIF process splits tax revenue from a property into two components: 1) base revenues, the amount available before the TIF districts exists; these are shared among agencies that assess property taxes (schools, cities, counties); and 2) incremental revenues, new revenues beyond the base, generated by devel- opment projects and allocated to the government sponsoring the TIF project.This process generates funding for projects within the TIF district, giving development subsidies to encourage growth.The purpose of the Downtown De- velopment Authority (DDA) is to halt property tax deterioration, and increaseproperty tax valuation where possible, inthe Central BusinessTax Increment Finance AuthoritiesDistrict – downtown Battle Creek. The DDA was established by City Com- mission resolution in 1979. For more details contact Ted Dearing, assistant city manager at (269) 966-3378 or ted- purpose of the Lakeview Down- town Development Authority (LDDA) is to halt property value deterioration, and increase property tax valuation where possible, in the Old Lakeview business district. The Battle Creek Township Board established the LDDA by ordinance adoption in 1981. For more information reach out to Nelson Karre, Attorney at Law, Vandevoort, Christ & Fisher, PC at (269) 965-7000 or email at Creek Unlimited (BCU) man- ages the following TIFAs:• Battle Creek Tax Increment FinanceAuthority (BCTIFA)• Brownfield Redevelopment Authority(Brownfield)• Local Development Financing Au-thority (LDFA)The budget and board for each of these are subject to approval by the Battle Creek City Commission. For more information about these reach out to Joe Sobieralski, President & CEO, BCU at (269) 962-7526 or Battle Creek Tax Increment Fi- nance Authority (BCTIFA) purpose is to halt the decline of property values, in- crease property tax valuation, eliminate causes of decline in value, and promote growth in the Fort Custer Industrial Park.The BCTIFA development district in- cludes the Fort Custer Industrial Park and the W. K. Kellogg Airport, newly renamed to Battle Creek Executive Airport at Kel- logg Field. It was the first industrial TIFA in Michigan, created in 1980.The BCTIFA captures the incre- mental growth in the tax base abovethe 1982 base year. In other words, the value of any improvements to property located in a designated TIF district does not go into the overall tax base of the community, but instead is reserved for, or “captured” by, the TIF district. The proceeds are used to fund infrastructure improvements and land developments within the TIF District, and provide wraparound economic development services.Brownfield Redevelopment Au- thority (Brownfield) was authorized in 1981 with the focus on the Fort Custer Industrial Park District. The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Board con- sists of those same persons appointed by the City of Battle Creek to serve as a member of the board of directors of the Battle Creek Tax Increment Finance Authority.The Local Development Financing Authority (LDFA) purpose is to conduct the activities authorized under Act 281, Public Acts of 1986 and as amended from time to time, and to otherwise govern the affairs of the I-94 Business Park and Certified Technology Park (Smartzone) established by the City of Battle Creek, Michigan, pursuant to an Agreement (The Battle Creek Aviation and E-Learning Smartzone Agreement) with the Michigan Economic Develop- ment Corporation.If you have additional questions reach out to your city commissioner or attend a City Commission meeting held the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 7pm. More details can be found at Mayor-Commission.

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