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For Your HealthAs the Director of Health Services at NorthPointe Woods, Erika Sandin has one priority – making sure residents receive phenomenal care. Since joining theInspection surveys are unannounced and conducted on-site, where the inspection team reviews all aspects of resident care and nursing procedures and practices.senior living community in 2018, Erika has worked closely with the NorthPointe Woods nursing team to expand and enhance the health services residents receive, as well as maintain exceptional quality of care.Surveys are outcome oriented with a focus on current conditions. When scoring NorthPointe Woods against standardsfor nursing care, quality of life, dietary services, physician services, rehabilita- tive services, infection control, pharma- cy services, facility management, and observation of resident rights, not a single deficiency rating was found.Erika says there were a lot of positive aspects that helped her make the decision to join the NorthPointe Woods family, but the residents are who really sold the community.the staff has the training and knowledge to assist residents and keep them as independent as possible in a great family environment. The staff is encouraged to maintain the highest quality of care possi- ble for residents.“Our staff has worked diligently to make sure NorthPointe Woods meets our patients’ highest expectations for quality and service,” says Erika. “The fact that we’ve been awarded a deficiency-free rating underscores the team’s dedication to making our center one of the best in Michigan.”“I have always heard great things about NorthPointe Woods,” she explained. “The care team has a great reputationin the community, but what really drew me in were the residents. They were so relaxed and welcoming, even on my first day. I was extremely happy to join the family.”This year, the community earned a deficiency-free rating from the Stateof Michigan, meaning the community has met and exceeds standards for care.In addition to quality of care, Erika has focused on building services that allow residents to stay in their home longer, even as their health needs change.Since joining NorthPointe Woods, Erika’s priority has been on making sure“We are focusing on bringing in ad- ditional services from local care provid- ers to support residents who need more comprehensive care,” she explained. “For instance, one of our programs is campus care, which provides one-on-one assis- tance such as running errands, housekeep- ing, cooking, and cleaning.NorthPointe Woods Employee Spotlight: Erika Sandin20 SCENE 4409 I HEALTH ISSUE“Our goal is to help our residents stay as independent as possible, as long as possible,” continues Erika. “And evenif their health has begun to decline, we want our them to continue living in the home they have come to know and love. Often, when seniors are forced to move because of health needs, unfamiliar staff and routines can be detrimental to their health. Remaining in a familiar environ- ment helps our residents maintain a higher quality of life.”NorthPointe Woods is known for its hospitality and care throughout the Battle Creek region. With Erika leading the health services team, the community will continue its tradition of excellence in care for many years to come.For more information or to schedule a visit to learn more about the exceptional care at NorthPointe Woods, seniors and families may call (269) 964-7625. The community is conveniently located at 700 North Avenue in Battle Creek and is managed by Life Care Service.

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