Page 18 - Scene Magazine 4501 January 2020
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DENNY P. SEIVERTFamily Services Coordinator, consults with families regarding both at need and preneed funeral planning, and is involved in all aspects of the funeral home’s operation.(269) 962-5191T. R. SHAW JR.CEO, Shaw Communication, Author of “Defy The Immediate.” T. R. is also the Brass Band of Battle Creek Board Chair and a community leader.www.trshawjr.comTHOMAS J. UNGERCo-Founder, Pres./CEO. Responsible for organizational development, infrastructure, finance, accounting and reporting, while creating, developing, and nurturing a re- sponsive, customer centered service for the healthcare and support services market.(269) 883-6002KEITH SHERBANCorporate VP and Computer Systems Manager. Specializes in digital design, web page development, photography, and digital retouching. Technical writer and video script writer and producer.(269) 979-1411 ext 304SCENE MAGAZINE’S MEN IN BUSINESSJOSEPH U. STASACo-owner, Licensed Funeral Director, involved in daily operations of the funeral home and assisting families in at need and preneed planning.(269) 962-519118 SCENE 4501 I MEN IN BUSINESSScene’sWomen inBusinessissue arrives in just three months!If you are anarea Woman inBusiness andwould like this opportunityto publicize your contribution to the local business community...CALL Cyd Deane at(269) 979-1411 ext 303.or email Rick DeRuiter at

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