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Education ScenePennfield Schools Moving ForwardPennfield School District, in partner- ship with the community, will ensure that all students will grow intellectually, socially and emotionally in a safe envi- ronment so they will become lifelong learners and contributing members of society. The District has partnered withPennfield Schools continues to pro- vide our students with the education that will support them being successful learn- ers in whichever post-secondary pathway they choose to pursue (college/universi- ty, technical trade school, U.S. Military, or workforce). We use our curriculum as a guide to make sure our students are ready for the next grade and use local and national normed assessments like the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) assessment to guide instruction.To make sure our students are success- ful, we provide our staff with professional development that will support a culture of learning. Monthly department meetings are held with the purpose of identifyingBY PENNFIELD SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATIONAt the Pennfield Schools Board of Education October meeting, the Board accepted Superintendent Tim Everett’s letter of retirement, stating that he will be leaving at the end of this school year. The Board has the responsibility to do a thorough search to replace Mr. Everett. This will include input from students, staff, parents and the community. Scott Morrell from Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) has been hired to support the Board through the search. Watch for more information on our school website You may call or email if you have more questions, (269) 961-9781 or pennfield- members like Summit Pointe, Grace Health and others to provide neces- sary services to our students. We continue to work on our strategic planning goals of student achievement, professional de- velopment, communication and facilities upgrades. The Board of Education will be working with the new superintendent to review and revise these goals as we continue to provide students and families with a safe environment in which mutual respect and kindness are highly regarded.This data helps our staff to support stu- dents and their educational achievement needs. Since the work of our strategic planning group, we have implemented a K-5 report card system that will pro- vide the parent greater knowledge in the academic achievement of their students. These standards based report cards are also organized in a manner that allows parents to understand what areas they can influence with at home activities. At all levels, academic achievement initia- tives have focused on differentiation and providing education for all students. An example of this is a redesign of math ma- terials, training and structures in grades K-12. By making a variety of resources available to staff, they are able to provide for the needs of each student.AchievementCommitmentInnovationEXPECTING EXCELLENCEPENNFIELD SCHOOLS“Where Panther Pride MakesA Difference”Interested in Employment at Pennfield Schools or call 269-961-97818587 PENNFIELD ROAD, BATTLE CREEK, MI 49017Life-long LearningSCHOOL STARTS AUGUST 21, 2019!20 SCENE 4403 I EDUCATION ISSUELLAROFSEITINUTROPPOGNIDISTUDVENTSTOORERACHPTHEIRPOTENTIAL

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