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For Your HealthBY BRIGETTE REICHENBAUGH & the CCPHD WIC TeamOK, so we all know the experts say the key to health is eating right including lots of fruits and veg- gies, low fat, and low or healthy carbs,drinking lots of water, and exercising every day. But come on, there are days I feel like I am going to turn into a wa- termelon that will float down the riv- er rather than kayaking down it. Then there is Dairy Queen just down the road and those blizzards call my name. Does it count if I walk to the Farmer’s Mar- ket at lunch for a delicious pretzel or to Dairy Queen for an afternoon snack? My taste buds sure say YES!So maybe it is more about balancing the good and the bad. Many of us have been on the weight loss roller coast- er or tried to eat salads and vegetablesCan I just have an ice cream?every day. But some days we just can- not eat another salad or apple. Some days it’s a slice of pepperoni pizza with an ice cream cone chaser to fill the gap. It is okay everyone, as long as it is only here and there.Let’s check in with the Nutritionist team at Calhoun County Public Health Department’s WIC Program and get to the bottom of this. Jez Vedua-Cardenas, says eating right doesn’t have to be an all or nothing decision and reminds us, “Don’t be hard on yourself. Focus on the week and not one single day. It can be difficult getting all our nutrients in on one day but if you can get a variety throughout the week – pat yourself on the back.”Instead of deciding to modify your daily routine from zero workouts to a seven hour long gym sessions, Heather Carefoot suggests, “Try to pick one goal a week to add to your routine, which will incorporate a healthy change, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or park at the back of the parking lots to get more steps.” Diana Buist adds, “Use positive reinforcement by focusing on and counting the positive choices you make instead of the guilty ones (i.e., you didn’t eat the second helping of ice cream that you wanted, or you ordered a baked potato instead of French fries). Compete with yourself daily or weekly to keep increasing the number of posi- tive eating behaviors you have.”Barbie Krzyzanski rounds out the advice with realistic food choices. Even when dining out, you can make health- ier options even without opting for a wimpy salad. Look at the menu and try to, “Choose a healthier alternative. In- stead of a burger try a grilled chicken sandwich or a sweet potato instead of a baked potato. For breakfast you could have an egg white omelet with vege- tables instead of biscuits and gravy or fried eggs and bacon. Restaurants are making it easier now by labeling their menu items with healthy, light, low fat entrees.”Our team of nutritionists sums up that, in terms of being healthy, it can be more realistic and successful to pare down your view to the individ- ual paint strokes rather than taking on the entire “Big Picture” in one go. One day at a time, one good choice at a time, and you’re on your way to a healthier future.MAKING HEALTHYCalhoun CountyPublic Health Department269-969-6370 • SCENE 4309 I HEALTH ISSUE

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