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Nutrition SceneBY BRIANNESSELthis time of year I’m most consistently looked at as the Grinch Who Stole Sweet Treats. Inevitably, well meaning people will offer suggestions – paleo cookies, low sugar pies, gluten free cakes. And, inevitably, this Grinch cringes. So let me tell you why from very real, very factual, very scientific experience.And then there is the group of people who have been more than 30 pounds overweight – which, by the way, in- cludes this Grinch. We have trained our body to react to sugar. Sugar makes us happier than it does the group who have never been as overweight as we have (which, by the way, could also be called “the group that has never had the ad- diction to sugar we have”). Our brains work against us in the SAME EXACT WAY as an alcoholic. One drink is not safe for someone with that addiction. One cookie is not safe for someone with our addiction.So, here is my question to you. Is having that tasty treat more important than getting off your medication, or losing the weight you’ve hated most of your life, or having the ability to play with your kids, or feeling the pridein how much you’ ve accomplished?If your answer is yes, I respect that, and I pray you are the exception to the thousands of cases I have seen walk through my office. But this Grinch knows it isn’t worth it to him. Nothing ever tasted as great as my kids gigglesIf you have been more than 30 pounds overweight, you have an issue with control. It’s that simple. People who come to me who have 15 or 20 pounds to lose got that way from life- style changes, age, pregnancy, injury,or biological reasons. They may, on very rare occasions, binge on sugar... but that’s normally not their thing. If they are handed a Christmas cookie, and they eat it, a majority of them will move on and go about their day without having an overwhelming craving for more sugar. Why? Because they haven’t trained their body to have an immediate parasympathetic reaction to the thought or taste of sugar. So one cookie... well,Which brings me to the “healthy cookie” scenario. If your healthy option has sugar OF ANY KIND, it is dan- gerous. Paleo cookies – well, they’re a gateway drug. You’ll have one. Then, you’ll want another, and you’ll un- doubtedly have the thought, “Well these are healthier than regular cookies,”and you’ll have another. And another. And pretty soon you have the “forget it” moment at work where seeing the freaking tasty treats becomes too much so you just go for it. Why? Becauseyou retrained your brain with all those “healthy” treats so that it wants sugar again.feel when I’ m running crazy with them.around beingThis time of year I always get asked the question, “What can I have in place of [fill in the name of the holiday treat]?” And it is alsoit probably will have little to no affect on them.WHAT A GREATWould you like to have Scene Magazine Delivered right to your door?GIFT!SUBSCRIBE!A subscription is only $22 for one year or $38 for two years.CALL CYD DEANE269-979-1411 ext. 303or cyd@scenepub.comAvoiding the dangers of holiday eating.I have dozens and dozens of exam- ples of people who have graduated my program with flying colors - people I thought would live the rest of their life continuing their healthy lifestyle and dramatic weight loss – who have gone all the way back to the weight they started (or worse) because of “healthy” treats. I’ve sat with these people as they come back to get on track again, and they talk about how much more difficult it is the second time. And of the dozens and dozens, very few have had the willpower to make it back, and it’s truly heartbreaking.Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the people more thanthe food. ;)For a friend, or maybe a family member. psst... even for yourself!18 SCENE 4411 I CHARITABLE ISSUE

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