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Local InterestThe Importance Of Promoting Positivity For Better HealthBY KELI CARTER, Director of MarketingWe have all heard the sayings, “Think Positive!” or “Do you consider your glass half empty or half full?” Believe it or not, your outlook on life and your at- titude towards yourself may even affect your health. Many studies have shown that personality traits such as pessimism (negative thinking) and optimism (posi- tive thinking) can affect your health and well-being. The medical community is starting to see the connection between positive attitudes and good health. Op- timism is a great quality to strive for as this can help with effective stress man- agement. There are many other health benefits that positive thinking may pro- vide. A few of these benefits include:• Lower rates of depression• A longer life span• A greater resistance to airborne ill-nesses such as the common cold• Lower level of distress• Better coping skills during times ofKeep in mind, positive thinking does not mean you stick your head in the sand and ignore difficult situations in your life. It simply means you make a choice to look at your situation and face it with a positive mind and positive attitude. Many times this begins with self-talk. Henry Ford best explains this point with his famous words, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – your right!”You can create a new habit and turn negative thinking into positive thinkingbut it does take time and practice. The first step is to identify what you are be- ing negative about and the next step is to take positive action to change it. Here are a few ideas to help create a more pos- itive outlook on life:• Give yourself permission to laugh– Seek humor in everyday situations, especially during difficult times. When you laugh and smile you will feel less stressed.• Practice positive self-talk - Be kind, gentle and encouraging with yourself. Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to another person.• Identify areas in your life you need to change – Example: If your daily commute to work causes you stress and negative emotions then try and turn your commute into a positive experience by having quiet time, praying or listening to a book. The key is to find what situation triggers a negative response and make a deliberate decision to change it into a positive experience.• Surround yourself with positive people – It is impossible to surround yourself with negative people and not experience some level of stress. Being around positive, happy and support- ive people will enhance the qualityof your life. As the old saying goes: “Birds of a feather flock together”.Each day we are given 24 new hours and it is our responsibility to make the best of those 24 hours. With the upcoming holiday season and New Year, let’s remem- ber to be thankful for the gift of time and practice positivityand gratitude each day.As a thank you from The Laurels ofBedford, we would like to honor and recognize ULABA (Urbandale/Level Park Business Association) as the recip- ient of the $150.00 donation. ULABA is a community focused organization who strive to make the lives of the people in the Urbandale/Level Park community better by providing local activities and fundraising.stressA MEDICARE RATED FIVE STAR FACILITY!★★★★★FOR A VIRTUAL TOUR VIST www.laurelsobedford.comWe Provide TopQuality NursingCare & Therapy!SERVICES WE PROVIDE• Skilled Nursing Care • Respite Care• Palliative Care• Wound Care• Short-Term Rehab• Outpatient Rehab• Stroke Rehab• Joint Replacement Rehab(269) 968-2296 • www.laurelsofbedford.com270 NORTH BEDFORD ROAD • BATTLE CREEK, MI 49037A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THIS AD WILL BE CONTRIBUTED TO URBANDALE / LEVEL PARK BUSINESS ASSN.22 SCENE 4311 I CHARITABLE ISSUE

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