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BronsonMakes Connecting to Care EasyWhen you’re sick or injured, you want to feelbetter as soon as possible. BronsonConnect provides a menu of options that can help you get care quickly and conveniently. Visit to findout which care options, including the following,best suit your needs.Primary CareHaving a healthcare provider who knows you and your unique needs can be a big plus when it comes to managing your health. Everyone should have a primary care doctor for preventive care, annual physicals and overall health exams. And if you aren’t feeling well, your primary care doctor can often see you on the same day.In Battle Creek, Bronson has two types of primary care doctors – family medicine and internal medicine. They are knowl- edgeable about your overall health and help manage chronic conditions. By see- ing your doctor on a regular basis, they know your health history, so when animmediate concern comes up, they can help. If you have a health condition that requires specialized care, they will connect you to a specialist and help coordinate next steps and follow-up care.Family medicine providers are trained to treat people at every age and stageof life, from newborns to the elderly. Because of this, they often treat entire families and connect how relationships in the family affect health. Internal medicine providers treat adults, 18 years and older, and are often advantageous for patients who have one or more chronic or com- plex medical conditions.If you don’t have a primary care doctor, a Bronson Care Advisor can help you choose one for you or your family based on your personal preferences, medical needs, insurance, and location. They can even help schedule your first appointment. Call (269) 341-7788, email, or visit If you are a current patient and need to schedule an appointment with your doctor, log in to your Bronson MyChart account at has three primary care offices in Battle Creek:1Bronson Family MedicineJust off Helmer Rd. at 2900 Watkins Rd.2 Bronson Internal Medicine363 Fremont St., Suite 308 A-BBronson Internal Medicine & Rheumatology2845 Capital Ave. SW,Suite 3023NEED A PROVIDER?

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