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Nutrition SceneBY BRIAN NESSELa time when we haven’t screwed this year up yet, and we are determined not to,this time. So, I’m here to help with your resolutions, since I talk to so many people about theirs. These are the resolutions I would strongly suggest.“I resolve to talk before I eat.” For many of us, this one is a hard one. First, in a social event, make sure you talkto people before you go to the snacktray. When we recognize how often we fill our face with food because it eases social anxiety, we can start changing that behavior. Talk to five people, 10 people, EVERY person, before you hit the hors d’oeuvres. Second, talk to someone when you ARE emotional, before medicating that emotion with food. For many of us, this can be the biggest trigger to a down- fall. We often go to food to distract our- selves from what we’re feeling, we learn this as kids (you lost your soccer game, so ice cream made you feel better). Break the cycle, talk about your emotions, OWN your emotions - don’t escape them through food.“I resolve to be as kind to myself asI am others.” If your friend was having a hard time with something in their life, and they struggled to conquer it, how would you talk to them? Would you call them a failure? A loser? Would you tell them they always screw things up? Your answer to all of those questions is probably no. Now, how do you talk to yourself if you makea mistake? For many of us who have struggled with losing weight, we can be pretty vicious to ourselves. Our self-talk is horrible, mean, often more harsh than we would ever speak to another human being. So, this year, stop.I’m in the New Year’s Resolution business. Let’s face it, the first three months of the year are normally my biggest influx of new clients. A new year is a clean slate,water balloons and wage a battle! Your kids will love the time with you, and will want more and more of that time. Make it fun, not a chore. And laugh – there’s no better ab exercise!“I resolve to believe in the impossi- ble, until I prove it’s possible.” This can be about anything, really – getting all A’s in school, running a marathon, getting that new job – but I’m specifically talking to those of you that don’t believe you can have the health and body you’ve always wanted. I’m here to tell you, it IS possible. But, I understand if, right now, you don’t believe that. This resolution is simply asking you to leave the slightest possibil- ity open that this might be the year that you “get it.” That’s the secret to weight loss, by the way, “getting it.” Because, once you get it, once you accept that there are universal rules to being fit and healthy and that you WILL have the success you want if you follow those rules, it actually becomes kind of easy... remember, I said kind of. But “getting it” is only possibleif you open yourself up to the possibility that you can “get it.” So, believe. Or at least fake it until you can believe.I wish you all the Happiest of New Years, and a safe and healthy 2020!Treat Yourself With KindnessSince1958JOHN ZANETTI n WILL MILLER n MIKE STAIBnnFaFsats,tE,xEpxepretrtInInsstatalllalatitoionnn Free EstiimattessnRReseisdiednetniatilaalnadndCoCmomemrceiraclial1338 W. Michigan (Urbandale), Battle Creek, MI n 269-962-8779 Hours: Tue-Fri 8:30am-56:300pm / Mon 8:30am-78:00pm & Sat 9:00am-1:00pm U.L.A.B.A. MEMBERWhen we are kind to ourselves we breed positivity. If you go out and eat that thing you told yourself you wouldn’t eat, don’t berate yourself and call yourself ev- ery name in the book. Be compassionate. Be kind. Often, when we get angry with ourselves we are just enabling ourself to continue the behavior we are mad about. If you treat yourself with kindness, then you don’t reinforce the negative thoughts that cause emotional responses, like bing- ing. Make sure you talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend – because that’s how you should feel about yourself. You’re pretty awesome!“I resolve to involve my kids in my fitness.” If you don’t have kids, then look for friends you can involve – but for those of you with children, there is no better resolution than to be active with your kids. I’m not talking about going to the gym (though that’s a great option and can be a ton of fun for a family) – I’m talking about snow ball fights, hikes through the woods, shoveling the sidewalk together. When the weather turns warmer, go for long walks, bike rides, throw the ball, play nine holes golfing without a cart, buy 200MEN IN BUSINESS I SCENE 4501 21

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