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For Your HealthBY CRAIG A. MILLER, O.D.In my 43 years of eye and vision care I have seen a number of changes in the Optometry profession, but my main mission has remained the same and that is to be sure upon general examination all ramifications of a patient’s eyes are healthy and proper care is provided if physical ocular issues exist. Also, in regards to vision, I take pride in being sure that patients are happy with their purchased eyewear or contact lenses and that they seeing properly with them. All Rx’s are checked for lab accuracy prior to dispensing and special attention is addressed regarding the fit of the glasses plus the patient’s understanding about the wear and care of the glasses relative to their particular visual needs.I suggest comprehensive eye/vision ex- ams every two years for adults having no physical ocular issues and yearly for adults that are diabetic, contact lens wearers, or have an existing condition such as glauco- ma, cataracts, or macular degeneration. I am also able to treat minor eye injuries or physical issues such as “pink eye” for all ages. I participate with practically all com- mercial and Medicaid insurances and some insurances offer exams on a yearly basis. A report to all diabetic patients prescribing Physician is sent after each dilated yearly exam and I provide co-management ser- vices for cataract patients.Healthy Vision and The Widest Selection of Framesfrequently referred to one of their doctors.In general I suggest eye exams forall youth prior to starting preschool. Hopefully a Pediatrician or a parent will determine if eye care is necessary priorto age four particularly if conditions such as “lazy eye” or strong, thick glasses are genetically attached to the child. Youth initially requiring visual correction should be seen on a yearly basis and others every two years for a general exam to monitor a child’s visual state.I graduated from Indiana University School of Optometry in 1976 and joined with Dr. Edward Dewey at 4275 Capital Avenue SW the same year. Dr. Dewey ini- tially started his practice downtown at the Wolverine Tower and moved to the “coun- try” during the middle 50’s. Dr. Dewey passed away in 1977 and I have continued in solo practice since that time at the same location. I occasionally see a patient that was initially seen by Dr. Dewey! Along the way numerous modifications have pe- riodically been made to the building and this year an extensive remodeling project and addition has been completed. Updated testing equipment has also been purchased to better serve patients eye health needs.My office provides an extensive selec- tion of current frames from numerous com- panies for patients to choose from. I have recently invested in the Rio Ray sunglasses line and a collection of budget frames and ophthalmic lenses are also available. All lens materials and designs are available through my lab depending on the patient’s needs and desires. Frame repair and adjust- ment services are also provided.CRAIG A. MILLER, O.D.Largest selection of frames in the area!Comprehensivevisual and eye health exams for all ages.WE ARE a participating provider ofSVS Safety Program for Consumers Energy employees, VSP Safety Program, Hoya Safety Program and private pay individuals in need of safety frames.EXPERTISE in frame styling, dispensing of all types of ophthalmic lenses, adjustment and repair of spectacles.269-979-1561 • www.craigamillerod.comThe office is easily accessible and located at 4275 Capital Avenue SW in Battle Creek, approximately two miles south of I-94.Accepting virtually ALL com- mercial and Medicaid Insurances.State laws have changed regulating Optometry services over the years. When I originally started in practice I was unable to use dilating drops or corneal anesthesia drops to check intraocular pressure. With proper continuing educa- tion Michigan passed legislation in 1984 allowing Optometrist to utilize those two particular eye drops. Again in 1995 with proper continuing education, Michigan legislation passed laws for Optometrists to utilize therapeutic drops and a few prescribed oral medications plus minor superficial surgery such as removal of cor- neal foreign objects. I practice within the full advanced measure of Optometry reg- ulations and any ocular condition detected beyond my scoop of expertise is referred to the proper Medical professional. I am an affiliate of Specialty Eye Institute, a local and southern Michigan group of Ophthalmologists. Patients needing ocular medical services beyond my scope areHEALTH ISSUE I SCENE 4409 21

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