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What about overall economic development?Resources are one part of economic development but not the whole story. Attracting and cultivating potential partners is key to building economic vitality, too.In addition to the Battle Creek Small Business Loan Fund and the economic development already in process through the efforts of Battle Creek Unlimited, Detroit’s GWJ Group will be supporting downtown development. Nationally-renowned economic developers HR&A Advisors are working across sectors to activate a broad strategy for local economic growth. These experts will be working closely with the City of Battle Creek and Battle Creek Unlimited to help accelerate the work that has already started through BCVision.Who’s involved?This concentrated effort is just gaining steam but already attracting champions. The City of Battle Creek is drawing its master development plan into the collaboration. Developer Mark Harmsen and the Heritage Tower revitalization project are active participants. Battle Creek Unlimited is in the process of redeveloping three buildings downtown with incentives to attract new businesses, a new micro-brewery.All contributors to the Battle Creek Small Business Fund are partners, and eventually, we will all be partners in Battle Creek’s success!ANNUAL REPORT CARD I SCENE 4307 21

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