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“The collective social capital that arises in our greatest time of need is truly inspirational and it demonstrates that we are working for more than renovating empty buildings; we are working together to improve the quality of life for all people.”Brenda Hunt, President and CEO, Battle Creek Community FoundationForGood. ForBetter.BY SHERII SHERBANFor All.amount but generally requires a minimum investment of $10,000 to award funds from it. Furthermore, donations can be made in any amount to an existing fund.What makes our community founda- tion so impactful is the way in which it not only manages funds but also provides those resources back to the community through the avenue of grants, and in some cases impact investing. Further- more, they offer grant seeking classes and guidance for those working to meet a need in our community.Individuals and organizations come to the Battle Creek Community Foundation in a variety of ways. But once relation- ships are developed involvement often seems to expand.Curiosity might be the starting point because of the attendance to one of the many events highlighting the impact ofthe Battle Creek Community Foundation. This in turn could lead to volunteering ona committee. Committee work may lead to an increased awareness of the funds available and an interest in making a con- tribution or wanting to memorialize a family member. Maybe the next direction is the realization that there are funds that could support an area of interest that you are passionate about; attendance in a grant seeking class might be your next step.The collective benefit of philanthropy to our community cannot be measured in dollars but rather in the way that individu- als lives have been impacted in a positive way. The Battle Creek Community Foun- dation was established in 1974 to be a catalyst in this process.Love of mankind, bighearted, gener- ous, unselfish, or even openhearted, can all be words to begin to describe philan- thropy. More generally, however, it is the giving of money, time, talents, and ideas for a purpose or cause benefiting people that you may or may not even know. Working with the Battle Creek Community Foundation your generosity and passion can begin to collectively benefit others. Most importantly, it doesn’t take thou- sands to begin to make a difference.According to Elizabeth Schultheiss, Director of Regional Initiatives, “Philan- thropy is a voluntary action for the com- mon good. Philanthropy is being here for everyone. Whether it is a penny drive or thousands of dollars, we want everyone to be able to realize their goal of giving back to the community.”“The Battle Creek Community Founda- tion can be your vehicle to being a philan- thropist,” added Schultheiss. That may mean starting a Community Project Fund. When creating a Community Project Fund18 SCENE 4311 I CHARITABLE ISSUEthe Battle Creek Community Foundation serves as your fiscal agent. This opportu- nity allows for ideas to launch, and orga- nizations to develop with a very specific focus with charitable intent, without the undue hardship of the added financial responsibilities required when establishing and managing a non-profit organization. Community Project Funds are non-en- dowed funds for various projects, groups, and organizations within the Battle Creek area. They provide an important opportu- nity to offer services and leadership to the community.The uniqueness of Community Project Funds is that they provide another avenue for giving that is consistent with the values of the Battle Creek Community Foundation – creating an opportunity for everyone to give back no matter your means.In fact, there is a way to support nearly every area of interest that you can image through additional funds held at the Battle Creek Community Foundation, from a Field of Interest Fund, Donor Advised Fund, Unrestricted Fund, Believe in Battle Creek Fund, an Impact Investing Fund, an Organizational Endowment, a Leg- acy Fund, or even a Scholarship Fund. You can open a fund with as little as $5. An endowed fund can begin with that

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