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PREVENT BED BUGS FROM BITING YOU WITH 4 EASY STEPS FOR BETTER SLEEPINGMAKING YOUR BED AN ISLAND!2 when replacing it. 1Launder ALL of your bedding or tumble dry on medium or high heat for 30 minutes. Make sure no bedding touches the floorCover the mattress and box springs with plastic zip-up bags, then cover the entire zipper completely with duck tape.3 Move the bed away from the walls and clear everything awayfrom the sides of the bed and under it.4 Place plastic cups/bowls under all the legs on the bed,this will prevent bugs crawling up. Place talc powder or vegetable oil on bottom of bowls to catch the bugs.CALHOUN COUNTY SENIOR SERVICES315 West Green Street, Marshall, MI 49068 • 269-781-0846CALHOUN COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT190 E.Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49014 • 269-969-6370HEALTH ISSUE I SCENE 4409 17

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