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Education SceneThe Rumors Are True; CCHS is relocating to a new building.BY TIM ALLARD, Superintendent Calhoun Community High SchoolFor the past three or four years rumors have swirled around the Battle Creek Com- munity that Cal- houn Community High School may be closing. Unfor-tunately incomplete information gets spread and these stories take on a life of their own. I am writing today to dispel any rumors that may still exist. Certainly we have had some challenges to be sure. First we had to find a new management company, which we did! Next we had to find a new charter, which we did. Fi- nally, we were told our lease would not be renewed and we would have to relo- cate. While this has been a long and dif- ficult process, I am happy to report we have found a new home. Beginning in September of 2019 (next school year)Never in the history of our school have we occupied a space that was actually designed to be a high school. Our first location was in a church and currently we have been in the Lakeview Territorial Building which was originally designed to be an elementary school. With our new location we increase our classroom space, our office space, and we will now have a separate cafeteria and full size gymnasium. Science will be taught in an actual science lab complete with gas, water, and a greenhouse. Teachers will have offices and spaces where they can work with students one on one.Calhoun Community High School will move to 765 Upton Street. We will lease space in the Burma Center. Prior to the building being purchased by the Burma Center, the building served as the Battle Creek Math and Science Center and be- fore that it was Springfield High School.We have been reluctant to publish anything about this until we had more solid answers to share. As of Friday, March 22, we were authorized by our charter to relocate. Geographically, The Burma Center is literally less than two miles from our current location. Prior to moving into the new building, CCHS will be investing in upgrades to the loca- tion to fit our needs. There will be new technology, some classroom upgrades, office, and bathroom renovations, and there will be security enhancements as well. When all the remodeling work is done we plan to hold an open house. More information will be forthcoming, but please do not hesitate to call CCHS directly and ask any questions or share any concerns you might have. Our phone number is (269) 565-2460.Another Chance – A Better ChoiceACCEPTING STUDENTS IN GRADES 9-12Calhoun Community High School has offered a seat time and blended learning experience for 9th through 12th grade students who have not found success in their traditional high schools since 2000. We have a caring staff and provide a safe learning environment with classroom teachers and virtual learning opportuni- ties as well. We are here to help students who need a second chance and a better choice. We have provided such an edu- cational opportunity for nearly 20 years graduating over 1,200 students. If you desire a supportive learning environment with small class sizes and tons of indi- vidual support, please consider relocat- ing to CCHS as we prepare to relocate to a beautiful new facility. It’s a great day to be a CCHS wolf! Go Wolfpack!CALHOUN COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOLSMALL CLASS SIZESFEWER CREDITS REQUIREDONE- ON-ONE SUPPORTON-LINECLASSES AVAILABLEDUAL ENROLLMENT AVAILABLEHave you lost credit in your current high school?Are you more successful in a small learning environment with lots of support and one-on-one attention? If so, maybe you should check out Calhoun Community High School. We run a safe and orderly school,offering the Michigan Merit Curriculum to students who want toearn their diplomas and move on to college or work.CONTACT US FOR 2019-20 ENROLLMENT269-565-2460 • www.calhounhs.org15 ARBOR STREET, BATTLE CREEK, MI18 SCENE 4403 I EDUCATION ISSUE

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